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I burned my leg about 9-10 days ago on my motorcycles exhaust pipe. at first I didn't think it got me very bad but in a few minutes it was burning like_____. I got to  thinking about Jim and the mms, so I went in and put mms on straight out of the bottle as directed.. waited about a minute and washed it off. it calmed the pain instantly  and it was completely gone in about 20-30 minutes. it never bubbled up just turned really red. today it is completely well.

It is not bleach, when i had 3rd degree burns on my back, i sprayed 22.4% sodium chlorite straight out the bottle, it felt like a 1000 sewing needles jagging my back about 100 times a second, but then i done as you are supposed to, rinsed it off after exactly 5 mins with cold water in the shower and guess what any scars from that burn and it healed in 1 week, this stuff is amazing.

I use it on burns and cuts (kills the pain), bug bites. Bath in it wash my hair and entire body brush teeth. I use it as a cleaner. Clean meat veggies and fruit. Put it In my cats water. In my garden plants and yard. Fog my house to kill mold. It may seem like had a lot of health issues (56 years old), and I did.

I burned all of the fingers of my left hand with water from the kettle straight off the boil. As you can imagine it was very sore.  I immediately poured sodium chlorite on my hand and put on a latex glove because I had to go do a cleaning job.  When I arrived at the job site (about 5 minutes later) I removed the glove and rinsed my hand in cold water.  I then proceeded to do my job as normal with no pain.  When I got home from my cleaning job I made myself some supper and then did my dishes.  There are no children in my home so my hot water tank is set to the hottest setting. I do not use any cold water when I run my dish water and I do not use dish gloves.  Where there should be pain and blisters, I have felt no pain and my fingers are not even the slightest bit pink.

Name: Keri Nienaber

Last night whilst doing some cleaning at home, I picked up a steamer thinking it was off. It was not, the 140° water spat into my face giving me a rather nasty burn.

I followed the MMS protocol of spraying clean MMS directly to the burn, waited five minutes and rinsed. I won't lie it was very painful and the sting was rather unbearable. However shortly after the rinse it calmed down and I am happy to say what I thought would have great big blister by today has turned out just to be red.

It is a little tender thankfully not painful. I will repeat the MMS a few more times today and I am all most sure it will be healed in no time.

Name: Jenell

A couple days ago I scaled/burned myself with boiling water as i was pouring some into a cup. Immediatly I grabbed MMS liquid (not activated) poured it over the scalded area, waited 3 minutes, rinsed with tap water (well water unfiltered). Then no more than 20 minutes I was back cooking without any sight or sign of any scalding..........I have used this sacrament potocol before and this was the first time on myself. Totally amazing. Even to me. Thanks Jim Humble. My prayers for Daniel!

Name: Susan Raj

Mr. Tod Mehra called up to say that he burnt his right dorsal part of his palm in the pressur cooker. They did the first aid and applied bitdine ointment. Next day called me up for MMS therapy. I used 10:10 formula with 30 ml water. Covered his hand with tissue and poured the Solution over it. Repeated it three times a day. Next day healthy redness was seen. Third day skin started pealing all the blistered disappeared. 11th october accident happened, and on 15th October burn wound cleared up. 19th Oct SUnday the entire skin is new. MMS can spead up healing by giving good fight to the infections. Please see the photos.