Bladder infection

Name: ablasavva

I strongly believe in MMS I have learned about it in 2010 I have used it for a bladder infection and healed the same day as oppose to other times, it took a week with anti biotic,I have used it for mouth ulcers and healed in no time, but you have to follow instructions and use it according to the recommended doses and mix it, this product is miraculous.

Name: Dalia Larga

I love this treatmet witt MMS and CDS , cure my bladder problemas God bless to Dr Kalkner and Dr Humble


I have had a problem in my groin area for 8 years. I had a sharp burning pain in my urethra, I had to go to the bathroom two or three times a night, and it was dripping’ afterwards. I’d gone to many doctors and have done all the usual tests for STD’s, the urine, stool, and blood tests. They couldn’t tell me anything other than to eat right and try antibiotics. I took many antibiotics and none of them affected the problem at all.

I’ve been visiting my Mother and my Step-Dad gave me the MMS. Within one week the pain is gone and I can hardly notice I had a problem at all and I can hold my bladder again. This is truly a miracle and I am so grateful for you all.