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My primary health issue is an abscess that has been bothering me off and on for over a year. I have noticed a marked decrease in sensitivity after a day or two and lessening discharge. There is poor blood circulation to the tissues in the tooth root areas so I have been supplementing with swishing the solution in the gum area before swallowing.

I would say a definite improvement-80% and will continue till eliminated.

Website/Source: https://www.natmedtalk.com/threads/mms-testimonials-only.2115/

Well, heres a personal testimonial from myself on this occasion. I had an abscess form on the bottom right hand side of my gum, rinsed it with a CDS solution yesterday for at least 90 seconds, could quite easily have been longer and I cant even feel it any more!!!

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Because of my age and the issue of gum problems associated with ageing, I have been losing teeth to abscesses. They would get loose, and there would be a lot of pain. Then because of the infection in the jaw the tooth would have to be pulled.
I was given some stuff in a small spray bottle and some drops. The pain went nearly straight away, (this was after 3 days where I could hardly eat, sleep, driving was difficult, not good. But I had accepted that losing teeth was the price you paid for growing old). The next day the swelling was gone and the tooth was getting firm again thanks to Mr Humbles product.

That was years ago, now I clean my teeth with MMS. I keep my partial plate in a dish with 6 drops MMS, plus 6 drops of activator, and the plate stays spotless.It remains so bacteria free it looks like brand new ... all the discoloration on my remaining teeth is gone. I now have a nice clean mouth.

Incidentally the large age spot that was growing and worried me, that's gone too with a few dabs of MMS.

My name is David born 14/ 8/1944, and do not have health issues nor required a doctor for over 40 years, but I am careful with what I eat.

Name: Susette

MMS recently completely healed an abscess of the gum that I had had for over 5 years with only three days of treatment and two days of MMS mouthwash.

Name: Mike Tarnowycz

I bought MMS from an approved supplier and it arrived to me Friday August 5, 2016. I brushed my abscess as Jim demonstrated in his YouTube video using sodium chlorite, citric acid, and DMSO. I did my first treatment Friday evening before bed. Saturday morning the infection had cleared and the puss drained out. I did 4 more treatments on saturday using the same procudure. I can report that as of now, 10 am Sunday morning, the abscess has cleared and the pain is gone. The tooth is firm and has stopped wiggling. As a side benefit, my whole mouth has started to heal and feel better. My gums are heavily recessed and I can see them growing back, almost hourly. MMS does what has been stated by Jim and others. It works. Thank you everyone that brought this product out for the world to use.

Name: Sal

Hi all,

I was very sceptical when I discovered my 20 something sons talking about MMS, I ranted at them and told them they were mad for buying stuff from the internet.

Anyway wind forward a year or two and I decided to get my teeth done in Hungary, budapest. This was in 2007 and business was doing great so I treated myself, little did I know that the biggest recession in the world was about to hit everyone.

6 weeks after coming home to the UK with my shiny new teeth, the bottom dropped out of my business and I almost went under, on top of all this I had started to get an inflamation in my mouth and it wasnt long before I had a full blown abcess forming, Now I couldnt afford to fly back to Budapest and in desperation I asked my son if he had any of this so called miracle solution stuff, he did.

I started with 5 drops of MMS and 50 of activator ( I used real lemon juice ) the smell was awful, but I drank it and exactly as the video said I was a bit drousy and after an hour I threw up. Sorry to be so graphic, but what came out of my stomach was nothing that I had eaten, it was a black mess inside a clear sort of musuc. disgusting I know but I thought it important because I had obviously had some sort of major detox.

Back to the reason I took the MMS in the first place, my abcess, I also rinsed my mouth with a stronger solution for 2 days when while sucking on the tooth that was hurting me the abcess burst and the contents were quickly spat into a clean sink, the abcess cleared up and I have had no further trouble, I am sure that the dead nerve has been expelled, if it wasnt the abcess would come back.

I use the MMS every now and again to make sure there is nothing nasty in my mouth and it seems to be keeping my new teeth very healthy, I say new, I have had them for seven years now.