Athlete's Foot

Name: John Dixon

I have had a planters wort on the bottom of my left foot, it receeded and came out along the side of my long toe. It had started to hurt, and I didnt know what it was. At one point I relized it was a pathongine of some sort. I then put pure MMS on it, I was very deeply suprised at the point, but the strangest thing happened immediately. I realized the pain was going right directly up my toe back to the original location of the wort. It was as if this pathogine was being killed right along its extension into my toe back to the root/source. It was as if something was living in my foot and didnt want to die, but did. Per my study of how Chlorine dixoide works at the celular level, I then realized that no pathogine can stay in a living state when C.D. is exposed to its surface. Having done this research myself prior to using it, I was actually suprised that science is stranger than fiction. It works very well at killing other things such as athletes foot.