This is unbelievable. We haven’t done Anything but CD. Not even near full dose and yesterday was the best day we have had in almost a year. PANDAS made her sad and irritable and a ticking time bomb. It made her be so agressive with her brother. She can’t stop hugging him and loving him how she use to. She’s actually playing WITH him and not attacking him. Last night they went to sleep together. She’s coming back to me. I know it won’t always be this easy but this gave me the hope I needed. A week ago she wouldn’t even let me put clothes on her. We were home for a month unable to go anywhere. Today we went for a walk!

Thank you so much

Name: L.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is almost two years ago since I got in touch with you and you decided to help me, although it was a risk you took. Thank you. At the beginning of the treatment, my son’s ATEC was 37. I was devastated, due to the fact that the family could very clearly see that something was very wrong and no doctor could. They told me to be happy and that not everything could always be 100% perfect. He was diagnosed with….nothing. It was very obvious that he was suffering, he cramped, had PANDAS and everything was going in the wrong direction. Many symptoms. Because of my gut feeling and you, the nightmare ended. In addition to this, your protocol also saved my life. I had rheumatoid arthritis and lyme disease and was in a much worse state than my son; I had already got many “treatments” including antibiotics, cortison and antidepressants. I had been in a heart clinic with almost heart failure. The result was that I had to go very very low and slow, to be able to treat myself and my son. My own experiences with hospitals, clinics and blind doctors helped him though. Without you, it would not have been possible, any of it. Today, after CD, enemas, BSO & co, and 2.000 photos of parasites from us both? He is starting grammar school this autumn, with red cheeks and a happy smile on his face and writing this, tears are running down my face. I cannot thank you enough, Kerri. Bless you for your Courage, for being you and never giving up. I myself quit my job, have now started two different healer educations and I am looking forward very much to starting to support people as well.

A big big hug, many mind-flowers sent to you and much love.

Name: Thanks


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do. Last December I realized that I had a lot of the symptoms of Aspergers and I was absolutely crushed. I looking at a potential life sentence imprisonment inside my own mind, all the while totally alone and isolated with no one there to support me. Darkest of days. But then I remembered reading about MMS several years back. I accidentally used Google instead my normal of DuckDuckGo to search for “MMS and autism” and the obvious censorship and propaganda campaign convinced me right then and there to purchase your book.

It’s been about a month since I began following your advice and all these ‘mental’ issues have just started melting away. It’s almost scary how quickly it’s all happening. I’m no longer stumbling through life drugged up on opioids. I can look people in the eyes now. And I can feel emotions so vividly and intensely for the first time in my life. I’ve cried tears of joy, sadness, anger, forgiveness and compassion and love every bit of it. Parts of my mind are coming online that I didn’t even know I had. There’s still a lot of healing to do but I’m going to be able to have hobbies, friends, and romantic relationships now -like a complete person. 23 years, my entire childhood and adolescence, lost … probably due to the vaccines… but definitely to needless suffering. It’s over now. I can finally heal.

You helped make this possible. Thank you so much. The English language needs better words to express gratitude because of you. We may never meet in the flesh, but I will be eternally grateful to you and pray for your continued success.


Daniel lives in Croatia and goes to school in 4th grade and is 10 years old. He has an older brother, 11, and a younger sister, 8 years old.

He can do math in his head: 356 + 425 = 781

He was diagnosed with autism and ADHD. He was non-verbal til age 5.

Now he feels great.

He has recovered with Kerri Rivera’s protocol and is now taking iodine as well.

Daniel says, “Thank you Kerri Rivera. I love you. Thank you for saving my life and my brother’s life.”


Dear friends,

I want to share another success story from the mother of my young friend Max.

Max is recovering from autism, with a peak ATEC of 126. He would actively avoid interacting with family members, was anxious and not potty trained.

Max has made remarkable progress in less than a year’s time on the protocol.

See the story in his mother’s own words.

Max is 12, he weighs 94 lbs. He’s been on the CD protocol since beginning of July 2019.

He’s always been up and down over the years, with his worst atec being 126.

– Constant meltdowns
– Living in a state of perpetual anxiety
– Soiling himself
– No attention span
– Zero social skills and zero desire to be social and interact with others. Actually putting his hand over his own mouth and running away into a corner to show you he doesn’t want to be spoken to and interacted with.
– Cold sweaty hands which would leave actual wet patches where he’d touched.
– Avoided eye contact: If you tried to look at him he’d move your face away so you’re not looking at him. Would try and escape out of a moving car if looked at..
– Poor sleep
– Violent, aggressive behaviour during the frequent meltdowns, pulling people’s hair out from the root and then feeling so upset with himself for behaving like that.
– Absconding: Trying to run into moving traffic to get away during meltdowns.
– Speech: Unable to speak in sentences of more than 3-4 words, usually to tell you what he wanted. Diagnosed as speech of 18-22 month old in May 2019.
– GI Problems: Countless food intolerances, vomit profusely if I tried to give him sulphuric foods. Chondroitin sulphate made him vomit horribly even just 1 drop.

ATEC and Treatment History:

Pre-Treatment: Summer 2018 was ATEC of 126 and he was back in nappies (diapers).

Pre-Treatment: April 2019 his ATEC was as low as 110.

Began Protocol:

May 2019: Started him on black seed oil May 2019 and saw symptoms start to improve immediately.

July 2019: By July his ATEC was 57 when started the CD protocol. [Wow! 50 Point ATEC drop in 2 months from black seed oil!]

February 2020: Now his ATEC is 27 and I believe continuing to go down as his speech is getting better.

If you saw him last April, you would not think this possible.

Major Gains and Improvements:

– Mood: He is now calm, very well behaved. There is no anxiety, no meltdowns.
– Speech: He can carry on a fairly good conversation going back and forth perhaps 5-6 interactions.
– Sleep: He sleeps perfectly.
– Social: His social skills are so much better, as is his desire to be social with us. He interacts, sits with us, laughs at jokes, asks to play, tells me he has friends.
– Aggression: No violence, no aggression.
– Self-Expression: Types every day in full sentences about his thoughts and feelings.
– Self-Care: Self help skills getting better and better.


– Heavy Metals: Had him tested January 2020 and the aluminium is pouring out of him in “breathtaking” amounts (doctors words).
– GI Issues: His digestion improving. He is now on 16 drops of chondroitin sulphate with no vomiting at all. He is very affectionate, gives me cuddles and says, “I love you Mummy,” typed, “I want to be with mummy forever.”

EVERYONE is noticing the complete turnaround in him – many people have seen him at his worst and cannot believe this is the same person. I have so many parents wanting to know what I’ve done so they can repeat the same for their autistic child.

I’ve been trying to heal him for 7 years since he was 5. Some things made him better for a while and then he’d crash back down, worse than ever leaving me in despair as to what can be done to help him.

This is the FIRST time not only is he getting better and better but he is maintaining it. He is progressing massively- it is a dream come true. ❤️❤️❤️

Just to clarify – his ATEC is now 27 as of February 2020.

It was 57 start of CD protocol in July 2019.

auIt was 110 in April 2019, with its lowest being 126 the year before. It has been 126 before as well, when he was 6/7 years old.

Name: Sarah

We are going well on CDS ... I have made CDS with HCl, and CDS with citric acid .... citric acid seems to give really stable ppm, but with HCl I have struggled to get good ppm. My son is doing 40 drops of MMS activated with HCl, his weight category is 28 drops .... on citric he got to 10 drops .... all the sensitive kids, or sensitive humans have a better tolerance to MMS with HCl ... CDS wise it's not a problem making the CDS with the citric acid ... we use both CDS with citric acid for enemas and baths; and drops of MMS and HCl orally.

We have a private GP ... he is aware and has used MMS and I have introduced him to the HCl and CDS process, he is excited about this progress, and the Kerri Rivera protocol that has fully cured 100 children with autism using MMS and CDS ... no one can claim this ever in the history of autism ... her protocol of hourly dosing and baths and enemas is being used by 1800 families ... all on a facebook page and every family is positive and making progress daily, even other conditions in kids are being treated this way ... So GP plans on putting all the asd and me/cfs kids in NZ on protocol .... I'm going to make my own CDS from the powder you supply as I need heaps of CDS ... we are using it for acne, mouthwash, oral, enemas, baths, and vege / fruit washing, cleaning, etc ....

Name: Erana

My son is autistic and we have been dosing CDH using Kerri Rivera's recovery programme. We know it works and we are seeing recovery every day in our son.

Name: Jo

We are using MMS and HCL successfully to treat our son who has symptoms of autism, he is making great progress. I am also on the treatment to keep him company but have found my health has improved greatly, candida gone, anxiety gone, fatigue gone, digestive upsets gone.

Age : 4 years old Started at age 3yrs Atec on starting: 68-72 ( range) (had wax and waning symptoms) Duration of protocol: for exactly 1 year Current Atec: 7 Initially he had a few words, non conversational, lots of echolalia. No social skills or play, never played with siblings, lost in space, very poor attention and focus, lack of awareness. Aggression, emotional dysregulation and very poor sleep. Once we started the protocol April 2019 first thing we noticed was improvements in sleep. Started with  16 doses of CD, pulled him from school so he could get as much dose in the day time.  BSO, breakthrough chondroitin, and humic fulvic. Once we started the enema and PP protocol his speech improved, he started having more words , attempts at conversation, but so shocking was the improved social play with his siblings.  The would play all day, he would ask about his sister. He would wait for her to wake up so the could play together, eat together.  He and her became so close. Something I never seen. Then we noticed pretend play and increased awareness. He would greet you in the mornings and tell everyone goodnight before bed. Remind you about things you forgot. Tell you where eveything is in the house if  you forget or are looking.  As we continued with PP protocol ( spoke to you in November at which time you increased CD dose to 24)  and increased CD dose, his cognition, focus and attention improved. At this time we would add footbath, binders, robynzyme and were already on heavy metal detox ( zeolite, clean clay, ultra binder, iodine daily) Now he text me at work to report things he siblings are doing wrong. He makes sure he reads the bible to his siblings and prays with them before they go to bed when I am not back from work and then text me that its done and says good night to me.  His speech is so much more improved, and can have about 3 back and forth exchange in conversations.  He is no more eligible for speech therapy giving his improvements.  We still have to work on aggression, emotional dysregulation and increased conversational skills. But from where we started I feel blessed. All I can do is continue to pray for you Kerri,  that GOD will keep you safe and answer all your heart desires.  Stay blessed. FYI: you recovered my sister's son and that's how I got to know about you. I am currently a physician in the USA, and hope to bring awareness of autism recovery to conventional medicine.   

These parents’ confidence and joy is absolutely beautiful. I'm almost in tears with hope. I can imagine their dreams of gaining their child's transformation. Praise the Lord for the sovereign providence of God that led them to the help they needed! Albert W Richter  

Dear Team My kids have been taking MMS for 4 months, they were diagnosed with autism and thank God this has been working great. As I was reading the message from Jim Humble’s book, I do think my kids are injured from the vaccination and thought who can guide on this.. Thank you, Archbishop Mark Grenon and sons, Bishop Jon Grenon, and Bishop Joe Grenon, for contributing the Vaccine Procedure for overcoming vaccine injuries. In addition, Mark also developed the MMS1/DMSO Patch Protocol. You will continue to be rewarded for your tremendous work in this life and the next. 

Angelica Almeida

Name: Helena

Mark Grenon, I owe health of my both sons to you guys and chlorine dioxide. No other way to kill mutated viruses and bacteria. One was restored to health from Autism!   

Name: Heather Guidi

I have been suffering along with the neighbor's autistic son's horribly disturbing agitation, screaming, yelling, crying, banging, stomping and noisy insomnia for 4 years . Suddenly the child is 97% content and quiet. I found out that they are using MMS and bought some for myself. I am trialing it on my dog's skin condition by spraying topically and by dosing their drinking water. I have found it to be a perfect deoderant and tonight I got some flea bites from an infested basement area which were burning and stinging. This went away immediately after spraying with the 40 gtts / 4 ounces solution. WOW i am going to start oral dosing myself tomorrow.

Name: Emily C

My son was diagnosed with high functioning autism when he was 4. We worked with diet and biomedical interventions and made moderate progress for a few years. An early ATEC score (after implementing the GAPS diet) was 39. (ATEC scores are a free online survey parents fill out to assess the severity of their child's autism).

When my son turned six, we began implementing Kerri Rivera's protocol for healing autism, which relies heavily on hourly dosing of CD/MMS (CD=Chlorine Dioxide) throughout the entire protocol.

(Kerri Rivera's protocol is outlined in her book "Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism - and available on she references Jim Humble directly in her book and other work and his amazing MMS. You can also see her speak on and's videos. The protocol suggests a few more things in addition to CD/MMS such as a GF/CF/SF/SF diet and some anti-parasitic supplements.)

Although my son had no apparent "gut health" issues as a co-morbidity of his autism, he began regularly passing parasites in his nightly CD enema (as did I and other members of the family who were also on the protocol).

Within one year of following this protocol, my son's ATEC score was below a 10 (which is considered to be recovered and no longer "diagnosable" with autism). He was recovery #145 on Kerri's list and although he still struggles with a few compulsive tendencies and is catching up on social skills; we plan to continue with CD to address these issues. He was able to matriculate into mainstream Kindergarten and First Grade at the local public school and blend in well with other students. His ABA therapists used to meet with him 3x per week to do drills, and now have stopped seeing him and only meet with me 2x per month to check in... They say he doesn't need their help any more, he just needs to practice being around other kids. He made his first real friends in first grade and according to his teacher was well-liked by his classmates. He passed the safety swim test to go down the water slides at the YMCA, joined Cub Scouts, played T-ball, and was in a play, he went up and comforted a friend who got hurt at camp this week, he held a baby cousin on his lap the first time he met her (3 month old) at his request. He is well-behaved, engaged, loving and calm - all thanks to CD.

I am a huge fan of Jim Humble's work and the results that our family has seen from MMS/CD.

I would encourage others who are considering how best to help a child recover from autism to use CD as a first step. Don't be afraid - try it yourself along side your child. Start slowly. Use sweet leaf stevia to sweeten/flavor it without breaking your child's healthy diet, or negatively impacting the efficacy of CD. This one substance works better than any of the supplements or IV's we spent hundreds (thousands?) of dollars on at the NaturoPath's.

It is very affordable, very inoffensive to take, and very effective. Start low and slow to minimize the herxing and keep your child happy with the doses. It really, really works!

Name: Nil

My 16 year old son recovered from Autism (ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder) by the use of Kerri Rivera's MMS/CD (chlorine dioxide) protocol. I am now convinced that older kids and adults, tough nuts can all recover from Autism as evidenced by so many recoveries in various CD forums. The recovery happens fairly rapidly at a negligible cost. CD takes care of so many ASD co-morbid conditions like seizures, PANS/PANDAS, Mitochondrial disorder, Lyme, gastro intestinal disorder, OCD/stimming, neuro/psych, sensory issues etc. Brain fog, cognitive, behavioral, academic issues are now all resolved.  As a side effect we have seen allergies are now gone and the immune system has improved where we do not fall sick or catch colds. 

I think CD is a game changer for ASD recovery.

English (Spanish below)

Overcoming Autism | Testimony Joaquín 2 years and 10 months
This is a testimony of a mommy who has a child with autism, who decided to follow the treatment recommended by Kerri Rivera 02/07/2012 about where he presented the MMS, as any mom first tried it for a week, could said that treatment began on 09 or 10 July 2012, from there has made good progress with his young son Joaquin.
Commentary on August 26 and told us the following: We start with the protocol of the bottle, this week we look a little irritated Joaquin nauseous, many snots and sleepy, the next week we change the dose as directed according to their age and weight specified on page autismo2 (2 1 1 2 2 1 2 2) over 8 times a day with one hour time difference between any food or liquid. Immediately started having severe diarrhea at least about 10 a day so scalded so much and even made him some injories on the buttocks, with the passing of the days these were easing, then the second week a day on our walk in the afternoon with my two children incredibly, when I called the old to pass the ball we got together Joaquín my call telling his sister: THIAGO COME! THIAGO COME! and played kickball three, the following days did not call but if you took away the toys and bounced him if his brother took away something that could get hurt and it's good to see this because since Joaquin stopped communicating with us had not had any contact with his brother even visual. Another manifestation that we have observed is that although not always staring us has a particular way of making us see that we want, for example: Sometimes on weekends when we can be together all four by himself invites us popcorn each one always beginning with his dad, then me and finally his brother Thiago, then settles between her dad and me putting his little body as if asking permission with his arms around us and embraces us strong, believe me it feels great, remember that at first was not looking, rejected any sign of affection and assaulting others and likewise we heartbreaking. I can not say that speaks spontaneously and express each of their needs every day because it is not, yet there are days when it seems like it does everything have fallen all alone, but then something happens that tells us that everything is well, for example, about the lunch looks me in the eyes and says: Hmmm that Nice! or goes out and likes to look at girls big and when you do look back at me and smiles by Chinese children. What I have seen also in the weeks went about meals is that there are some who get irritated or hyperactive, like he loves bananas! but not content with one, two or three and wants is impossible if I do take them off screaming sooo loud then is as if he had taken a red bull, until the battery is down and weep inexplicably. Another thing I've learned to do is rice milk, potato, coconut and almonds but the latter despite being rich will cause strong irritation at the cheeks and touch feels like a dish-washing sponge. Also Ms. Kerri tells me I should put the enemas and bathe with drops daily wanted to buy syringes and cannulas but it is impossible to buy without prescription. At the moment I am not giving any vitamins or supplements because I do not appreciate what you have indicated that you ask if I should go giving calcium or zinc, what I can tell so far is that my son's health is fine despite having fallen a kilo and a half of weight as it also was with inappetence and take the overnight the little things he likes so much as milk, flour and candy does nothing of grace, I take two months with treatment and I can tell it has not been sicker, no longer stomach infections, sore throat no more no more bronchi in order! I fought until antalginas, clobazam, panadol, bronchodilators including medicines not to mention we had to give the bad nights, because almost every day we awoke with piercing screams and inconsolable, a month before we started the diet protocol outlined in free gluten, soy and casein. It's been already two months we've been using the MMS
Commentary on 12.17.2012 where he shares his small advancing through the testimonies: Hello again I'll tell you about my son Joaquin, My son is 2 years 10 months, was born a very healthy child and their development was quite normal until one month before the 2nd birthday, a January 2, 2011 without being sick sleeping gave a febrile seizure, the worst I did not know what was happening in the hospital told me I had a fever and therefore 40 °C convulsed, they did an EEG and the neurologist told me that their results did not show any alterations that were normal not to worry, since that day began a series of allergies and constant diarrhea, I medicated with clobazam to convulse in no case to submit another fever, apparently the body of my son react equally with each foot, then imagine!
Each foot was torment, bathing two or three times in one night,, antalginas, pills that being a baby was hard to give it without causing vomiting, running to the hospital, because all the time gave very acute diarrhea and bronchial colds constantres and cough.
Suddenly he began to isolate himself, to watch a lot of TV, learned to walk alone and we were very happy but always with a lot of care with him and not slept alone for fear of fevers.
A year and a half just national holiday again in the night and feel the baby cries when we take it out of the crib was flying fever, we were about to give treatment and reached a new seizure, the most frustrating thing was that in both Sometimes he was in good health until vaccines well tolerated and only three days after he arrived diarrhea were the causes of fevers. As you can imagine began a series of tests, checks with the neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, physical medicine, etc. He also stopped talking the little he had learned at a young age, awoke crying loudly at night every day, flapped his arms, walked on tiptoe, and looked away when spoken not turned to look, we raise our voices and he screamed and would not listen either, seemed not to hear well, then again to the hospital, the first thing we ordered was evoked potentials test, to see if he had hearing problems but these were normal. I asked the neurologist will check it, the doctor said it was too early to know he had a problem and told him occupational therapy, speech and more. Joaquin became very irritable, but despite that in the first few weeks again learned some single words and short songs, but suddenly there came a time when saturated and forgot everything! We began again and again felt the same, so a couple of months so we could not move forward with therapy. Just when my son turned two he neurologist diagnosed with atypical autism (regressive) again commanded a series of tests in order to find possible causes, I was ready I was hoping to hear anything else but what happened to my son, so we had to face the idea. I started looking for information, possible treatments, cures for Joaquin, and found Overcoming Autism Foundation and MMS treatment of the protocol that had recovered several children with the same disorder Joaquin, then also found the Genesis Church II by mean of them contacted MMS Peru Health and Rev. Mario who gave me all the information of the MMS and we have provided, has cleared all my doubts, all these people have helped me in the recovery process Joaquin.
It is a long, narrow, but it's worth; Joaquin has 5 months using MMS and one of the clearest evidence of their effectiveness is their health, this perfect! Sleep well most nights, waking in a good mood, turns when called almost always, please ask for things and says thank you, I do not mean that he is already cured, has learned quite retains more information and participates some games such as veneer, shown affectionate with his dad, me and his brother before or watched, avoided him as an obstacle, as if there were, did not like contact with anyone, and played alone, now understands an d performs simple commands, staring a little more and gives us beautiful smiles when he's happy, when he misbehaves and called attention comes hugs me, kisses me and tells me: already happened? There are many things that seem little but for us are amazing and we are only in the first part of the treatment.
There are still some tantrums, has days that are too shy or fussy, gradually stop walking on tiptoe, and hand flapping has given enough.
I am very grateful for all the help I received, much information at all times, I'm sure I will see more success in my son but you have to be very consistent, I live at my in-laws and believe me, it is very difficult sometime give no forbidden foods behind me, not everyone understands the commitment, the protocol calls be strict because these errors cause more cerebral and intestinal inflammation and it is true that's why there's autistic symptoms that are difficult to attack.
Well I hope soon to be writing more on improving Joaquin and this information will help others with the same problem, is in our hands to improve the quality of life for our loved ones and our children's.
Best regards., Leslie Podesta - Peru.

Superando el autismo | Testimonio Joaquín 2 años y 10 meses

Este es un testimonio de una mamita que tiene un niño con autismo, quien decidió seguir el tratamiento recomendado por Kerri Rivera aproximadamente el 02-07-2012 donde se le hizo entrega de la MMs, como toda mami primero probo ella por una semana, podría decirse que comenzó con el tratamiento el día 09 o 10 de Julio del 2012, desde ahí ha logrado un buen avance con su pequeño hijo Joaquin.

Comentario del 26 de Agosto y nos contó lo siguiente:  Comenzamos con el protocolo del biberón, esa semana observamos un poco irritado a Joaquín con náuseas, muchos moquitos y sueño, la semana siguiente cambiamos la dosis según las indicaciones de acuerdo a su edad y peso especificado en la página autismo2 (2 1 1 2 2 1 2 2) repartidas en 8 veces al día con una hora de diferencia entre cualquier tipo de comida o líquido. Inmediatamente comenzó a tener diarreas fuertes por lo menos unas 10 al día tanto así que se escaldaba mucho y hasta se le hicieron alguna heriditas en las nalgas, con el pasar de los días estas fueron cediendo, luego en la segunda semana  un día  en nuestro paseo de la tarde  con mis dos hijos increíblemente, cuando yo llamaba al mayorcito para que nos pasara la pelota Joaquín se juntaba a mi llamado diciéndole a su hermana: THIAGO VEN! THIAGO VEN! y jugamos a patear la pelota los tres; los siguientes días no lo llamaba pero si le quitaba los juguetes y lo botaba si su hermano le quitaba algo con lo que pudiera hacerse daño y es bueno ver esto pues desde que Joaquín dejó de comunicarse con nosotros no había tenido ningún tipo de contacto con su hermano ni siquiera visual. Otra de las manifestaciones que hemos observado es que aunque no siempre nos fija la mirada tiene una manera particular de hacernos ver que nos quiere, por ejemplo: A veces los fines de semana cuando podemos estar los cuatro juntos  él solito nos invita las palomitas a cada uno comenzando siempre por su papá, luego yo y al final Thiago su hermano mayor; después se acomoda entre su papá y yo metiendo su cuerpito como pidiendo permiso nos rodea con sus brazos y nos abraza muy fuerte, créeme que esto se siente muy bien, recordar que primero no miraba, rechazaba cualquier muestra de cariño y que agredía a los demás y así mismo nos partía el corazón. No puedo decir que habla de manera espontánea y expresa cada una de sus necesidades todos los días pues no es así, hay días aún en los que parece como que hubiera retrocedido pues hace todo completamente solo, pero luego pasa algo  que nos indica que todo está bien,  por ejemplo, se acerca la hora de la comida me mira a los ojos y dice: Hmmm que diiico! o sale a la calle y le gusta mirar a las chicas grandes y cuando lo hace regresa la mirada hacia mí y se sonríe haciendo chinitos. Lo que he observado también con el pasar de las semanas en cuanto a las comidas es que hay algunas que lo irritan o lo ponen hiperactivo, como por ejemplo el plátano que le encanta! pero no se conforma con uno, quiere dos o tres y es imposible quitárselos  si lo hago grita muuuy fuerte y después es como si hubiera tomado un red bull, hasta que se le bajan las pilas y llora inexplicablemente. Otra cosa que he aprendido a hacer es la leche  de arroz, papa, coco y almendras pero esta última a pesar de ser muy rica le causa una irritación muy fuerte en las mejillas y al tacto se siente como si fuera una esponja de lavar vajilla. También me indica la Sra. Kerri que debo ponerle los enemas y bañarlo con las gotas incendiariamente  he querido comprar las jeringas y las cánulas pero es imposible comprarlas sin receta. Por el momento no le estoy dando ninguna vitamina o suplemento pues no me lo han indicado te agradecería que preguntes si debo ir dándole calcio o zinc; lo que te puedo decir hasta ahora es que de salud mi hijo está muy bien a pesar de haber bajado un kilo y medio de peso pues también estuvo con inapetencia y quitarle de la noche a la mañana las cositas que tanto le gusta como la leche, harinas y los dulces no le hace nada de gracia, llevo dos meses con el tratamiento y te puedo decir es que no se ha enfermando más, ya no más infecciones al estómago, no más garganta irritada, no más bronquios en fin! me he librado hasta el momento de antalginas, clobazan, panadol, broncodilatadores entre otros medicamentos que teníamos que darle sin mencionar las malas noches, pues casi todos los días nos despertaba con gritos desgarradores e inconsolable, un mes antes comenzamos la dieta señalada en protocolo libre de gluten, soya y caseína ya son dos meses que llevamos usando el MMS

Comentario al 17-12-2012 donde comparte el avance de su pequeño a traves de los testimonios: Hola  nuevamente les voy a contar sobre mi hijo Joaquin, Mi hijo tiene 2 años 10 meses, nació siendo un niño muy saludable y su desarrollo fue bastante normal hasta un mes antes de cumplir 2 años; un 02 de enero del 2011 sin estar enfermo durmiendo le dio una convulsión febril, pensé lo peor no sabía lo que le pasaba en el hospital me dijeron que tenía una fiebre de 40grados y que por eso convulsionó, le hicieron un electroencefalograma y el neurólogo me dijo que sus resultados no presentaban ningún tipo de alteración que estaban normales que no me preocupara , desde ese día comenzaron una serie de alergias y constantes diarreas, lo medicaron con clobazan para que no convulsione en caso de que presentara otra fiebre, aparentemente el organismo de mi hijo reaccionaría igual con cada fiebre, entonces imagínense!

Cada fiebre era un tormento, bañarlo dos o tres veces en una misma noche,, antalginas, pastillas que por ser un bebe era difícil dársela sin causarle vómitos, correr al hospital, porque a cada rato le daban diarreas muy agudas y bronquios, constantres resfríos y tos.

De pronto comenzó a aislarse, a mirar mucha tv, aprendió a caminar solito y estábamos muy felices pero siempre teniendo muchos cuidados con él ya no dormía solo por miedo a las fiebres.

Al año y medio justo en fiestas patrias otra vez en medio de la noche sentimos quejidos del bebe y cuando lo sacamos de la cuna estaba volando en fiebre, nos disponíamos a darle el tratamiento y llegó una nueva convulsión, lo más frustrante era que en ambas ocasiones, él estaba bien de salud, hasta toleraba bien las vacunas y sólo tres días después le llegaban las diarreas que eran las causas de las fiebres. Cómo podrán imaginarse comenzaron una serie de exámenes, chequeos con el neurólogo, psicólogo, psiquiatra, medicina física, etc. También dejó de hablar lo poco que había aprendido a su corta edad, despertaba llorando a gritos por las noches todos los días, aleteaba los brazos, caminaba de puntitas, dejó de mirar y cuando se le hablaba no volteaba a mirar, podíamos levantar la voz y él no hacía caso gritábamos y tampoco, parecía que no escuchaba bien, entonces otra vez al hospital; , lo primero que nos mandaron fue el examen de potenciales evocados, para saber si tenía problemas auditivos pero estos salieron normales. Le pedí al neurólogo que lo chequeara, el doctor me dijo que era muy temprano para saber que tuviera un problema y le indicaron terapia ocupacional, de lenguaje entre otras. Joaquin se ponía muy irritable, pero a pesar de eso en las primeras semanas aprendió otra vez algunas palabras sueltas y canciones cortitas, pero de repente llegaba un momento en que se saturaba y olvidaba todo! Iniciábamos otra vez y nuevamente le pasaba lo mismo, así un par de meses por lo que no podíamos avanzar con las terapias. Recién cuando mi hijo cumplió dos años él neurólogo lo diagnostico con autismo atípico (regresivo) le mandó otra vez una serie de exámenes para poder encontrar las posibles causas, yo estaba preparada tenía la esperanza de escuchar cualquier otra cosa pero le pasó a mi hijo, así que tuvimos que afrontar la idea. Comencé a buscar información, posibles tratamientos, la cura para Joaquin, y encontré a la Fundación Venciendo el Autismo y tratamiento con MMS parte del protocolo con el que se habían recuperado varios niños con el mismo desorden de Joaquin, entonces también encontré a la iglesia Genesis II por inermedio de ellos contacté con MMS Perú Salud y al Rev. Mario quién me brindo todas la información del MMS y nos lo ha proporcionado, ha despejado todas mis dudas, todas estas personas me han ayudado en el proceso de recuperación Joaquin.

Es un proceso largo, estricto, pero vale la pena; Joaquín tiene 5 meses usando MMS y una de las muestras más evidentes de su efectividad es su salud, esta perfecta! Duerme tranquilo la mayoría de las noches, despierta de buen humor, voltea cuando se le llama casi siempre, pide las cosas por favor y dice gracias, con esto no quiero decir que él ya está curado, ha aprendido bastante retiene más información ya participa de algunos jueguitos como las chapadas, se muestra cariñoso con su papá, conmigo y con su hermano que antes ni lo miraba, lo esquivaba como un obstáculo, como si no existiera, no le gustaba el contacto con nadie, y jugaba solito, ahora entiende y realiza ordenes sencillas, fija la mirada un poco más y nos brinda hermosas sonrisas cuando está contento; cuando se porta mal y le llamo la atención viene me abraza, me besa y me dice: ¿ya pasó? Son muchas cosas que parecen pocas pero para nosotros son increíbles y sólo estamos en la primera parte del tratamiento.
Aún hay algunas rabietas, tiene días en los que también está huraño o inapetente, poco a poco deja de caminar en puntitas, y el aleteo de manos ha cedido bastante.
Estoy muy agradecida por toda la ayuda que he recibido, abundante información a todo momento, estoy segura de que voy a ver más logros en mi hijo pero hay que ser muy constantes, yo vivo en casa de mis suegros y créanme, es muy difícil que en algún momento no le den comidas prohibidas a mis espaldas, no todos entienden el compromiso, el protocolo pide ser estrictos pues estos errores causan más inflamación cerebral e intestinal y es verdad por eso es que aún hay síntomas autistas que son difíciles de atacar.

Bueno espero pronto poder estar escribiendo más sobre la mejoría de Joaquin y que esta información le sirva a otras personas que tengan el mismo problema, está en nuestras manos mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestros seres queridos y más la nuestros hijos.

Cordiales saludos., Leslie Podestá – Perú.





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Testimony: tumors steatocystoma housed in the scrotum, or fibroids exceeded by 90%

Idiopathic scrotal calcification. Interchangeableness coloration multiple nodules in the crotch region.
Hello, my name is Hugo and I have 29 years, I will not let many detales on me, but I would like through this page go public have exceeded by 90% without a problem which caused me great discomfort serious, I suffer for over 8 years of multiple epidermal cysts or tumors housed in the scrotum, identified as steatocystoma, or some fibroids, the doctor told me that they are not evil and not bring serious consequences, but personally it would be better to remove them surgically honestly bothered me a lot and especially when I was with my partner intimately.
Basically surgery is the only solution, then I decide to have surgery in 2007, but always out new shoots again, in 2009 I again and again operate out, but this year investigation found that MMS could perhaps help me so I just refer to see if that was true, the Rev. Mario gave me a series of guidelines to address the problem not only with the MMs with DMSO unless it's something new for me, he calls it the 1000 + plus oral protocol and should also make use of the 3000 protocol with DMSO skin, so choose the most healthy and economical.
Start with the MMS footage early November, well I did my allergy test, and I had no complications truth, so I decided to start with the protocol with DMSO 1000 plus, I want to tell that taking MMS if sometimes I find it a bit uncomfortable or annoying, but I'm getting used to, especially I have learned that there are many ways of carrying the bad taste, I have not had health complications or collateral of any kind, just a bit of diarrhea on the 3rd day and little nauseous that eating an apple is solved, but I take some refreshment with aquarius or not having vitamin c, I've already read and I had warned the Rev. Mario, but when I take the MMS mixed with DMSO taste decreases much and hardly feel the smell, well, there are several ways to do this on, but I'm doing well, because since I took my allergies and some stirrings in my breathing also decreased considerably.
But other than the Rev, Mario. He told me to consider making the 3000 protocol is to mix the MMS + DMSO and apply a drop in the area where I have cysts at first did not want to, because I did not think so much that two simple substances bring some positive effect on the problem directly or skin as they say, I say this because I used to disappear very expensive creams that and never brought good results and so it was that I decided to try again and I'm surprised it took two weeks of treatment I apply it in the morning and at night a drop of MMS activated with DMSO and such is my surprise I noticed a reduction of almost 90% since I applied it, there are cysts that have disappeared and there are many who even notice, I will continue with a treatment two or three weeks for sure that is exceeded, I'm sure I'll save in surgery that are so annoying, and well I am very pleased to have this result and share it with you, do not know if my idea is worth mentioning but the MMs with DMSO has also improved my sexual capacity greatly, I wonder if this happens to me for my ideas or is that they can help many people. Greetings and thank you very much.

Testimonio tumores alojados en el escroto esteatocistomas, o fibromas superados en un 90%

Calcificación escrotal idiopática. Múltiples nódulos de coloración blanquecinaamarillenta en la región escrotal.

Hola, mi nombre es Hugo y tengo 29 años, No dejare muchos detales sobre mí, pero quisiera por medio de esta página hacer público haber superado en un 90% un problema que sin ser grave me causaba muchas molestias, yo padezco desde hace más de 8 años de múltiples quistes epidérmicos o tumores alojados en el escroto, identificado como esteatocistomas, o algunos fibromas, el doctor me dijo que no son malignos y que no traen consecuencias graves, pero en lo personal sería mejor extraerlas quirúrgicamente pues honestamente a mí me incomodaban mucho y sobre todo cuando estaba íntimamente con mi pareja.

Básicamente la cirugía es la única solución, entonces decido operarme en el 2007, pero siempre salían nuevamente nuevos brotes, en el 2009 me opere de nuevo y volvían a salir, pero este año investigando encontré que la MMs quizás podría ayudarme así que solo consulte para ver si todo eso era cierto, el Rev. Mario me dio unas series de indicaciones para poder tratar el problema no solo con la MMs si no con la DMSO que es algo nuevo para mí, él lo llama el protocolo 1000 + plus oral y debía hacer también uso del protocolo 3000 con DMSO cutáneo, así que opte por lo más sano y económico.

Inicie con las tomas de la MMs los primeros días de noviembre, bueno hice mi prueba de alergia, y la verdad no tuve complicaciones, así que decidí iniciar con el protocolo 1000 plus con DMSO, quiero contarles que tomar la MMs de por si a veces me resulta un poco incomoda o fastidiosa, pero me voy acostumbrando, sobre todo he aprendido que hay muchas formas de sobre llevar el mal sabor, no he tenido complicaciones de salud ni colaterales de ningún tipo, solo un poco de diarrea al 3er día y un poco de nauseas que comiendo una manzana se soluciona, aunque lo tomo con aquarius o algun refresco que no tenga vitamina c, esto ya lo había leído y me lo había advertido el reverendo Mario, pero cuando la tomo la MMs mezclada con la DMSO el sabor disminuye mucho y casi ni se siente el olor, bueno, varias maneras hay para sobre llevar esto, pero a mí me va bien, pues desde que lo tomo mis alergias y algunas agitaciones en mi respiración han disminuido considerablemente también.

Pero aparte el Rev, Mario. Me dijo que considere hacer el protocolo 3000 que es mezclar la MMs + la DMSO y aplicar una gota en la zona donde tengo los quistes, al principio no quería hacerlo, porque no creía mucho que dos sustancias tan simples traiga algún efecto positivo en ese problema de forma directa o cutánea como se dice, lo digo porque he usado cremas muy costosas para desaparecer eso y nunca me trajeron resultados y bueno así fue que decidí probar nuevamente y estoy sorprendido pues llevo dos semanas con el tratamiento me lo aplico en las mañanas y en las noches una gota de MMs activada con DMSO y tal es mi asombro que he notado una reducción de casi el 90% desde que me lo aplico, hay quistes que han desaparecido y hay muchos que ni se notan, pienso seguir con el tratamiento unas dos o tres semanas para estoy seguro que se superara, estoy seguro que ahorrare en cirugías que son tan fastidiosas, y bueno me da mucha alegría poder tener ese resultado y compartirlo con ustedes, no sé si sea idea mía pero vale mencionarlo la MMs con la DMSO ha mejorado también mi capacidad sexual de gran manera, quisiera saber si esto pasa en mi por mis ideas o es que les puede a ayudar a muchas personas. Saludos y muchas gracias.




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Testimony Mario Guido, Migraine, gastritis and allergies.
After multiple years suffering from colds and allergies because I have a history of asthma since childhood, because all those cold morning, for years had to sleep with a lot of clothes and even two pairs of socks to not catch a cold, but I still wake up every morning sneezing , looked like a human machine gun sneezing, these allergies originated give me a lot of headaches or migraine, that I suffer from 13 or 15 years, where I was first given a pill for a headache from there as never leave, always carried with me from time to time had to go to a gastroenterologist because I had constant stomach problems, doctors told me I had gastritis and others because of so many pills for migraines, they told me I almost died with migraine as there's no cure allergies and even speak, and had to take care of the stomach as it could have a future of ulcers, apart joined my many visits to the ENT or pulmonologist, never knew where to go because every time I leave a bad flu I complicated breathing with bronchial spasms.
In December of 2011 before the holidays, my gastritis had been increased by several weeks, I could not take even a bowl of soup, only took jellies frost because the horrors stomach hurt if she ate something softer or slight, resigned to spending Festivities in bed, my father who lives in Chile told me the MMS, and sent me extra to Peru, I did not pay attention, not ever going to take, because I had many doubts, besides I had scheduled a doctor's appointment in a few days (here in Peru make you wait weeks or months for a medical appointment, weeks to take a test, testing weeks, weeks for the results and waiting until we can die, for we have social insurance) In short an afternoon where I could not take the head or stomach pain and gastritis pills did not effect me, and could not take pills for migraine because it would kill my stomach, haha, I remembered I had the MMS for a corner of the house, I followed my father and take the 1000 protocol.
1st day: 6 drops per hour, as indicated by the old school of the MMS, and my irregularity I did 4 times a day, I felt a slight dizziness but nothing annoying, the end of the day I noticed that the stomach pain barely felt it That day I had lunch frozen apples and crackers.
2nd day: 6 drops per hour, 3 or 4 times a day, it really was not constant, but in turn I realized that I did not feel discomfort in the stomach, and here note that something great was happening, I started researching more about the MMS, for the 3rd day, take it to the letter, every hour for 8 hours a day. At this point I decided to leave the frozen apples and crackers to lunch, and the whole world fear me encourage eating soup again, and I realized I felt that I had absolutely not a single upset stomach . I felt healthy stomach, and the next day he ate everything normally.
Remember to tell them about my migraines?, I am the person who always carried migraine pills you take every other day, for the splitting headache since I started with the MMS, after a week I noticed that in my desk pads were still should have taken during the week, note that migraine I had come from to begin with MMS, better even allergies morning barely had them.
I will not deny that today x MMS changed my life, and several relatives and even friends, and tell you they are.!!
Goodbye pills, high budgets for my flu, migraine, gastritis, allergies, from there I understood why I call Jim Humble Miracle Mineral initially and I agree with you.
I want to say something else, I loosened the stomach at 6 days or so, but I felt sick, that's where lower doses and started taking the bottle maintenance that I always carry with me, 1 or 2 drops of activated MMS hours 8 times a day, with great apple prepared at home and a sip every hour .. problem solved!
Atte. Mario Guido.

Testimonio Mario Guido, Migrañas, gastritis y alergias.

Llevaba años padeciendo de multiples resfríos, y alergias pues tengo antecedentes de asma desde la infancia, debido a todos esos resfríos matutinos, por años tenia que dormir con mucha ropa y hasta dos pares de medias para no resfriarme, pero igual me despertaba estornudando cada mañana, parecía una ametralladora humana de estornudos, esas alergias originaban que me diera muchos dolores de cabeza o migraña, que las padezco desde los 13 o 15 años, donde me dieron por primera vez una pastilla para el dolor de cabeza desde ahi nunca as deje, siempre las cargaba conmigo, cada cierto tiempo tenia que ir al gastroenterólogo porque tenia constantes problemas en el estomago,  los médicos me dijeron que tenia gastritis y demás a causa de tantas pastillas para las migrañas, me dijeron que prácticamente yo moriría con la migraña pues no hay cura y de las alergias ni hablar, y tenia que cuidarme el estomago pues podría padecer a futuro de ulceras, a parte se suman mis múltiples visitas al otorrino o al neumólogo, nunca sabia a donde ir porque cada vez que me venia una gripe fuerte se me complicaba la respiración con espasmos bronquiales.

En diciembre del 2011 antes de fiestas, mi gastritis se había acentuado por varias semanas, no podía tomar ni un plato de sopa, solo tomaba gelatinas heladas porque el estomago me dolía horrores si comía algo por mas suave o ligero que sea,  resignado a pasar las fiestas en cama, mi padre que vive en Chile me comento de la MMS, y me envió el suplemento a Perú, yo no le hice caso, no lo iba a tomar jamás, pues tenia muchas dudas, aparte que tenia programada una cita medica en unos días, (acá en Perú te hacen esperar semanas o meses para una cita medica, semanas para tomar un examen, semanas para los análisis, semanas para los resultados y en la espera hasta nos podemos morir, para los que tenemos seguro social), en fin una tarde donde ya no aguantaba el dolor de estomago ni cabeza y las pastillas para la gastritis no me hacían efecto, y ni podía tomar pastillas para la migraña porque mataria mi estomago, jajaja, me acorde que tenia la MMS por algún rincón de la casa, seguí las indicaciones de mi padre y tome el protocolo 1000.

1er día: 6 gotas por hora, como indicaba la antigua escuela de la MMS, y por mi irregularidad lo hice 4 veces al día, sentí un ligero mareo pero nada molesto, al finalizar el dia note que el  dolor de estomago casi ni lo sentía, ese día almorcé manzanas heladas y galletitas de agua.

2do día: 6 gotas por hora, 3 o 4 veces al día, realmente no fui constante, pero a su vez me di cuenta que ya no sentía molestias en el estomago, y es aquí donde note que algo genial estaba pasando, comencé a investigar mas sobre el MMS, para el 3er día, lo tome al pie de la letra, cada hora por 8 horas al día. A partir de este momento decidí dejar las manzanas heladas y las galletitas de agua que almorzaba, y con todo el temor del mundo me anime a comer una sopa nuevamente, me di cuenta y sentí que ya no tenia absolutamente ni un solo malestar en el estomago. Me sentí sano del estomago, y al día siguiente comía todo con normalidad.

Recuerdan que les hable sobre mis migrañas?, yo soy de las persona que siempre cargaba pastillas para la migraña las que tomaba cada dos días, para el terrible dolor de cabeza, desde que comencé con la MMS, al cabo de una semana note que en mi escritorio estaban aun las pastillas que debería haber tomado durante la semana, note que la migraña no me había venido desde que inicie con la MMS, mejor aun las alergias matutinas casi ni las tenia.

No voy a negar que hoy x hoy el MMS cambio mi vida, y varias familiares e inclusive amigos, ya se los contare.!!

Adiós pastillas, presupuestos elevados para mis antigripales, migrañas, gastritis, alergias, desde ahí comprendí porque Jim Humble lo llamo en un inicio Mineral Milagroso y le doy la razón.

Quiero decirles algo mas, se me aflojo el estomago a los 6 días aproximadamente, pero no me senti enfermo, es ahí donde baje las dosis y comencé a tomar las de mantenimiento en botella que siempre llevo conmigo, 1 o 2 gotas de MMS activadas por hora 8 veces al día, con sumo de manzana preparado en casa y un sorbo cada hora y asunto arreglado..!!!

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Testimony Jadith spinal problems, sciatica.
Jadith November 16, 2012
Hi I want to tell you how MMS helped me personally to me is wonderful and I think in consumption since February 2012 when I found out he was here. First as all was not sure, but when I was researching more and watching the videos and lectures on this mineral supplement, I've got fascinated to read the testimonials of people like to have improved and even healed of diseases that doctors considered incurable or chronic and my doubt comes from here, because I have taken many alternatives and I were, but I decided to try one more time to see what happens.
I am a person who carried certain eating disorders and well, I think I'm paying the consequences. I suffered from gastritis, liver, cholesterol, triglycerides and especially the worst and do not wish it on anyone my problem with the famous column sciatica.
After going to so many doctors I can not deny that I was relieved of the problems I described, but the most frustrating and difficult for my sciatica was already suffering from it for the last six months, I could be lying, sitting or standing long time, I conducted several tests of the column, in various clinics, first told me I had a crack in one of my vertebrae, I took made me plates MRI and ruled out the diagnosis of cleft but I eased the discomfort, as I was prescribed painkillers and plenty of rest, leave work to be home and it was a problem because I could not move.
With much fear and doubt that it is like other leading treatments take the MMS because I wanted to go the sciatica problem, so I followed the protocol crash at night, the first 3 drops the first shot, then 6 drops I started to feel a bit of nausea and dizziness, I spend half an hour dizziness and went to sleep, in the morning I realized that I did not have pain in my back or spine, could not believe it, so I kept taking the MMs for several days and the pain didn't came back and I inadvertently other problems of chronic gastritis, liver, cholesterol and triglycerides became side and left side, because I say that I spend the cholesterol and triglycerides, because the symptoms disappeared (nausea and dizziness when eating foods high in fat).
From there I give it to my mom for pressure and other problems of the age, thanks for having this site, I always recommend and many blessings and success for the good work they do. Greetings Jadith.

Testimonio Jadith problemas de columna, ciática.

Jadith 16 noviembre, 2012

Hola quiero decirles como me ayudo mucho el MMS, personalmente para mi es maravilloso creo en el y lo consumo desde Febrero del 2012 cuando me entere que estaba aquí. Primero como todos no estaba segura, pero cuando fui investigando más y viendo los videos y conferencias sobre este suplemento mineral, la verdad quede fascinada pues al leer los testimonios de las personas de como se han mejorado y hasta incluso sanado de enfermedades que los médicos consideraban incurables o crónicas y mi duda nace a partir de aquí, porque he tomado muchos alternativas y no me resultaron, pero decidí probar una vez mas a ver que pasa.
Soy una persona que he llevado ciertos desordenes alimenticios y bueno, creo que ahora estoy pagando las consecuencias. Yo sufría de la gastritis, el hígado, de colesterol, triglicéridos y sobre todo lo peor y no se lo deseo a nadie mi problema con la columna la famosa ciática.
Después de ir a tantos médicos no puedo negar que me sentía aliviada de los problemas que describo, pero el mas frustrante y difícil para mi fue la ciática ya que padecía de ello desde hace 6 meses, no podía estar echada, sentada, ni parada mucho tiempo, me realizaron varios exámenes de la columna, en diversas clínicas, primero me dijeron que tenia una fisura en una de mis vertebras, me sacaron placas me hicieron la resonancia magnética y descartaron el diagnostico de la fisura pero no me aliviaron el malestar, pues me recetaron analgésicos y mucho reposo, deje el trabajo y hasta estar en casa era un problema porque no me podía mover.
Con mucho temor y dudas de que sea como los demás tratamientos que lleve, tome la MMS porque quería que se me vaya el problema de la ciática, así que seguí el protocolo choque en la noche, primero 3 gotas la primera toma, luego 6 gotas comencé a sentir un poco de nauseas y mareos, a la media hora se me paso los mareos y me fui a dormir, al despertar me di cuenta que ya no me dolía la espalda o la columna, no podía creerlo, así que seguí tomando la MMs por varios días mas y el dolor no me volvía y sin darme cuenta los demás problemas de gastritis crónica, hígado, el colesterol y los triglicéridos pasaron a ser secundarios y quedaron de lado, porque digo que se me paso lo del colesterol y triglicéridos, porque los síntomas desaparecieron (Nauseas y mareos al comer comidas con altos contenidos de grasa).
Desde ahí se lo doy a mi mamá para la presión y otros problemas propios de la edad, gracias por tener este sitio, siempre lo recomiendo y muchas bendiciones y éxitos por la buena labor que hacen. Saludos Jadith.


Name: Daniel Bender

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Name: Ashley

I'm a 25 year-old woman who is on the spectrum with many autoimmune symptoms, chelating to remove mercury using Andy Cutler's protocol. That protocol helped reduce my symptoms immensely, but I felt I was at a plateau so I used MMS2 for about two weeks and it helped substantially in lowering the pressure and anxiety in my brain. I'm going to try MMS enemas very soon and will give updates.