Strep Throat

Name: Luis M.

MMS and MMS2 also worked for me. No more strep throat since many months I've been taking it, and I've suffered from that condition for more than 10 years. It would go away with antibiotics and always come back after some months. Cultures were always positive. After MMS, cultures are negative. It also helped me dissolve few benign skin cysts. Freaking unbelievable. Give it a try. If you think this is crap, then don't take it, you'll do a favor to the world LOL

Name: Caine

THIS STUFF IS MAGIC! As soon as I start feeling sick I take some and it goes away immediately. I beat strep throat in 48 hours last year.

Name: Mike Daly

I recently have had a serious problem with a Strep throat infection which did spread to my kidneys causing severe pain and dicomfort constant coughing and choking. I decided to follow the 1000 protcol with MMS. after only three days all syptoms have gone and I am feeling so much better. Thank you.

Name: Tom Beattie

I usually dont get ill and very seldom do I have strep throat. About 4 months ago I felt a little "knot" in my throat.

Thought to myself its just a mild little throat thing as I usually didnt get the strep version of a sore throat. i thought about getting out the MMS but decided to sleep instead. The next morning it hit me like a lead pipe. It cam on fast.

I decided I wa going to really knock it out fast which meant taking more than normal drops (15 in 2 oz of water.)

I also was using the vapor protocol and breathing in but not too deep the MMS fumes. Not for everybody in my estimation.

I basically gargled with the strong MMS solution for 30 minutes and spit it out like a mouthwash. I could feel it attack the strep virus and in 8 hours it was gone. Wow. It seemed to "burn" the strep. It was amazing. Normally its a 10 day illness with out it. Handled a "tear your head off tooth ache" with it couple years ago as well. In a few hours.

A wonderful inexpensive cure Big Pharma doesnt want us to know about.