Back pain

One thing I never expected it to cure is my lower-back and persistent rectal pain. I'm still hopeful that my CFS and insomnia will go the same way in time.


I forgot to tell you. Last Friday I woke up with a pain in my back where my lungs are. I thought it was because of the way I slept. I wasn’t hungry all day and, in the evening,, I was feeling weak like I was getting the flue. Then I realized the pain in my back was actually my lungs. I could feel it when sneezing or deep breathing. I took 3 drops CD and again 6 before bed (in 120 ml water). It wasn’t gone in the morning but also not worse. So I took another 6 right after I got up, 1 hour later 3 and another hour later again 3 drops. After that it was gone, I felt better and hasn’t come back.

My Father had chronic back pain Up until we got him on MMS. it's a miracle worker. thank YOU!

I was doing hard physical work most of my life. My spine bothered me a bit in my late 20s. However, a few years later I had been taking some medication and went snowboarding. Not fast but fell down a number of times. I believe that the spine got stretched a bit more than necessary. A year later I realized that my spine shifted a bit in two places and started hurt. It was nerve pain and some toxic discomfort. I later found MMS and started doing the protocols and would also use DMSO. It took about a year and my spine healed and stopped bothering me.