Blood problem

Name: Janet

My daughter has been battling stage IV GBM since 2006 We have exhausted our resources with traditional medicine. She had been on multiple clinical trials and had her 4th craniotomy in February 2015. She moved from Florida to TN to see if Vanderbilt had anything for her, meanwhile she was taking 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide 2 drops 3 times a day. Vanderbilt did an MRI prior to putting her on one last clinical trial which (I feel) almost killed her. She was within minutes of a blood transfusion since her WBC went down to 1.8 normal range is 3.9- 10.7 (9/29/15) ... Upon doing some research we found MMS. she had been taking it for only a week and I was receiving calls from the Doctor's office telling me they need another CBC right away...Urging me to take her to the hospital, Watch for a cough and fever. She had none of these symptoms. We took her to the hospital for her CBC 11/3/15 her WBC was up to 9.0. The doctors were amazed at the results. Although she is not currently undergoing any conventional treatment, She is still taking 1 drop MMS every hour for 8 hours per day. We are afraid to increase the dosage because there is swelling on her brain causing tremendous headaches. We continue to believe the swelling is due to dying cancer cells. Her next MRI is January 4 2016. Prayers appreciated

Name: John Zandbergen

In July 2011, my wife and I were visiting friends in the interior of British Columbia.  Sometime during the day, I had been biten by an un-observed and thus unknown bug.  I kept feeling a pain in my right elbow which was identical to the pain I had there after a neck injury.  It had also told me when I was not holding my neck proerly.  But this time the pain kept getting more severe throughout the afternoon and early evening.  When we got to our fiends apartment, I placed my left hand on my right elbow.  It was very hot, swollen about 6-8 inches each way and was a firey red.  The next day we were scheduled to travel to Calgary and fly the following day back to our home in Ottawa.  At the hotel in Calgary, I noticed a water blister (about the size of a quarter) on my right shoulder with 2 small holes.  I called my doctor's office back home and made an appointment for as soon as I could.  The doctor's office took bloos and tested for 7 known pathogens.  I tested negative for all.  However,  I still felt lousy - headaches, pains moving randomly throuout my body every 2 minutes.  I sought relief through Tylenol, accupuncture, chiropractor, and physiotherapy but nothing worked.  The doctor put me on a drug and I had a major allergic reation to it.  At the end of October, my friend said that he may have a cure for me that he found on the internet.  It was MMS.  I placed an order and it arrived within a week.  I followed the Protocol 1000 - 1 drop per hour for 8 hours the first day. 2 drops per hour for 8 hours the 2nd day and 3 drops per hour for 8 hours for the 3rd to 21st day.  By the morning of the 3rd day, I knew I was getting better.

MMS had other beneficial side effects as well.  Fungus disappeared from under 2 of my toe-nails and my prostate began to feel normal.  On day 21, I also passed a kidney stone, so I stayed on MMS an extra 2 days.  That was a great deal to me for I had passed a kidney stone about 6 months earlier and it had been very painful, with a significant amount of bleeding and more than 1 week on anti-biotics.  This time, 2 drops of blood and no pain.

MMS really works!  Without it, I would either be dead or in the asylum.  Now I feel great!

John Z.

Name: Ruth Barker

My son was diagnosed with Hepatitis B in July, 2012.  He was very sick, aching all over and stomach pains (?).  I immediately put him on MMS, three drops every hour during the day.  (Not sure what he did as he is 34 and doesn't live at home)  Doctor had blood tests taken every week for two months until he no longer had Hepatitis B.a

Name: MMS User

I got a new doctor, and she was very by-the-book, including doing lots of tests.  I told her about using the MMS, and I saw a flicker of interest in her eyes, but of course, she could NEVER think of using anything like that in her practice.  She thought I might have an STD, so I gave up some blood to be tested.  Her assistant called me back a few days later with some interesting results...  No STD, but my blood was showing antibodies to Hepatitus C, and yet I did not currently have it!!!  It is a wicked virus, and you DON'T just get over it, it stays in your body for years, making you sicker and sicker, until it destroys your liver!  I could hear the amazement in her voice.

I knew it was the MMS that killed that virus.  Casting my mind back a few months, I remembered how my eyes would have a slight yellow tinge in the mornings, and I was tired and just felt a bit lousy all the time.  Then I did the MMS detox.  I started with a 1 drop dose and worked my way up to 12 drops over about a week's time.  I never did get to the 15 drop level.  There were several times when the Hertz-heimer reaction would make me sick.  There were times when I felt just awful and would have to sleep a couple of hours to feel better.  I had a couple bouts of diarea and my kidneys hurt, but I had carefully read the protocols and wasn't alarmed by these symptoms.  After that detox, I took a 6 drop dose every day or 2 days.

My eyes were no longer yellow looking, they were clear white again!  I honestly felt 10 years younger (I am in my 60's), with wonderful energy!  I live in the Pacific Northwest and we suffer from a horrible fungus (cryptococcus gatti) that attacks the lungs and gives you a persistent cough as well as pain in your lungs.  I learned how to carefully and safely breathe the gas the MMS gives off.  It killed that fungus, but it was a tough one.  All my life I have suffered from allergies and sinus problems.  I learned how to use a simple nose spray loaded with MMS and diluted with water, and I now breathe through my nose with no more sinus problems.  I have one ear with a persistent infection problem, and I use the same solution to kill off whatever is causing the problem.  I had a slowly worsening problem with toenail fungus.  It was under my big toe nail and the toe would have sharp pains and hurt off and on.  I made up a solution of the MMS and did not dilute it.  I then used a qtip and put the solution all over the nail, getting as much as I could underneath.  It took a few treatments, but the nail fungus is now gone.

Amazing, wonderful MMS cured me of that Hepatitus C virus that I didn't even know I had!  I tell everyone who will listen about this miracle stuff, and now I have learned to make (and take) CDS and I give it to my neighbors and friends suffering from various ills.

Thank you Jim Humble, I know you have saved my life.  Bless you for your service to suffering humanity!  I plan to purchase the home training DVD's when my finances improve a bit.

Name: Denis

I have used MMS for 18 mths. (My age...60)
Within a month, it got my very high iron blood test readings to normal, which really surprised my doctor. He had said I would need blood extracted every 6 mths, "always" bring  iron levels down continually. Otherwise, it was a serious condition that would have major implications at some stage eg potential organ failure such as heart.
(I had a blood test immediately prior to my first MMS ingestion. I had a blood test again, a month later. This was done in conjunction with my doctor.)
I had specifically anticipated that the iron levels would be lowered, as I had read MMS effectively oxidized any unhelpful metals in the tissue/blood etc. I believe MMS turns the metals to salt harmlessly, and the salt is excreted without drama.

The doctor asked me to get some for him!

I heard about MMS from a 70+ year old chap, that had an inoperable brain tumour. After he went on MMS, it shrank away.
I have recommended MMS to many people.