Brain Cancer

Name: Moira

Thank you so much for all the information you sent me. I have a few people asking me about MMS and have referred them to your websites. I have a niece in NZ that had brain cancer and is now clear because of using these wonderful drops. I need to read up and gather more information myself. Thanks again.

Name: Janet Dalton

Where do you go when you have no hope?  Of course you turn to God, and God gave us Jim Humble. 

My Daughter has been battling stage IV (GBM) Brain Cancer for 9 years, They only gave her 3 to live but yet she is still here.  The doctors look at her and wonder why.

I have been researching all natural remedies immune boosters, from Herbs to Vitamins.  I stumbled across MMS "Thank you Jesus".  My daughter was on several Trials but this last one had her blood counts real low.  The nurse called me to be aware and if she had a fever or a cough to take her to the ER immediately.  After one week of taking CDS this is the result

Sept 29th                    October 6th

WBC were 1.8             it went up to 9.1

RBC were 3.7              it went up to 3.32 (still low but going in the right direction)

HGB was 8.9               it went up to 9.9 (still low but going in the right direction)

MPV was 7.6               7.9 (once again in the right direction)

NEUTA was .22           went up to 6.13  (WOW)

All I know is that within one week my daughter was getting sicker with the treatment she was getting.  MMS is giving her energy back, and hope. 

Prayers for all that are sick and ailing.  I hope MMS/CDS/ MMS2 works for you

We will be beginning the MMS2 shortly. 

Thank you Jim Humble


Name: Ros Stiles

I have been using MMS with DMSO for four weeks know.  I am taking it for a brain tumour.  I have loves lump on my arm that was going to be cut out s disappear completely.  Age spots on my legs  and hands have disappeared as well as some very Suss and itchy blotches that I had not taken to the doctor