Hi, My cat had a very close call and almost died of a very large abcess covering 25percent of her body. Vets drained and treated her with antibiotics. Scans later showed either abcess or tumor on her liver and they said odds don't look good. She was very thin and unwell as wasn't eating much and sometimes nothing at all. I gave her their antibiotics for a start then gave up on them and started giving her mms daily with some milk, she loves milk and was very thin so was an easy way to get it in to her. Her weight has almost doubled now after 6 months and she looks very healthy. I still give her a maintenance dose sometimes daily other times weekly. 

Hi One of our pet lambs became stiff and gradually became unable to walk. Vets suggested we don't waste our time and chances of recovery were slim. I got penicillin and gave him an injection each day and also fed mms in his milk each day until he was weaned. At 1st slowly became more mobile and began walking again. Always could tell him apart from his sibling but now at 6 months you can't tell he walks normal and you wouldn't even know he was so crippled. I could have given a higher dose of the mms if I wasn't using penicillin also. I believe the mms would have cured him on its own if I had only used it. Anna

My dog was about 1 1/2yrs old and was bitten by something. We live in the woods with venomous snakes and brown recluse/wolf spiders. I didn't think much about the 2 puncture wounds until about day 2. They started getting bigger and looked to be rotting the flesh. Assumed hemotoxin. I started treatment in his water of 2 drops and topical with DMSO. Within 2 days the skin wasn't black/purple anymore and the area started to heal. Treated for 4 days to be sure and scar tissue was left where the damage was but the hair that fell out around the site all recovered in 6mos. Used normal lifespan for each application and did them at least 4x a day. On a side note I used it on myself when I got severely ill, possibly from CV19 Alpha, in Nov of 19. Was better within half a day when I got sleep for the night. Been using it for many things over a decade now and truly a miracle.

My daughter rescued a 9 week old matiff/cane corso pup who was diagnosed with parvo. THe vets told her he probable would not make it and wanted to keep him for a few days to continue to hydrate him but I had given her a bottle of mms that I made for her (3 drops per 4 ounces of water) the puppy was very lethargic and had bloody diareaha and was not holding any food down. She started giving him dropper fulls of the mms (maybe 1 ounce) 3 to 4 times a day. by day two he had starting eating again and had solid poos. By day three he was up and eating. She continued for a few more days and now he is gaining weight and acting quite lively. Thank you all for posting your testimonies. I give mine to all my pets from time to time and take it myself. Also has helped with my hemroids. 

I'm truly impressed by the beneficial effect of MMS1 on my ginger cats. Made use of MMS1 for the first time on my kittens, with great results. My kitten Meis arrived with 10 weeks with her brother Thorin. She's almost half the size of Thorin, due to a tapeworm issue in the first weeks of her life with her Mommy in the loft of a horse stable. She was tiny, tame and passive, not welcoming touch as well, and I knew something was amiss. Only when she vomited one night, I noticed the tapeworm and gave her a worm treatment the next day and a few weeks after. The change was surprising, she began to grow, looked brighter, and behaved livelier. She was scratching her ear frequently, from the moment she arrived, and one evening she seemed to be so troubled by an itching inside her right ear, that she couldn't stop shaking her head, even when trying to fall asleep. She was restless, and I decided to give her treatment with MMS1. I mixed a few drops from the bottles, allowed the activation for 30 seconds, and diluted the mixture with lukewarm water so that the coldness of the fluid in her ear wouldn't alarm Meis too much. I took an ear swab, and dipped it in the glass with the mixture, while I held Meis on my lap, her right ear in the receiving mode. I gently rubbed the inside of her ear with the ear swab and made sure some of the mixture entered inside the ear also. Meis was calm, only after she left my lap she shook her head again. I kept an eye on her, and within an hour she was fast asleep. No sign of any trouble in her ear afterwards. It's now 7 months since she had her ear itching. It may have been a side effect of the tapeworm affliction in her body, some form of infection due to a weakened immune system. With a tapeworm, an animal is literally feeding a host without using the nutrients for the sustenance of its own body. Some time afterwards, she came home one morning and obviously had hurt her eye. I couldn't even come near it, she was too sensitive and in great pain. Her eye looked darker than the other one, but Meis kept it almost closed. I made a similar mixture for her, and dabbed an ear swab on her eye, making sure some of the substance entered the corner of that eye. It was a difficult moment for her, but I managed to apply some of the mixture. Afterwards, she naturally kept her distance from me, while quietly lying around in the living room, and at some point, after 6 hours, I noticed she was completely fine again. No pain. Both eyes open, clear and golden. Straight for the feeding bowl and all was fine again. Her brother Thorin, recently, received a similar treatment with MMS1, when he was attacked by a rival, on both sides of his body where the tail is attached. Deep horrible wounds. I gave him a mixture internally, with some yoghurt, several times a day, so that infection wouldn't show up. So far so good, the wounds are closing fast. When I notice a small open spot open in the wounds, I give Thorin his MMS1 dose a few times for 1 day. Fortunately, cats are tough when healthy. Wounds close and heal quickly. And Thorin is a very healthy lively cat. Both spend much time outdoors.  

I have a small 17 year old Chihuahua dog, who had a large bleeding tumor on her abdomen. She was constantly licking the tumor and was so weak she could not stand up. She refused all food and water. In a syringe I gave her diluted MMS (2 drops in1/2 glass of water) 3 times a day, and the tumor decreased. Instead of regular dog food I tempted her with the broth of a small piece of wild caught cooked fish and some brown rice. She started eating again and after a few days was able to stand up and walk. All bleeding stopped and now, about 3 weeks later, the tumor is almost invisible. Thanks to MMS and later CDS she is almost back to normal. I also gave her a few times 1 drop of iodine, which might have helped as well.

A week ago my dog developed golf ball sized lump on the side of her jaw and a really foul smelling breath odor to go with it. She also began drooling mixed with a little blood. It came out of nowhere. Our vet diagnosed her with oral cancer. She said since it showed up practically overnight , it means its fairly aggressive and terminal. They said there was not much they could do because it was located too far back on her jaw-not that we would ever consider chemo or radiation, or cutting off her jaw anyway. We took her home and immediately researched MMS protocols for pets which is where we found this site.  We started her with a few drops a day to see what she could tolerate and now she is up to 16 drops per day (2 drops 8x day) which is said to be the protocol for pets according to various websites we found. We also mixed it with DMSO and applied it several times a day to outside of her mouth where the tumor was located. In addition, we put her on an organic keto diet of fresh chicken cooked in the crockpot and mostly green veggies-absolutely no carbs.  On the 5th night, she had a little diarrhea. Today is the 6th day and the tumor has just about disappeared and so has the foul smelling breath. It was really weird the how it happened. The tumor was there when I checked her in the morning. Later on, when my husband took her for a walk, he said she stopped and rubbed her face a few times with her paw where the tumor was located. When he got home from the walk, it disappeared. We both had trouble remembering what side of her face the tumor was on. Now it's just a very tiny, bump, almost imperceptible if we didn't already know it was there. And not a hint of that foul, rotten meat smelling odor coming from her mouth. We will continue her on the high dose for the next 5 days until it is completely gone then put her on a maintenance dose. I can’t wait to take her back to the vet to see what they can make of it lol! Everyone needs to look into this!! My husband and are still in shock and wonderment.  I feel so grateful for this site and everyone who shared their stories which encouraged us to give MMS a try. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.I also feel bad for all the dogs suffering with oral cancer that could be healed. I hope our story helps someone else.Gracie

Name: Lisa Augustitus

I have ordered Jim Humble's book and maybe what I am asking here is in it..... i don't know....

My cat <------- Alexa has end stage lymphoma. A month ago her Dr gave her 1-2 months. I started giving her some of my baking soda and water in a syringe. O5 ml once a day and it helped tremendously her nausea. My solution is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon in 16 oz of water.

2 days ago I started 1 drop of each activated mms with 2 oz spring water w/4 drops DMSO and giving her .07ml every 5- 6 hours and she seems so much her old self.


Name: Lynn Roberts

I've been taking it several years now. it cleared up chronic painful gastroenteritis. my dogs take it every dish of food. it cleared up chronic mange and got rid of water tumor on dog's hip. my doctor friend takes it. and many others i know. it's a miracle. you can't imagine what it's like to be able to eat and semi-digest food after not being even able to drink water let alone eat food. i've tried to bleach with it and it doesn't bleach, it doesn't burn skin. it does kill parasites and other stuff.

Name: amanda lynn

My cat had cancer and was dying and couldn’t eat. I gave him MMS and in two days he was up eating and now is fine.

Name: This-World Aintwhatyathinkitis

It was my last resort before putting my sick 5 month old kitten to sleep but feeding 3mls from a mixture of 3 drops mms to 1/2cup distilled water worked first time.
Instantly the diarrhea stopped, he could eat anything and hes now 1& 1/2 years old and never been il again. Hes thriving. Cured my dog's aggressive .....and unattractive skin bacteria condition too, so i tried it for arthritis and in 5 days my inflammation, pain and limited movement was utterly dissolved.
The product itself makes total sense when you're informed about what it does BUT it's virtually FREE so media will be bought by the money lusting power lord's I'd their drug profits are at great risk and it's apparent from this report and the thousands of positive testimonies, that they are!

Name: Lu CC

MMS cured my beloved cat. Without it my cat wouldn’t be here tonight.

Name: Lynn Roberts

MMS saved my life. it's wonderful for people and animals. I also used it on my dog w/ chronic mange and it stopped the mange and decreased the tumor on her hip.

Name: This-World Aintwhatyathinkitis

It's a miracle because it works. Well, I gave it a go to save my cat as a last resort after him being sick for 3 solid months. The only alternative was to put him down! Vets bills in the hundreds with zero results! One day (2 x 3ml of 1 drop mixed into distilled water) was all it took! He immediately improved and his condition is 'Show' quality soooo....
As my mother died after both legs had been amputated due to failed attempts by doctors to bracel her arthritis (doctors had cut all her tire tendons to relieve pain, then guard her ankles. Eventually, she was unable to recover from insect bite infections due to lack of blood circulation from atrophy and over time was forced to remove both legs. She died 6wks after the 2nd operation. I was developing arthritis and in constant pain so after my cat flourished, I followed their Protocol 1000 ( 1 drop in 1/2 glasses of distilled water, after hour for 8 hours a day and in 5 days, I was transformed! The 'church' idea was clever as only religious institutions are 'allowed' to CLAIM TO CURE! it's clearly a huge threat to 'The Monster Med Industry! After all who owns media? Follow the money! All the best! It works like they say it does!

Name: Kati M

This chemical is in every public drinking water. And the bottles are TEN DOLLARS a bottle. It cures Parvo in dogs and we have not had a cold or flu in our home in almost a decade. IT WORKS... It's also sold in water purifying tablets from Walmart and amazon and everywhere. If you google what's in industrial bleach, the chlorine dioxide is not found in it. And pool bleach is also chlorine dioxide so it's not toxic to ppl at all. Research it for Pete's sake. I've used it for a decade and it's really amazing stuff. Media and the gov don't want ppl to know this so they'll spread fear about it. Even the Red Cross covered up how it cured hundreds of Malaria patience.

Name: Shell Bell

Looks like Big Pharma is paying ABC news. Enlightened GP's are using MMS (the few that aren't big pharma pimps) and the internet is full of testimonials from individuals who have had miraculous results from taking MMS. I have taken it myself and I have even given it to my cat who was on death's door - he had laboured breathing and the vet told me he would have to be on steriods for the rest of his life. 2 weeks after starting MMS protocol 1000 and he is back to his old self. You can keep your nasty-ass steroids. It is easy to dismiss this amazing substance and bury your head in the sand, preferring to back a multi-billion industry that purposely prescribes addictive pain killers and medications which have side effects including death. No one has died from MMS - whereas hundreds of thousands die from pharmaceuticals every year. Wake up and take you health into your own hands, or be another fat drug ridden diabetic who keeps running back for more prescriptions and has never considered that their diet is at fault. It's depressing how conditioned and asleep most people are.

MMS Works for Just about anything, Three Drops Cures MALARIA, I have used it for Dogs and Humans who Asked, Big Pharma Hates it, Its Cheap , If I get Corna Virus I will Use it

Name: Stephen Dennis

It is great stuff. Been using it for years. Great for animals. Had a cat that killed a squirrel, got scratched in the eye, got infected and almost died. MMS saved its life. Of course, I had to wrap the cat in a towel to administer it in his mouth with a dropper. It was like Mark Twain's The Cat and the Painkiller. He jumped out of the towel, ran to the door like he was super energized. The eye cleared up (blood had been coming from it) and he's fine now. I gave it to him only three times, once a day. I'm not a vet. Just someone who dislikes being sucked into the vortex of medical tests and bills.

Name: enserres

My dog was crying for a reason i didnt know , maybe had a pain in his body , i gave him chlorine dioxide and the other day stopped to cry.
And one of my cats suddenly didn't want to move and eat. I also gave her mms and then she became well as before.
I can find sodium chlorite and citric acid so easily and they are so cheap to make mms.

Name: cris arriola

Mms is is a miracle I saw it w myself and my pets...mms is a threat to pharmacy BC is soooo cheap..saved my life..and is not bleach...liars

Name: EvenStar LoveAnanda

I just healed a dog last week from skin parasite infestation with MMS.
3 treatments externally and the dog is as happy as can be.
MMS works Miracles every time.

Name: helen may

My dog had a water infection, cried every time he went to the toilet, I gave him like me a gel capsule so the taste does not put you off, wrapped in ham and it was gone the next day, I continued to give him this for a week. I also now use a natural supplement called Berri from amazon, this is for kidney and bladder support.

Name: Seeking Truth

I just love Jim. I met in the the Dominican many years ago and found his name of Humble to be a profound reflection of his true Humbleness. No chemist will say it’s bleach. My vet said my dogs eye had to be removed ASAP after it got infected and began to Literally rot. I was put of the country and had a family member follow a protocol. They took my dog back to the vet 36 hours later. The vet was dumbfounded and called other vets over to the room. She had a picture before and after. She wanted to know what he was treated with. She was given a book which she found fascinating. Of course, she said they would take her license if she used it. She did say she would use it on her own pets if needed. She was flabbergasted.

Name: enserres

My dog was crying for a reason i didnt know , maybe had a pain in his body , i gave him chlorine dioxide and the other day stopped to cry. And one of my cats suddenly didn't want to move and eat. I also gave her mms and then she became well as before. I can find sodium chlorite and citric acid so easily and they are so cheap to make mms.

Name: Brenda Shields

It works! It saved my life! It was the only thing saved my dogs life! It is a lie from the fda!

Name: Kristina Hartley

It even cured my dog when nothing else helped. Chlorine dioxide is absolutely the safest oxidizer. If I ever have any flu like symptoms or cough only one drop activated clears up, literally right away. It heals many things. No money for big pharma and no life long customers. Do your study!!

Hi! Last Tuesday my cat was feeling not so good and she was about 5 days like that, something with the stomach. I start putting 7 drops in a litre of water and my cat around the 6th day she was feeling better and the next day my cat was normal again. 




I have a young dog that's a little over a yr old that had developed demodex ( red mange ). I've been treating with dif stuff on and off for about 3 mo's. it get's better and  then worse... I started giving mms about a week or so ago. after the first day you could see the redness was better. I gave it for about 3 days then was gone for a few days  and when I got back seemed to be redder but not as much area as before.. started back and immediatly you can see improvement. now there are only a couple of  spots that are still noticable.. feel confident that with continued use will take care of. will update later. I started at 6 drops once or twice a day as I could. have given several 10-11 drop doses with no problems. she probly weighs around 55-60 lbs. the mms never phased her. no diarrhea.. no nausea. I think they can tolerate more than humans.

Name: Brian

I have my dog with cancer, a spindle cell tumor on her head which we have been treating with MMS resulting with the tumor dissolving to about half its size. We are looking at MMS2 as a possible next step.

Name: Annette

Just an update on the MMS treatment of Poppi. The first two photos were 2 days after treatment started and the last two after 10 days of treatment ... I can see a huge reduction in the tumour. This tumour grew to this size within 8 days of being removed from another mammary gland … it would have been massive by now ... it has shrunk I would guess about 40% ... I am continuing treatment of 8-10 doses a day at 2 drops of activated MMS. At night I am giving her slippery elm in food (at least 2 hours after the mms final dose for the day), as this helps settle her tummy after a tough day ... hope this helps other people ... will keep you informed ... have a wonderful day.

Name: Katherine

Ralph’s (the dog) tumour is no longer growing rapidly, his skin regrew (where it split due to the tumour’s rapid growth) and fur is starting to grow back over the tumour. He is currently taking 3 drops oral MMS solution three times daily (or occasionally two time daily.) I discontinued the topical spray now his skin has healed.

Name: Annemarie

I have had REALLY good success with this (CDS), and am scaling back my dosing for one of my dogs. She is doing GREAT. The vets here would not have helped her much as she is 13, but other than a nasty cough she had & very restricted breathing -- is in GREAT health. She appears to have kicked back to normal now - so I am getting her on a maintenance dose. Thanks for all your help.

Name: Rose

About 3 years ago puss was attacked by a cat just inside our backdoor and scratch on head developed into an abscess. Sorted out at vets, but she came home with an infection and went blind. Vets couldn't help. Poor puss kept going round in circles and kept close to my husband's heel if she ventured outside. She was not in a good way. My friend reminded us of MMS so we gave her small dose, prob. one drop, straight into her mouth.

We didn't think she would make it through that night. But the next day she had already started to improve. Our friend dropped by 2 or 3 times a day during the next couple of days to continue the MMS as we were away. It was a very short time before she had made a full recovery. What a miracle.. thanks to MMS and the Lord as our recipients also get prayed for. Our puss is 18+ her vision is still good and still going strong! Well she sleeps all day and parties all night ... a progression into retirement I think.

MMS has been a godsend and helped in many ways over the years. I've used it to treat hot spots on our dog, making a spray bottle to use topically and in her drinking water. The poor dog has struggled with allergies and was in a vicious cycle of antibiotics, steroids, and antihistamines. Since using the skin protocols and adding to her water her skin rarely has any more issues. Have used it to treat plantar warts which nothing else would get rid of, using it directly on the wart. When I went to visit my husband in Cuba, I brought it along with me - and so thankful I did! I happened to get a smoothie in the barrio and didn't think to ask if bottled water had been used or not. I was so ill, I took the food poisoning protocol of 15 drops, waiting then 6 drops, waiting then another 6 drops. I threw up after the second dose, took my third dose and laid down to sleep. Felt SO much better after that nap, and had my appetite back. If I hadn't had MMS, I think I would have been ill for days. We use it topically on bug bites. I don't get sick and if I start feeling something coming on, I go for the 6 and 6. It's my go to for when a headache happens (6 and 6 used.) I've taken the online course and have all the books, always so much to learn and I am SO grateful for the work you guys are doing. Thank you and bless you. Brooke

HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO GO TO CHIANG MAI THAILAND TO VISIT A FRIEND. Upon arriving at his home I noticed one of his dogs was suffering from demodectic mange. My friend, Simon informed me that he had spent thousands of USD giving the dog antibiotics recommended by the local veterinarian. I believe Simon said he had provided the dog 3 different rounds of the recommended protocol to no avail. The dog was clearly dieing! He had lost most of his hair and would not even venture outside to urinate. We literally had to lift him onto his paws to get him motivated enough to walk outside go down the stairs and relieve himself. I told Simon about MMS. We located a local Thailand supplier, ordered the product and received it within 3 days. We began by giving the dog 1 mixed [MMS and the activator] drop into his water adding one drop per day for 3 days and maintained 3 drops into his water bowl each day for 30-40 days. After the first week he was going outside on his own to urinate, began playing with the other dogs and after 30days all his hair began to grow back. I returned to Taiwan after 30 days but Simon confirmed with me his dog completely recovered and the mange has NEVER returned!   DIG

MMS has been a blessing to my life and I am forever grateful to this resource for educating me on the alternative medical practice. I was first introduced to the science of MMS dosing while taking care of a loved one. When my beloved childhood cat Adolf was diagnosed with diabetes, I spent thousands of dollars on appointments with veterinary specialists and administered every medication and procedure that was prescribed. However, his health continued to decline. His meows started to sound like squawks and he was unable to control his bladder (I had to rip out my flooring, which had been caked with cat urine). The treatments were not working and his primary veterinarian explained that there was nothing left that could be done. I cried all that night, sure that I was about to lose my best friend. When I looked into his eyes I saw his pain and despair. Desperate for solutions, I scoured the internet in search of diabetes treatments that can't be prescribed in a medical office. I even went so far as to research healing spells and talismans that could potentially save Adolf's life. Finally, I found this forum. At first, I was highly skeptical of MMS dosing, but after reading the testimonials on this site and performing extensive independent research on the practice, a glimmer of faith had been lit in my heart. Any outcome would be a saving grace to my baby boy, who was already standing at death's door. I started by applying droplets of MMS into his medicated tuna. Within a week, his eyes were clearer and he was more alert. Then, I began to mix a teaspoon into his water dish every night. His recovery was slow but evident. My vet couldn't believe his improvement at his next physical exam. He's 3 months into his treatment and his insulin is no longer at dangerous levels! He is still relieving himself on the floor but the smell is barely detectable. He is my miracle baby. With new confidence in MMS dosing, I started administering it to myself to manage my debilitating case of hemorrhoids. My stools gradually became clear of blood and pus. My hemorrhoids problems are almost an issue of the past and I feel like I've been given a second lease on life. Bless this forum and its educational mission for change. Namaste. 

 My cat is already doing better. He is putting on weight. Thank you, Ani

Severely diabetic cat, at end of life, completely recovered after 2 months.

My testimony today is a long one. I love our sacraments!  My son rescued an older pit bull, 4mo.ago. Dog was tied tight to a tree by a runner wire around his neck. God knows how long he was there. How many people drove by and did NOTHING!? He was a big head and bones.  His name is now Midnight and he had to come live with me. My son had took dog to vet(He calls mms,my crazy medicine;even though it saved 3 out of 4 of his dogs from parvo last year)The dog was prescribed "uti" meds. Of course, drugs didn't cure it. So happy I have the opportunity to nurse him back to health.  Midnight was leaking urine uncontrollably and hyper panting in pain continuesly. Just two days after starting him on our sacrament, he stopped leaking and stopped hyper panting! The dog does have damage to rear end, as back legs will give out in certain positions. So in time with baths and a chiropractic adjustment this will improve or heal too. Midnight is almost blind due to cateracks in both eyes. I am doing our eye drop protocol and watching for that to heal too! I know that will take time and consistency. Midnight just let's me apply drops with no resistance, Amazing.  Thanks to you Mark, I learned about Moringa. I have started Midnight on small amount every night after protocol time complete. I also started giving my daughter a small amount after her protocol time every night. I'm hoping this will help speed up her healing. She has been on protocol for 1yr. 6mo. I have wrote in many testimonies on her various healings. Unfortunately, I've been slowing her down by using coconut oil in food during protocol time. I was so careful making sure I didn't feed her high antioxidants during the day. I missed that one. Damnit Man! As of just 2wks ago, I caught it. I hope to see more now. She too has MTHFR. Someone in last week's testimony has that too. Methylentetrahydrofolate Reductase is a genetic mutation (i believe from vaccine) Thus causing the body to attack it's self. The methyl pathways cannot detoxic or use B vitamins correctly. They say this is permanent, we'll see about that! I run my mouth all the time about our sacraments, but nobody tries it. Sad so many want to own dis-ease, instead of owning their health. I Am so thankful I was born defiant.  I have now started to write info on my money. Web sites, Jim's name, your name, and facts. Godspeed Michelle Gugel   

I was curious on how to treat a fish with liver disease and infection in his stomach. I started adding MMS to the water tank and it seemed to be working because the goldfish started swimming with more energy and a few days later started eating again. He was really bloated, and it seemed to be less after adding MMS for a week.  

Name: Michelle Gugel

Hi Mark and Joe,  I am updating everyone on Midnight's MMS recovery. This poor American Bulldog was mulled and tied to a tree, in a park, to die. My son saved him, paid the vet over $400 to stitch him up. He then gave him to me in Sept. of 2019. This big booboo bear had cataracts in both eyes, a UTI so bad he constantly leaked urine, he was full of all kinds of worms, his teeth were dark brown and his nose couldn't sniff and smell well at all, for a dog. Midnight could walk but his hind legs dragged and he fell down a lot and could not walk the stairs. He couldn't jump up either. Stool was always diarrhea. Midnight was hyper panting in pain, continuously. His black coat was dull and he had patches of fungus all over.  Hope the pictures came through so you two can see how beautiful and happy he is now.   I didn't think the cataract in his one eye would clear because it was so thick, but it did! So he can now see! UTI and pain gone in the first two days. Midnight only has one type of worm left and it is close to clearing too.  Midnight loves his 3 daily walks of 1mile. He climbs the stairs twice a day and loves to run! His black coat is shiny and clear of fungus. He can jump up on me as well for kisses. All his wounds are healed and his teeth are white again and his sniffer works great!! All of this was accomplished with your MMS Protocols.  I am so very thankful!!

My friend has 8 dogs.  2 of them got Parvo, the mother and one of her pups whom was just a four to five weeks old.  She, my friend was unaware of MMS.  She asked me to drive the two dogs to the vet, since she had to go to work.  When I got to the vet they said it would be useless to treat the dogs saying they were too far gone and were gonna die.  The mother died within five minutes after I got back.  I had MMS and started giving it to the puppy immediately.  She was so bad off that she would shake with every breath.  I mixed MMS and put it in a syringe which I administered via mouth by squirting since the pup wouldn't drink.  Within 2 stressful days the puppy had recovered.  A day after that 3 of her other dogs also came down with Parvo.  I again put MMS in a syringe and started giving them doses three times a day.  Within 3 days all the dogs were cured of Parvo.  100% effective in curing parvo.  My friend immediately went and ordered MMS upon seeing how effective it was on her animals.

Name: sheryl

i have a 17 year old black cat named Billy.  He is so very loved by me.  He is in fairly good condition for his age although he’s on medication for his thyroid.  Several months ago, Billy started sneezing a lot and awful mucous was shooting out of his nostrils and onto walls, bedding, etc.  We took him to our vet and they prescribed antibiotics. These made virtually no difference and back to the vet he went and was given a stronger and longer dose. But still there was no change in his condition.  The vet nurse said that it may be something he and we must live with although she suggested a nasal swab be taken for analysis. (Another expense)!!! i thought about doing this but remembered I still had MMS in the cupboard. After doing some research I decided to make up the solution and allow him to breathe the vapour undiluted for a couple of seconds a few times a day.  He has improved so much, it’s amazing. His sneezing has reduced dramatically and the mucous has diminished.  MMS is amazing. I’ll never be without it.   I’m overjoyed to see my Billy feeling comfortable again.      

Dog Testimony Since I had some success I recommended to my friend who had recently lost a dog to cancer, and was about to lose another even after spending $18,000 for both. His pets are his children so this was, undoubtedly, devastating. This surviving dog had difficultly moving, could not jump on a couch, was on pain meds, consistently urinating herself, and had massive abdominal swelling. Within days she was able to jump up on the couch, within a week or two she was running through a field, another week she was off her pain meds and the swelling was gone. You could see her rib cage again, like normal. The fatty deposits on her skin, which are another form of cancer, were also disappearing. He used the cup2 protocol from pets section of the newest book. Will see if he can make a video after he takes her in to the next ultrasound, but its extremely obvious massive healing has taken place. And all for 25$ for the two bottles with a ton to spare. He'd also had a surprise case of heartburn so bad that he thought he may have been having a heart attack, and legitimately questioned whether he was dying. After he took some MMS it was completely gone and didn't come back. More to come I'm sure.  Brent Charlotte NC

Name: Chrissy

This testimonial is about how MMS cured my pet goat of a large facial abcess/cyst that a vet couldn't fix without operating. This golfball sized cyst/abcess (the vet wasn't sure what it was) had come up suddenly and felt as hard as bone and his whole jaw on that side was swollen - the vet said there was infection and he had a fever. The vet said if it wasn't gone by the end of antibiotic injection course they would have to operate. I was really worried after the end of the antibiotics that the swelling came back after initially shrinking a small amount. The lump came back very fast so the goat was obviously not cured. In a last ditch effort for him not to have to have surgery I put 3 drops of MMS (HCL 4% mixed with 28% soduim chlorite) onto some bread and gave it to him to eat - that was in the evening around 7pm. The next morning - the golfball was almost completely GONE. It was only the size of a small marble. I gave him more of the medicine bread - same drop numbers - that morning and evening and by the 3rd day it was totally GONE. I am amazed - it must've dissolved something that was so hard - that felt just like bone - and his whole energy was improved too. It hasn't come back and this was 3 weeks ago. Amazing. And I didn't even have a "pure delivery system" - just put it onto bread. Wow!!!! I really hope this helps another person and their pet.

Name: Ross Allan

Hi Jim, I have been using MMS as a for full worming regime for my dogs for about four years with complete success.

Keep up the good work.

Ross Allan

Name: Didi

My name is Didi I wiuld like to share with the world this MMS miracle which i gave to my dog He had a bad skin disease that left him with no hair only raw skin Having MMS in my cuboured i decided to try it Well i was blown away with the results Within two weeks all his hair had grown back plus he has no itch , i started giving him three drops twice a day and increased it by one so he has been on four drops for the second week He has fully recovered with great health I put the mixture in his meat and he ate it all We were so overwhelmed my husband said if it grew hair back on my dog why wouldn't it grow my hair back So my husband is on it now And i will keep you all informed .

Name: Michelle

Hi everyone,

I want to thank whoever made CDC for the health of my animal today. She is a pregnant Doe. For some reason, this morning her head would just not stop shaking. It was shaking up and down. I thought it was the heat, so I cooled down the room as soon as possible, to make it even cooler. But her symptoms did not stop. I was so worried. I didn't have money to get her to the vet. No vets would take her without money. Also, her regular vet was too "busy" with other animals. This is the same runaround that i got from most of the vets I called. I thought I was going to lose her. I read some things that I thought it might be, hypocalcemia? , or some sort of head tilt? Or maybe it was an extreme ear infection. I do not know.

 But what I did was two things, I gave her a 1/4 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses. It has magnisium, calcium, and iron. Thankfully she took it. Then , even though i was very worried about her pregnancy, and her kits, i gave her 1 drop of CDC in water. From what i know the 1 drop of CDC is much more mild, as it takes 3 drops to equal 1 drop of MMS. It wasnt too long after that her head stoped shaking! And  I don't know if it was the CDC or the Blackstrap mollasses, or a combitnation, but she seems a lot better now. I am very thankful for natural and alternative means of doing things. Thanks

Name: Tom Davenport

I am a retired professor.
I used a modified MMS protocol 1000 to cure my faithful, 50-lb dog of a urinary tract infection. We noticed that his urine was very bloody one day in late November, 2014. It was amazing to see his urine as bright red as a stop sign, but he did not exhibit any signs of pain while urinating. The MMS solution was made by diluting the combined 16 drops with 16 ml of water as per protocol. Eight, 2-ml doses were administered daily by drawing 2 ml (containing 2 drops of MMS) of the solution into a plastic, 5-ml syringe without needle. The remaining volume of the syringe was filled with milk to make it more palatable. This dose was injected onto the back of his tongue. He always took it all.
By two full days of treatment, his urine became a lighter red, and it was completely clear after four more days of treatment.

After being introduced to MMS about 8 or 9 years ago, I have used it for a variety of purposes and recommend it to anyone willing to try it, including a friend’s father with prostate cancer. His PSA soon went from very high back to normal.

Having been a Type 1 diabetic for over 50 years, have always been careful about avoiding infections especially in deep wounds. This past year I had occasion to need MMS twice; once to avoid infection from a deep puncture on my foot and on another occasion a severe laceration to my hand, both occurring in semi-stagnant water. Both required trips to the urgent care clinic wherein after sewing things up they prescribed strong oral antibiotics. After feeling the uncomfortable stomach irritation after only one pill following my first trip, I chose to use MMS instead. I used four drops per hour per the Protocol 1000 for a week and never got any hint of infection in either wound. The 4-inch wound in the palm of my hand left no scar to generate any sympathy for me when I tell the story.

Tom Davenport

Location: New Zealand

Hi there. My poodle/bichon cross was having this repeat infection on his stomach that would very quickly overwhelm his system and turn into big crusty matted lumps. Twice the vet gave him antibiotics which worked okay but the infection was back almost immediately the dose was finished. I used 6 drops mms 6 drops 50% citric acid and 1/4 cup water and bathed the sores three times in one day, The sores had improved a little but on the second day I used 10 drops of dmso with the protocol and by day three they were considerably reduced. It took another five days of wiping with the solution twice a day and they were completely gone. THANK YOU JIM.... I WAS TIRED OF EATING BAKED BEANS TO AFFORD THE VET BILLS! A BIG WAGGING TAIL AND LOVING EYES SAYS THANKS TOO.

Name: Ruth Barker
Location: Australia

We have a little dog who weighs 4 kg and is a toy poodle/maltese cross. After we bought her we never gave her worming paste or immunisation but looked after all that ourselves. When she was one year old she had a fit and we took her to the vet who after blood tests said she had Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia and probably would not live for another two weeks . He wormed her and suggested cortisone. When we asked what the cortisone would do he said that it would suppresse the immune system. We said we would not give her the cortisone and decided to go home and give her MMS. The vet made an appointment for two weeks and also gave us his home number in case we needed to call him. We gave her 1 drop of MMS and 5 drops of citric acid twice a day with an eye dropper. We could see her getting better every day. When we went back in two weeks she bounded in and the vet said that this was not a sick dog. He took more blood tests and said that everything was renewing (not sure of this as we didn't understand what he meant). When he asked what we did we told him about MMS, his reply - he had heard about it and didn't think it would work and that it must have been the worming. Really!! Really!! Let's worm all the patients in hospital with aplastic anaemia?? She is now 7 years old and has never had any problems since. Thank you, Jim.

Name: Yvonne Cook
Location: South Africa

One of our farm dogs was attacked by a rogue baboon and suffered some serious bites on his neck and half his scalp being ripped off. we took him to our vets who cleaned the wounds under anaesthetic - they were dubious about his recovery and said I should bnring him back in a few days for some serious stitching up. I took him home and began his treatment - CDS with DMSO hourly. I applied colloidal silver and urine to his scalp wound as they were gentle and not caustic. The healing began within the first day and continued sxteadily - within a week he was completely healed and infection free. I would like to note that he absolutely rejected all the medication provided by the vet and was able to sniff it out no matter how I disguised it with all sorts of treats! He happily lapped up his doses of CDS and DMSO and did not resist at all. I'm sorry I did not take pictures but I am really squeamish and the wounds were quite horrific! So all good and thanks to Jim's wonderful germ fighter! Yvonne Cook, Johannesburg

Name: Glenda (blessed1)

It's time to tell of the wonders of MMS and my "Lil Scot" (male Scottish terrier). None of the vets could tell me what was wrong with my dog.  He was just sick.

Soon after we started taking MMS," Lil Scot", became very ill.  :sick: All together he had seen 3 different vets, had all the tests they could think of do to him (including a $200. blood test to rule out tick fever, x-rays, even a sonogram and sent then everything anyone had ever learned about him to a Medical Specialist Analyst to analyze it all).

No one could tell me how to rid him of his high temps – had been up to 104 and was easy to tell he was very ill. He would hardly eat anything (most times I had to feed him by hand to get him to eat). He would eat eggs, oatmeal, and I hand fed him bread, dipped in oatmeal, just to get something in his stomach. He was on 3 different antibiotics (one so strong that it would tear up his stomach without food), high temps still there.

On Jan 7, 2014 I started him on MMS & DMSO, at ½ drop (13 ml) hourly for 4 days (he improved, but then not so well). Day 5 I decreased his dosage to 3 ml and took away the DMSO and gave it to him every hr. for 8 hrs. I also started putting it in both my dogs water, 25 unactivated MMS drops in a 1/2 gal of water in a closed container, which I change daily. I use distilled water for the internal dosing and reverse osmosis in his drinking water.

He slowly started getting better, each day some improvement. Day 7, temps started going down, eyes got their sparkle back, appetite returning and that wonderful tag wag is back. Day 11, anxious to eat, running, playing, on and on. This is Day 36. Scot is doing GREAT. Temps have run normal (under 102 for last 17 days. His appetite is great, runs, plays, my old Scot is back. - Only thing he still has left is a slight nasal noise – used to be very loud. I am still dosing him, each day, but only 3 ml 3 or 4 times a day and both my dogs will ALWAYS have MMS in their drinking water. I plan on giving him a 2 or 3 ml dose till the slight nasal nose is gone. "God and MMS have healed my Lil Scot".

I am so grateful to all the ones on the forum that have supported me and helped me in the dosing of "Lil Scot". It's so wonderful to know that there are so many people who I have never met, scattered all over the world that care. Thank you to JIM HUMBLE and all my forum friends. What would the world be without you?  Be Blessed! I am!  God & MMS have healed my "Lil Scot"!

Name: Cherisse
Location: South Africa

we took 2 of our dogs to be spayed and neutered in October 2013 and came back with a snotty nose.... we treated them with  Boi sil and other products and it cleared up... only to find out that a few of them started coughing.then it all cleared..DISTEMPER..and then the neorological effects kicked in. Watching my babies have seizures was beyond me and agonizing torture  for me let alone my dogs..(they have all had their vaccines)...We recalled helping a child with a sarcoma (cancer growth ) on his back with DMSO and MMS and it shrank. doing more research on Jim Humbles products, we started my dogs ,all 21 of them on an 8 hour course of MMS every hour every day...thankfully, i had just given up my job so i could be here for all my babies. we subsequently lost 3 dogs from the neurological side effects of this dreaded virus. we have been using MMS for a week now and the improvements in their health is AMAZING. Much less coughing and less nasal disharge.they all up and running again. we started the CDS  today Monday 11 November.thank you to Yvonne,and the team in JHB for helping me get onto the CDS and all the extra help!!!!! you are ALL AMAZING people!!!



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Name: Zoe Nielsen
Location: Australia

The story is about my dog Jazzy that I have rescued when she was 3 months old, from the dog shelter....

She looked pretty skinny and small for her age and also she was quite week on the back legs when walking; plus she was frieghtend of her own shadow, literally.....was so very dificult to walk her.

At that point she had already had  to many vaccinations and the diet was definitively not approriate for a canine.

In our care, we gradualy put her on a raw diet and no more vaccinations but within few months the problems started;

One night while she was sleeping on the floor next to our feet we have noticed blood on the tiles....we checked her over just to discover the blood was from her bleeding gums.

Next day at the vet we were told she was deficient in vit K and she got few shots for the next weeks...but this was just the begining of a very bumpy road.

Few months later she started to get itchy and that itchiness increased daily. The vet suggested antinflamatory tablets and stereoids. I refused.

At that point I have taken the problem in my hands and started to research maddly. Oh my God!!! so much confusing information on this net; I felt I was going to loose it.

Found an animal healer but she was very difficult to deal with because was affraid of me "stealing"her "healing secrets'. She wanted to take my dog to her, 2000km away but in the mean time found out she was using grains as well to feed the dogs.

My dog was getting worse by the day. She got to the point of chewing herself to pieces, anywhere where she could reach herself. She was under our supervision 24 hrs a day. Gave up my job and slept next to her ( not much of a sleep or life).

We were desperate!

Went on like this for almost 18 months when I came across of a lady called Pat Mckay who runs the Wholistic animal hospital in Nevada USA. She put Jazzy on some homeopathic treatment, supplements and adjusted her diet...but unfortunately this was still not doing the trick. Some weeks she was good and then suddenly she was erupting in red pimples again and itchiness.

We went on and off like this until she was 3 years old and then I discovered MMS. I wasn't sure about the procedure and had some reservation because of the citric acid..... I gave it to her on and off but not enough to really solve the problem. Like so many of us, I didn't have enough trust and silly me had delayed her recovery......until 2 months ago when the situation become so serious she was dying. She couldn't even go to the toilet because she was in pain.

It started with her limping few months ago;on and off; and then it got serious with her body and face( nose+ eyes) being covered in pimples and itchiness.

At that point I had CDS in the house and I put her on just 6 drops of CDS+3DMSO+1 drop fresh Aloe Vera, every hour for 12-14 hours a day. Also in her food ( raw meat+veggies) I added moringa leaves+ goji berry leaves+ green paw paw with skin and seeds. Within 2 days she was up and walking without limping ( in the evening for few days had a bit of a limp) and now after almost 3 weeks she goes for a bit of a run as well....and wiggles her tail :-)        Her skin is clear and no more itchiness.

I believe Jazzy developed LUPUS and now she is on her way to recovery. She will stay on CDS for 12 hrs a day for a while and then will be on maintenance for the rest of her life.

So much trail and error and pain and misery because I didn't trust enough a product that actualy works.

Nothing worked for her, including a good diet. CDS did it!!!!!

The funny thing was that for years I have been promoting Jim's MMS/CDS to all my friends and people I met with health problems but didn't do it proprely with Jazzy. Go and figure?!

Do not make the same mistake. MMS/CDS it does work and I will be for ever grateful to Jim and his team.

A big hug and so much love to you all,


Name: Kathy Renbarger
Location: America / United States

My 11yo Lab/Redbone Hound, Mack, was diagnosed with Granulamatosis Menengial Encephilatous (sp?) aka: GME in mid-May. I VERY seriously doubt he would've survived that night, for us to get him to the vet in the morning, were it not for my squirting diluted MMS1 into his mouth several times over the course of the night. (He was in too bad of shape to even raise his head to drink.) My vet's a good guy; and, open-minded; but, has only conventional training. His "solution" was antibiotics and prednizone... (With conventional treatment, the average diagnosis to death time is 8 days for focal GME, which is what Mack has/had/???.) He's too large for me to carry; so, I did intersperse his meds with MMS for the first day. His left hind leg was swollen 3 times its normal size; and, his right leg wouldn't hold him up. I was able to get the swelling down by mixing NFZ, MMS1, and DMSO; and, after washing the leg really well with MMS2 spray, slathering his leg from toes to hip with this mixture, and wrapping it with saranwrap for 12 hours. Once the swelling was gone and he could help me move him, I tossed the pills and started dosing him every hour with MMS1. Progress was slow that 1st day; but, rapid after that. Within about 3 days, Mack was doing better than he had in months. I started scaling back to a maintainance dose of 2 drops twice a day. He was on that until about 4 days ago. I needed to worm him and do heartworm preventative; and, I didn't want to risk Herx'ing him. Also, I had started questioning whether or not he still needed to be on a maintainance dose; and, even if the diagnosis had been correct. I took him off for about 2 days.... BIG MISTAKE; and, one that came all too close to being fatal for him...  By Wed. night, he was pretty well comatose. I was having to drizzle diluted MMS1, mixed with a drop of DMSO, across his tongue and gums. He was unconscious and I wasn't even getting reflexive swallowing (I was being careful not to aspirate him.) The only way I even knew that he was still alive was that I could see shallow breathing, by watching his side. I continued doing this for about an hour and a half before he finally opened his eyes and raised his head. Shortly after that, he got up on his own and went outside. He wasn't too steady on his feet; but, he was able to go out and pee with my just "spotting him." We got back inside and I mixed him a dose in broth, which he lapped up. An hour later, I went to get a can of dog food, to mix it into, to see if he'd eat. I turned around and discovered that he'd followed me the 50 yards or so I'd had to go to get the can. (I have a really weird living arrangement out here, due to my home burning to the ground back in Jan.) It's now Fri. night/Sat. morning; and, he's back to moving around normally. I've backed off to dosing him at about 4 hour intervals, with about a 6 hour gap for me to get some sleep; and, I'll be working towards getting him back to 2 drops twice a day; but, barring my finding a way to safely get to the root cause (which is microsporidia in the spinal fluid), he's going to be kept on a maintainance dose the rest of his life. Also, I'm not going to be getting complacent again. This last time, there wasn't any focal swelling that I could see; but,  if I'd been asleep (etc.), I'd have been burying Mack on Thurs........ (And, "kicking myself in the butt" even worse than I am now.) Instead, he's laying right outside (where it's cool) and waiting to follow me back to "the micro" (I'm still trying to finish; but, has air conditioning.)

Name: Gary Courtney
Location: America / United States

My little dog had infected tearduct and her eyes would be blood shot and almost glued together.  I had taken her to a Vet and got some salve to put into her eyes. ($ 60 later) After a week there was a little improvment but not a lot.  I reseached the web site for eye drops and used 4 activated drops in a half of glass of water.  I first tried  a couple of drops in my eye to make sure it wouldn't hurt her.  Then applied 2 drops of the diluted mixture in each eye 4 or 5 times a day It took a couple of weeks but her eyes have all cleared up and have stayed clear after discontinuing the drops.

Name: Gina Helderlein
Location: America / United States

I got a puppy from the humane sociaty that had kennel cough. I took her to the vet where she was diagnosed,given antibiotics and cough syrup. Almost $200.00 later,she  evenually recovered.

6 months or so went by and her cough returned. I gave her MMS. In only one dose her coughing had almost stopped.I kept giving her doses ( 2 drops 3 times a day in her mouth )for about a week. It has been over 3 years and her cough has not returned. I have used MMS for many years with fantastic results !!!!!!!

My 12 year old dog had surgery to remove a huge gum overgrowth (epilis) that had overgrown her tooth. After the surgery the site was not healing postop and looked badly inflammed and after a time another growth was forming in the same spot. Instead of taking her back to the vet i decided to try mms. I applied mms to her affected area with a soft toothbrush for a few days and was surprised to find that not only had the inflammation gone away but the new growth had completely vanished. When you look in her mouth there is no sign of anything wrong. Its completely normal

Name: Coos
Location: Netherlands

Hello from Holland,

Our rabbit is a so-called fox-rabbit, who have an approximate expected lifetime of 6-7 years tops.  The veterinarians always tell you to have the rabbit vaccinated every year to avoid the "standard" parasite e.culiculi, although it regularly happens that those who did get the shot, will get the parasite anyway.

Our rabbit never had the vaccine, and got the parasite at the age of 9 (nine!) and was treated with antibiotics by the vet. It all went fine until he started vomiting a while later. Several vets told us that it was impossible for a rabbit to vomit, however a few people had witnessed this repeatedly. The treating vet told us there was nothing she could do, and that we should be very pleased for the rabbit to have lived that long.

At home I started giving him MMS according to his weight, 3 times a day. Within 24 HOURS he was back on his feet and energetic as in his younger years! This happened 6 months ago, and he is still alive and kicking as we speak!

Many warm greetings,


Name: Eldon Orr
Location: America / United States

A few years ago a stray female dog began hanging around our property and eventually had a batch of puppies. Before too long several of those puppies developed symptoms of Parvo, the deadly, hardly curable disease that kills many young dogs every year.

I had some MMS on hand and mixed three drops with lemon juice to activate it, then mixed it with water and forced the puppies to swallow it-- one of the symptoms of parvo is that the infected dog won't eat or drink, so you have to hold the dogs head back, ease the nozzle of a plastic bottle into their mouths and let it trickle down their throat until they swallow.

The dogs don't like it for sure, however I have seen several puppies cured from Parvo by the use of MMS in this way. I have gone through two batches of puppies like that and have seen four of them saved from death by MMS. Often times, its already too late by the time the dog shows symptoms, sometimes you can't get them to swallow enough before they wander off to die, but its always worth a shot and makes you feel better knowing you've done what you can to ease a poor dog's suffering. My sister works at a Veternarian Clinic and tells me that it is still hard for them to cure Parvo with the very expensive system of treatment that they use, so using MMS to treat Parvo is a good step in the right direction.

Name: Saffron62
Location: United Kingdom (UK)

I am a veterinary nurse in UK. I have used conventional medicines in my work and on my own animals. They have mostly worked, but are very expensive and some have a high cost to the animals in side-effects, some do not work.

My Dad put me onto MMS a few years back. I have used it on myself, to which it has worked well. Colds and other viral and bacterial conditions were dealt with. However, there is always the thing of 'mind over matter' or 'coincidence' that I got better.

I then used it on my cats. One in particular is a nervous little soul, always has been. Bullied by the others and struggles with illness when he gets ill. I have 4 cats who are all mainly healthy (I DO NOT vaccinate them ever), but Peter suffers more than the others.

I have tried MMS on him 4-5 times now and each time he got better within 2 days completely. He had a mouth abscess the last time and within 2 days, it was gone. He was bouncing around the garden once more! Absolutely amazing.

Name: Sunni
Location: Israel

My cat had crusty eyes all the time. The vet would prescribe ointment for her eyes when it got bad but other than that she said there wasn't anything they could do. It was a form of herpes in the cat's eyes, probably passed on from the mom cat. I had to wipe her eyes with a damp cloth every day.

I mixed one drop of activated MMS with water and squirted it in her mouth daily. She didn't like it, but she didn't throw it up either. Within 2 weeks her eyes cleared up and remained clear for the rest of her life. Sadly she passed away a year later from old age, but I'm glad she didn't have crusty, weepy eyes anymore!

Name: Jim Carson

I left for work on a Thursday and was called by my wife at 11am and told my dog was very sick and could not breath or even hold his head up, he looked as though he was going to die. I took him to the vet and they gave me antibiotics for him but said it would take a week or so for him to show signs of getting better. I went home and read about the protocol for dogs. I mixed MMS and gave him 3ml in a syringe. After one hour I noticed the green stuff coming out of his nose was clear. After two more hours and two more 3ml doses he was able to breath normal and go out to the bathroom on his own. By 10pm that evening he was eating and looked 100 times better. I gave him one more 3ml dose and put him to bed with the other dogs. By the morning he was fine and resumed chasing rabbits and playing with the other dogs. It was a miracle cure for him. I gave the other dogs a prophylactic dose and neither got ill. My daughters dog came down with the same virus and after much persuasion she allowed me to give her dog just two 2 ml doses and by the next morning he was fine.
Thank you Jim!

Name: Helen

Dear folks at MMS,

I've got incredibly good news!

Our dog was CURED of CANCER within 5 days using a combination of MMS and Amygdalin (Vitamin B17)! We found a tumor, Lymphoma (size of a ping pong ball) on her throat (neck) last Thursday, 23rd June. By Monday the 27th the tumor was completely dissolved. Throughout the cure she was active, happy and alert instead of suffering the pains of conventional chemo-therapy that the doctors recommended. Indeed we proved what John Armstrong (of Auto Urine therapy) wrote: curing cancer is child-play!

I started her with 1:5 drops of MMS and administered the activated solution with a small portion of her raw food every 2 hours during the day. She's been on a raw food diet without grains for the past 8 years. I managed to increase the dosage up to 10 drops and maintained it until she refused to eat her food. The last dose was given to her mixed with DMSO rubbed into her skin this past Monday. I also gave her 4 x 100 mg of Amygdalin wrapped in some cold cut meat pieces between the MMS dosages during the day.

She never felt sick during the treatment yet she had been vomiting all over the place for weeks before we detected the tumor last Thursday. The tumor began declining consistently until it disappeared altogether within days. I stopped her MMS intake and resumed feeding her the raw food (raw meat & veggies, w/ cold pressed oils and ground egg shells) in small portions. Her appetite is good. In order to keep the cancer away, I'm planning to continue MMS with a reduced dosage (3:15) once a day with 500 mg of Amygdalin also once a day every 2 or 3 days.

I'm playing by ear with these protocols and am adjusting to the dog's acceptance and response but I'd appreciate your expert comments or advice on how to proceed from now on. We thank you for the MMS solution.

We praise God and give Him the glory for His wonderful, inexpensive and safe solutions that He had designed for a world without cancer.

Blessings to Mr Humble and all his staff.


Name: Allan
Location: Canada

My daughters pet stingray had a problem with it's disk being eaten from the outside edge. I activated a 2 drop solution, once a day, sometimes twice. It stopped the problem and the disk is healing, I now add drops every day or two.

Name: Evelia

      just wanted to take a moment to let you know how successful it was on a skin/face melanoma.  I noticed a brown spot growing on my forehead and watched as it started to grow.  I was scared to go to the Dr. as I didn't have any insurance, so I decided to take things into my own hands.
The brown spot had grown to 1/2 the size of a dime when I started to apply the MMS w/DMSO.  I applied it 3 times a day for 3 days and I also drank the mixture 3 times a day.   It was gone by the end of the 4 day.  It had been growing for approx. 3 months and had accelerated it's growth in the last 30 days.  That was why I ordered the MMS mixture, because it had started to spread and fast.  Anyways, I'm happy to say it's completely gone.
Another quick story, My sister was visiting from out of town and watched this whole process.  She was so impressed that She took some MMS home with her.  Turned out she needed it immediately.   When she arrived her dog had been bitten in the eye area by another animal and had a horrific eye infection (pus, swollen shut, open wound, etc).  She said it looked so bad that she thought he'd surely lose the eye.  She mixed the MMS up and applied it directly on the wound as well as made him drink it.  Two days later, the swelling was gone and the eye was on it's way to healing.  AMAZING!
I send a sincere thank you, Evelia A Sanchez

Name: Arrow Durfee

My dog is about 13 years old. He has some kind of tumor on his right side. Its not an open wound, but it looks like a golf ball under his fur, well maybe not quite that big.

He also has another tumor or growth of some kind on his front leg. It looks like a penis.

Neither of these seem to bother the dog, however, a couple days ago I noticed he was tilting his head to one side quite often, so I took a flashlight and looked into his ear. It has some kind of infection, its all full of pus and smells bad as well. The other ear is fine.

I sprayed colloidal silver in his ear, and kind of worked it in there before he shook his head from side to side. I tried to give him a capsule of oil of oregano, but he kept spitting it out. I finally took an eye dropper, and opened his mouth enough to squirt some in. He didn’t care for the taste. That was all done yesterday. Then last night, I did the same with some activated MMS. He does not care for the taste of that either, but he took it.

Today I put a 00 capsule with 8 drops MMS with 35 drops of citric acid in a piece of banana, and gave it to him. That tricked him. I also mixed some colloidal silver with some oil of oregano in a small squirt bottle and sprayed some in his infected ear.

I know dogs make their own Vitamin C, so between that and the oil of oregano, and the MMS for back up, I’m hoping his infection gets cleared up.
Any other suggestions?

Gerry? Thanks in advance. PBD.

Right. Jim Humble also warns to wash off any topically applied MMS after a few minutes or even seconds.
I tend to think, though, that it’s the concentration. I still believe the end result of MMS is hypochlorite (bleach), but even bleach can be applied topically at the right concentration (Dakin’s solution, 1 part bleach to 10 parts water).

Hydrogen peroxide is really effective. But even this has hypochlorite as the end result. The bubbling observed is oxygen released which quickly binds with chlorine in our tissues.
So I suspect it might be a matter of concentration. Of course, better safe than sorry. So follow the recommendations for topical application provided by Humble.


I did put some activated MMS into his infected ear. However, I dilluted it so it would not burn his ear. I also put a couple ounces of colloidal silver in his water dish each day, and although its only been a few days, he is doing alot better. The pus is all gone, and so is the bad smell. He is back to his old regular self, so I will just keep an eye on him for awhile. I might use some 3% hydrogen peroxide as B suggests, if necessary.

Thanks for all the comments and helpful suggestions. He is an old mutt, but I love’m. I have a feeling that MMS may add some years to his life, and for that I thank Jim Humble. ….PBD

Can I collect up your testimonial on your dog for healthsalon?

Yes, he appears to be completely healed, and I gotta tell you, his ear was gross. It looked awfull and smelled even worse. After a couple doses of MMS, his ear is fine. I am using some 3% hydrogen peroxide as per your suggestion just to clean it out. PBD.