Autoimmune disease

Name: Bella Luxx

MMS WORKS! I suffered from severe autoimmune and let me just say- not anymore. Brain fog is GONE! MMS is a salt! Basic chemistry 101 will tell you that! Big P don’t want u to know this stuff. Further, the crap that has come out of my son on the spectrum was appalling! IT WORKS! Don’t believe the lies on ABC etc

Name: Crystal Mackay

I have lived with cold sores since I was little.  I had over 30 food allergies at only 9 years old.  I am now almost 30 and have spent my entire life with alternative practiitioners because of my mother.  It was only 10 years ago that I found MMS and it cures so many auto-immune proplems of mine that if you take this away I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.  MY FRIENDS WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.  My COMMUNITY ONLINE OF THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS.  You start taking away our ability to heal ourselves FDA and WE, OUR COUNTRY OF AWARE HUMANS ARE COMING FOR YOU!