My sister suffers from allergies in the body for 25 years and goes every year several times to the hospital and she is given cortisone,  so I advised her to take MMs and she did not hesitate to take MMs2 capsules and told me that she has not suffered from allergies for several months and she is impressed and happy.

Name: jerzy

My son suffer from severe allergy for 23 years and no any doctors could help him. I learn the basic of MMS and I cured my son within three weeks. It is already four years and my son still remain free of allergy 100%.
I started use it for other diseases (on me and my family) and we are remain 100% healthy. No more antibiotics – PERIOD.
I cured my arthritis within a days – no doctors can cure for 12 years.
ANY COMMENTS Dr. Sircus???
Are you get paid like other doctors by “BIG PHARMA”???
Open your eyes, do not be blind and do not bull ……. us please !!!!!


MMS works and works very very well for all pathogenic diseases, flu, colds, malaria, fungus or mold problems. It is oxygen. Oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria and other pathogens. I use it daily in distilled (remineralized) drinking water. My allergies are completely gone. I never get the flu. Other friends no longer have hay fever or allergies, and are never sick. Several years of daily use and I only feel BETTER !

FOLLOW the Jim Humble (Former NASA engineer) MMS protocol (find it online free). I'm not a doctor and cannot diagnose or give medical advice, but I am still allowed to give my opinion, so far. In the future, we'll see how much freedom to speak that we have remaining.

I did not buy from this vendor but it is the same product. It's a natural water purifier used in the majority of American city drinking water systems. The majority of people in America drink it already everyday. The difference is that what is drunk in the city water is already oxidized (used up) and not as able to kill the pathogens in out body because it already killed all the pathogens in the water. We drink lots of it and it has been used for more than 70 years in America, proven safe by the federal gov't every single time.

However if a person takes too much of many products (like taking too much aspirin,a normally safe pain killer) it would become unhealthy. Take the protocol amount by Jim Humble MMS online free directions and enjoy the result.
I am NOT a doctor and cannot diagnose or prescribe (if I don't say it the AMA gets to set me up by using the word "cure" illegally, in the legalistic term of "cure"). So I didn't say "cure". I did say that for several years now I no longer have several pathogen based problems, ZERO problems.
Study all you can on your own, discern truth by studying methodically and completely. Educate yourself. Don't wait for any gov't agency to tell you what to do. Don't give up your free will.

Name: John

You're doing a great job with the CDS; sure helping with my food allergies that I have had for 6 years. Recommending to others, thanks.

Name: Caz

My partner and I are doing the Protocol 1000 for a general detox and are at day 10. If we don't have an illness or known disease is it best not to so the full 3 weeks but go back to the maintenance dose? The only problem this solved is my allergies but that was taken care of at the maintenance dose. Thanks. (Genesis II Church answer: There is no problem doing 3 weeks when you have no sickness. I do the 3 week detox a couple of times per year. Even without outward signs of sickness, our bodies get full of toxins that can cause health problems later in life. Doing the periodic 3 week detox is a good way to help deal with toxin buildup and other issues that we may not initially notice. The daily maintenance dose will also help in this area, but the 3 week detox has superior benefits)

Been on the protocol for 7 weeks now. Started with "THE STARTING PROCEDURE. " I was able to work up to 3 drops of MMS1 over about a two week period of time. I added 1 drop of DMSO then 3 days later, 2 drops of DMSO. It took it to another level for sure. Got that Hirx syndrome which tells me it was working in overdrive. I went down to 2 drops mms1, then 1 drop because of the diarrhea. Jordan told me to back off and keep it slow and steady. Now between 2 and 3 drops and feeling great. I use dmso topically and started with baths. (Up to 150 drops) feels great! Attached are pics of me with cats. Been allergic all my life. My eyes would swell, chest would get tight and throat would itch. Used to be unbearable. Today i spent 30 minutes at a shelter with all kinds of cats in three different rooms. All i felt was a little running nose. This shit (dung) works!!! Starting to help co-workers friends family. Unbelievable!!!! NO ONE CAN ARGUE MY RESULTS!!!! Real science boys! I plan on doing protocol for 4 months. Then maintenance and that liver cleanse. Will keep you posted. The guy who took the pic is ordering his sacraments today! He was waiting to see how the cat thing went! God bless and looking forward to the next podcast!!! Grateful, Edson Castillo Rev. #1993

Name: Eric

I was very allergic to honey before taking mms and now I can eat honey with no problem. Thank you and best regards.

Name: Vera

this is my day 6. my allergy symptoms are 90 % gone!! i have already tried eating things that i am allergic to and barely got any reaction. 
my headache that i experienced in the begining of taking mms is gone as i read i have to drink more water during mms 2.
one thing i am a bit concerened about is that i started getting pimples on my face and its getting more every day. today, when i tried to wipe the pimple with mms 1, one of my pimple broke and so the blood started going out of it. the blood didnt stop for about 5 min. this was very rare as usually the blood doesnt go on that long. any way, i asked some body and researched regarding my pimples and recieved some information saying that it's part of the cleanese. 
hopefully thats true,
God Bless,


Name: Vera

Hi Dear Jim Humble,

this is my day three on mms 2. i am having mms mostly for my chronic allergies and temporal acne.
i was very sceptic at first. it took me months to really intake this orally.
On day 1 of having mms my allergies still continued. on day 2 i had no allergic symptoms at all. now its day three and it continues the same way.
i want to add that i did not recieve any side effects except a bit of bloating and gaz.
i will keep posting my progress on this website.

I want to add a note that i am taking probiotics while having mms as i read somewhere that it might effect healthy bacteria. What do you think Jim Humble? also, should i be taking mms for 3 weeks even if my symptoms of allergy are fully gone?

Name: Walter Lituan

Dear Jim Humble sir, I have a farm hand that has an allergy in eating Dried Squid. We had dinner that night and we were eating dried Squid. after about 15 minutes of eating the stuff his Arm skin, Face and neck started to puffed up color red all over his body, his body start to bloat and itch all over. His throat started to constrict making his breathing difficult for him if not for the MMS 2 (calcium Hypochlorite) I immediately give him. It was about thirty minutes after taking MMS 2 that he begun to breath more easily and all redness of his skin and bloated body part start to dissapear. It was a relief that his allergy to Dried Squid got cured in about 25 to 30 minutes. It was so amazing how Calcium Hypochlorite was able to control an allergy. One question: Does it mean that the allergy reaction was cause by bacteria? Virus or Mold or toxic fungus from the dried Squid? I need your openion on this matter. Thanks Walter O. Lituan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Name: Nkele

In December 2011 my husband and I went to Zambia for holidays. In my fourth day at Lusaka I heard an outbreak on my chest of red sores. I packed MMS but forgot the bottle of citric acid. I was frustrated and upset. Then Iremembered I could also use lemon. I did the mixture and pre boiled water and let it cool. I didn't think of applying it on my chest. I only thought of drinking it. I mixed 4 drops with 20 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. In the evening those sores were gone.

When we  got back home in Johannesburg it was in January. Three months later we relocated to a mining town. I was worried about acid mine drainage and I didn't want to take any chances of drinking tap water. Since then, we pour tap water in 2 five liter jugs mixed with MMS and fresh lemon. At first we used citric acid but we were unhappy with some white particles floating in the water. Anyway, here's the best part: no one in my 7 member household fell sick in winter, except for my 8 year old who kept walking in socks around the house. He was used to our previous carpeted home. The new home was tiled.

In September our Labrador was poisoned. We didn't take it to a Vet. We prayed for it, anointed it with oil and prepared MMS solution for it in its water. He refused to eat for two days and that was before we thought of MMS. On the day we poured the mixture in his water, we served him food at night and he ate!!

As I'm writing this, I discovered spots on my scalp which are turning hard at different parts of my head. I cut my hair three weeks ago and I did experience a lot of itching. This past Saturday when I felt these hardening spots, I asked my daughter to examine my scalp. She did and described the spots. They aren't clear to see on a camera because they are not that big. I'm going to apply a mixture of MMS to wash my hair.

Looking forward to testifying of yet another MMS victory!!

Name: Marco Andreacchio

I have suffered from severe allergies for 20 years, especially hey fever. I have used MMS as per protocol and have completly eliminated the problems. It took less than 2 weeks.

Also by default have resolved problems with several skin rashes and not to mention migraines. They are a thing of the past. I have suffered from migraines since I was 14 years old and am now 43.

It has worked very well I have been using it now for about 3 years.

I highly recommend MMS just make sure you follow the protocols!!!!!!!!!

I have recommended it to several family member and friends and they are getting good results also



Name: Monika

I had asthma for year and have seen several doctors duo to immigration and moves. After using MMS my asthma was gone in 2 days flat, never to return. I also use MMS when I feel a cold coming up, and for the last 2 years I never had a cold again. MMS stops it in its tracks.

I found that my athletes feet's improved drastically. I bath in it, and found that it also takes care of some vaginal discharge.

I recommended it to several friends who have made MMS part of the content of their medicine cabinet, like myself.

Jim Humble, you are star. Keep up the good work. I believe in you and so do my friends who use MMS! :-)

Name: Littu

You get small bottles with erdouep suspencer, you can mix up to 6 to drops and the suck up the activeted MMS into the eyedrop dispencer and fill a 0 capsule with it. Swllow imidiatly with lots of water. magic, no more bad taste!I’m just surprised how many people who have NO experience using MMS think they are eexperts on MMS. I use it for a year. It health my asthma in 2 days flat. I’m healthier then ever and still alive. smile..

Name: Brigitte Plank

(English translation from Google Translate below)

Ich bin heute 52 Jahre alt. Mit 2 Jahren erkrankte ich an Asthma, welches mich bis vor ca. 2 Jahren begleitete. Ich möchte nicht näher auf diesen Krankheits-/Leidensweg eingehen. Vielmehr auf das, was mir geholfen hat.
Von MMS hörte ich das erste Mal vor ca. 3 Jahren. Ich besorgte mir das Buch von Jim Humble,
„MMS: Der Durchbruch“ und studierte es ca. ½ Jahr lang bis ich den Mut fand, es einfach auszuprobieren. Ich kannte niemanden, der damit Erfahrung hatte. Doch mein Beweggrund war: Wenn ich mit Cortison weitermache, werde ich noch kranker …., was soll schon passieren, schlimmer kanns ja nicht werden. Diese Einsicht gab mir den Kick, MMS einfach auszuprobieren.
Ich fing also an:

22.12.09 – 6 Tropfen abends
23.12.09 – 9 Tropfen
24.12.09 – 12 Tropfen
25.12.09 – 15 Tropfen (schwindelig halber Tag/Ende Cortison-Einname)
26.12.09 – 15 Tropfen (Schwindelig ganzer Tag)
27.12.09 – 9 Tropfen (ok)
28.12.09 – 6 Tropfen morgens – 9 Tropfen abends
Usw. habe noch bis 31.12.2009 weitergemacht und dann aufgehört, da ich mich übergeben mußte, sobald ich nur an MMS dachte.

Nach 1-2 Wochen Pause fing ich wieder an, ich hörte auf meinen Körper. Diesmal setzte ich die Dosis viel geringer an ………und steigerte es so, wie ich es als gut empfand.
Es war ein Auf und Ab ……….. ein paar Tage einnehmen – dann wieder Pause, mal kürzer, mal länger.
Durch die Einnahme von MMS änderte sich mein Verlangen nach Nahrung – weniger und gesünder/leichter, so konnte mein Magen MMS viel besser vertragen. Zudem verlor ich überflüssiges Gewicht.

Seit 25.12.2009 habe ich kein Cortison mehr gebraucht und bin fast durchgehend asthmafrei –- sobald ich wieder leichte Atemnot verspüre, fange ich mit MMS wieder an. Das letzte Mal hat die Einnahme von MMS ca. 8 Monate gehalten bis heute.
Ich danke GOTT dafür und Jim Humble. Ich beglückwünsche Jim Humble für seinen Einsatz und seinen Mut !!! Danke!!

Brigitte Plank, Austria

 I am 52 years old today. At the age of 2 I fell ill with asthma, which accompanied me until about 2 years ago. I do not want to go into detail about this disease / suffering path. Rather, on what helped me.
I heard about MMS for the first time about 3 years ago. I got the book from Jim Humble,
"MMS: The Breakthrough" and studied it for about ½ year until I found the courage to just try it out. I did not know anyone who had experience with it. But my motivation was: If I continue with cortisone, I'll be even sick ...., What should happen, it can not be worse. This insight gave me the kick to just try out MMS.
So I started:

22.12.09 - 6 drops in the evening
23.12.09 - 9 drops
24.12.09 - 12 drops
25.12.09 - 15 drops (dizzy half day / end of cortisone insertion)
26.12.09 - 15 drops (dizzy whole day)
27.12.09 - 9 drops (ok)
28.12.09 - 6 drops in the morning - 9 drops in the evening
Etc. have continued until 31.12.2009 and then stopped, because I had to throw up, as soon as I thought only of MMS.

After 1-2 weeks break, I started again, I listen to my body. This time I used the dose much lower ......... and increased it as I felt good.
It was an ups and downs ......... .. take a few days - then break again, sometimes shorter, longer.
By taking MMS, my desire for food changed - less and healthier / easier, so my stomach could tolerate MMS much better. In addition, I lost superfluous weight.

Since 25.12.2009 I did not need any cortisone and I am almost completely asthmatic - as soon as I feel a little short of breath, I start again with MMS. The last time MMS has lasted for about 8 months until today.
I thank GOD for that and Jim Humble. I congratulate Jim Humble for his dedication and courage !!! Thank you!!

Brigitte Plank, Austria

Name: Patricia Albright

Hello Jim,
I have been in the alternative medicine field now for over thirty years. After reading your book I ordered some MMS and after the taking 15 drops twice a day for 10 days for the first time in over 30 years I have NO hayfever/allergy symptoms! I know hay fever is not a serious ailment yet it prohibited me from working on my land in the Spring and gardening is one of my favorite pastimes.
It is so wonderful not to have the itchy eyes, sore throat, constantly runny nose and feeling exhausted. MMS truly is a miracle and I am so grateful to you.
Blessings to you and yours of all good things,

Name: Maria R.

I started very slow, 1 drop per day and then increased to 7 drops 9 times a day.  At that moment I began with my usual asthma attack but not as severe as the ones which took me to the hospital 5 times in a year.  The amazing thing it was that I could breath from the middle of my upper chest while my bottom part of lungs where full of mucus which I was coughing.  Amazingly after 5 days with asthma like symptoms they stopped and I recovered after 3 weeks only.  I haven't been sick nor taking any asthma medicines since 5 months ago.  My blood work came negative for Aspergillus sp.  God bless you, Mr. Jim Humble.