Name: Alan Delgado


Ronny Boyd

Name: Joshua Jenkins

My Candida Is Gone: I was so sick, had Candida so severely that not only was I exhausted every day for years on end, but the fungus had migrated to my eyes and ears. My eyesight was terrible. It was like looking out through sheets of waxed paper. My ears buzzed and rang non-stop. I itched all over, especially at night when it was so bad it would wake me from a deep sleep. I had many other symptoms and tried many cures, none of which worked until I tried MMS. I had to change my diet to a very low carb diet because sugar feeds yeast.

I have had many health problems, and they are all finally clearing up due to MMS. I had a 28-year-old leg ulcer which was several inches long and is now gone. It took one month to clear up. My sinuses are finally clear and I no longer cough until I vomit. My arthritis is MUCH better. Fungus on my feet is gone. My gums no longer hurt. My eyesight is actually improving so that I am able to drive again. This product is incredible. Even the neuropathy is my feet are less painful. I had been taking up to 22 doctor prescribed pills, three times a day, for all my bad health issues. Now I just take health supplements. God bless Jim Humble.


So far I have noticed that my breathing is better and my sinuses are clear. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I told several doctors and ENTs that I don’t snore when my nose is clear but they all ignored me. They suggested losing weight and using a CPAP machine. I tried the machine two times, but it couldn’t push the air past my plugged nose. I also suspect that I have candida. I never even believed in it before, but the more I read about the symptoms the more I believe that I have it. I’ve had athletes foot since junior high school (40+ years). I’ve had jock itch for the past ten years. I had a bad case of ringworm for two years (one doctor told me it was a rash from my pants rubbing, in the meantime it spread from about the size of a quarter to cover most of my thigh). I also got toenail fungus about 10 years ago.

Last year my saliva started to get “weird”. It got thicker and kind of sour tasting. I also had a few sessions of extremely dry mouth to the point where I had to get out of bed to drink water because my mouth was totally dry. I think these might be Candida related. I also have the brain fog and feel tired and have low energy all the time. About the time my saliva changed I got really run down. One day I sent out and dug up a lot of dirt and wheel barrowed it to another location. A week later I could barely lift the shovel.

So far on the MMS I’ve noticed my saliva is becoming more normal. I am sleeping better. My nose is clear at night and I don’t snore. Brain fog was getting better at first, but now I may be herxing so it is back but different.

I have also been applying MMS topically. I soak my feet in it and the athletes foot is clearing up. My toenails are no longer yellow (probably due to the bleaching effect). I forgot to mention that I have several patches of dry skin. They may be eczema or psoriasis. The rub the MMS on these areas and they are clearing up. I had one very dry and itchy spot between my eyebrows that is completely gone. I applied it directly to the jock itch and it is much better. Had a lot of skin slough off from that.

To make the foot soak I mix up a two drop dose and then add it to my soak water. I also mix up a one drop dose and add it to my Water Pik tank.

Also noticed that some joints work better. I probably have the beginning of arthritis in my hands. I can now make a fist much easier than before. There is an intersection nearby where you have to turn almost all the way around to watch for traffic. I went through yesterday and noticed turning my head was much easier. So far I am pleased with the results.

Hello My Name Patricia M. I am 78 yrs old and living in Nova Scotia, Canada. And I have been using MMS since 2016, when Reverand Kilburn first appeared with MMS to help get rid of a Candida/Thrush issue that would not go away with repeated antibiotic prescriptions. An MMS spray and gargle and protocol 1000 did get rid of it.  Since then I have kept MMS and DMSO in my medicine cabinet for use in Sinus infection, Blocked tear ducts, skin issues, Arthritis, and many other issues. With Guidance from Rev Wulfric I have learned to use many of the Sacraments to maintain my health as I move further on into my golden years. God Bless Patricia M.

Hello: I placed another order of MMS and Activator. The bottles I got last year and used, my candida, and heart murmur are GONE!!! after all these years. Ethel

Name: anonymous

I was deathly ill and couldn't figure out what was wrong. My doctor wanted to put me on antibiotics. It was my dentist who recognized a systemic Candida infection. He sent me to a ND who helped him go into remission from Hodgkins lymphoma. He had travelled around the world to try alternate cures. With one month to live, he found her. She healed me with MMS. I got horrible herxheimer reaction but gradually recovered my health

Name: Kenneth Walter

While attenpting to rid myself of this curse called Candida, which affects so many people and those not yet aware or diagnosed, I started out using the cds, at first just one drop into 4oz of water, and I took 2 doses prior to bed and had to go sleep.

The funny thing, as an older man, I had to usually pee 5-6 times at night which doesn't allow for enuf rest for my adrenals. When I had finally gotten up, I had only peed two times, which was good and unexpected and by the end of that week I had dosed myself about a dozen times and had gotten up to 7 drops per dose, and no longer need to pee at night and get a full nights rest ! My libido has also improved !! another unexpected surprise.

During all this time, I had been reading about different formulations to fix this curse from the quacks to naturopathic doctors and more and have come to realize, mine is systemic and not gonna be easy to kill off.

Earlier, prior to starting this course of mms, I had success with taking turpentine with sugar, it killed off the biofilm on my brain in about 3 seconds ! I only took 1tsp of turpentine with 1tsp of sugar and it took only a few moments to start, and then the biofilm was gone. I was happy about the biofilm, but disappointed that it didn't kill off MY candia altogether, so I had to be happy I got rid of that stinking annoying brain fog !

I have on order, some mms2 which is more potent than mms1. I'm praying that does the job to finally kill off this curse. I just won't know how well I'll tolerate the mms2 til I take it, but I'm feeling good about it just the same.

Name: Danielle Isom

I have struggled with candida (then thrush in mouth) since I was a newborn! My mother told me she could not get rid of it with anything. Finally, the doctor gave me Gentian Rose. I don't think that is even available anymore. It went away, but I've struggled with candida most of my adult life. Last week I had such severe feminine itching that I couldn't even sleep. That's when I remembered MMS! We used it initially 6 months ago to fight lyme which my husband contracted from a tick and gave to me. So a few days ago when I couldn't sleep due to horrible itching to the point of pain, I made up a glass of MMS with 4-5 drops, drank it, and ONE HOUR later there was no itching. THANK YOU, Jim Humble! You also saved my husband from being eaten by lyme and bartonella! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am praying for your protection and for the release of the innocent Daniel from the stasifda.

Name: Carri Kartes

Amazing stuff!!! I have only had it a short time but the results are amazing. I bought it first and foremost for my mom who has leukemia. She has been on an experimental drug (imbruvica? Not sure of spelling) but the joint pain it caused her was unbearable so she stopped taking it, it also gave her melanoma. She used the black salve and also surgery on the melanoma. Cancer has metastasized to her bones now. She went for the chemo she gets every three months last week and all her labs are better. I started her off slowly and was doing a gradual increase she had just gotten up to 3 drops every hour the day before labs (She stopped the MMS for two days). Even with less than a week I see definite improvement. I have now made the CDS which is much easier to tolerate.

For myself I have seen my white tongue disappear. The extreme dry skin I have had all my life is almost normal now. I believe I have had Candida most of my life and it has manifested as dry skin and an inability to lose weight. I did find myself ravenous on MMS and everything tasted metallic. I think I didn't do well with the citric acid. I am doing much better with CDS. I also had a couple age spots ( just a couple!) On my hands and they are turning pink with the spray. I expect them to be gone soon. A colorless mole on my nose that I had been considering getting removed because it has been growing has reduced to about one third the size.

My 15 year old son who has a ton of small pimples on his forehead had them all healing with one application. I just need to make sure he sprays everyday.

I am excited about these fast results and I am looking forward to posting more as I can convince family and friends to give it a try. God bless. Carri Kartes

Name: James Alexander

To all Viewers...

MMS1 and 2 has cured me of prostate enlargement/pain....gum /tooth infection and candida......amazing !!!
I use mms to bathe in...great for the skin and tired muscles.
Thanx to Jim

Name: Chris

I have had a sinus condition for years. My sinuses were always blocked up, particularly in the morning. I also got blood in the tissues fairly often when I blew my nose to relieve the blockages. Initially I was taking MMS because I was always hungry and because of that over weight. This was just a just a shot in the dark after reading other peoples success stories. The results of my taking MMS was that my consistent hunger went away and to my surprise the sinus condition also went away. I have had the sinus condition for so long that it seemed normal. In hindsight I believe both were caused by candida.

Name: David Utley

I've only been taking it 3 days, but considering how good I feel, I can't imagine developing a problem later.

I've struggled with IBS for 3 years and Prostatitis for about 9 months, and the only consistent help I have had is from eating nothing but protein.  I've even taken antibiotics for 7 weeks with good results, but they did not last.  Now, after doing Protocol 1000 for 3 days, I can tell that the problem will -stay-away-.  It also appears to be working against my warts, and my general aches and pains are greatly diminished too.

I do not believe it is bad for you, and I hope the FDA realizes that this is a good thing.

Name: Michael

 15 drops 5 times a day is too much for anybody to handle most cases .

I recomend working up to the 15 drops and then try 15 drops, once a night for two
weeks to two months.....go slow but keep at it in a healthy way that you can
still function. you will eventually clean out your system.
I used to take 10
drops at night, then in an hour from that dose , i would take ten more, then in
and hour again i would take ten more .
Si got to the point I could take 30 drops a nite but sperating it into smaller doses 1 hour apart.

 When i got up to 30 drops like that a nite for one week i began to feel way better.
And my herpes/ skin fungus or whatever the hell I had , dissapeared.Some of the disease I had
came out through my skin around shins and calves. It hardened and i peeled it
away like scabs?.

New skin grew back. I dont know what I had but what ever it was
I believe it was in my intestines and it over spilled into my blood stream.

Maybe it
was candidia over growth.
I think in all it took me about 8 months to
I took MMS at night and during the day i would take my vitamins and
good bacterias.

Pray and monitor yourself wisely. stay calm. God bless and
God speed to anyone trying to take their health into their own

Name: Richard

For years I have had a problem with feeling sick after vigorous exercise. It has gotten progressively worse over time.  I suspected systemic candida, but was never diagnosed. I tried Protocol 1000 and added DMSO.  Three weeks later I was ready to test the effectiveness of this treatment.  I have exercised extremely hard for the past two weeks, with appropriate breaks, and I feel terrific! I have had no indication of my former problems. 

By the way I am 72 years old, but now feel like I'm in my 20's.  MMS really worked for me.  I have already influenced four others to do the protocol since.

Name: Kathryn

I just had to write to tell you how MMS has helped cure my Candida.  First of all, I had Candida so badly that not only was I exhausted for years on end, but the fungus had migrated to my eyes and ears.  It was like looking out through sheets of waxed paper.  My ears buzzed and rang non-stop.  I itched all over, especially at night when it was so bad it would wake me from a deep sleep.  I had many other symptoms and tried many cures, none of which worked until I tried MMS.  I had to change my diet to a very low carb diet because sugar feeds yeast.  I don’t think you can get better if you continue eating the standard American diet, so I modified my diet to include almost no grains, no sugars of any kind, and very limited fruit.  You must do this in order to recover.  I had found a product called Syclovir that did a great job at holding the symptoms at bay, but there was no cure even after a year on the product.  Then I read that MMS could help kill Candida so I took 7 drops 4 times per day and began to see improvement.  I think it’s been about 2 months of this approach and my energy is sky high.  I can tolerate more carbs now with no symptoms.  I feel great and I know it’s because of the MMS.  In addition, MMS has reversed the arthritis I had in my toes and it must have cleaned out my veins because I can now exert myself and not become out of breath.  What a miracle MMS has proved to be in my life!

Name: David Stern

At first i was scared to try MMS, and it sat on my shelf for about 3 months before I gave it a try. I wanted something to ass with severe fatigue, brain fog and candida type symptoms. When I contracted a nasty cold virus this winter, I eventually decided to try MMS. I started with one drop. When first smelt it, i knew intuitively that it siwas completely different from usual chlorine smell and that it was beneficial.

The results were great! I have energy now, such as I have never experienced before. Before I could hardly function, now I have energy all day long. I use only one dose of MMS in the morning, a few drops…and then I get busy with my day…..

Name: Jerome

I have no financial stake in MMS, nor do I know Jim Humble. Hell, I'm not even sure how MMS works. But this is what I do know:

I am a 35yr old male who has been battling candida overgrowth and fibromyalgia (along with a litany of other health problems) with alternative remedies for about six months. This is after several years of relying on doctors to try to help me and finally giving up and turning to natural medicine.

After spending probably upwards of a thousand dollars on various supplements and natural remedies in those six months to try to address a debilitating case of chronic prostatitis and epididymitis, I finally stumbled upon MMS. I let it sit in my refrigerator for almost a month after buying it out of hesitation due to reading ignorant websites like this one. Finally, not being able to stand the constant stabbing pain in my groin any longer, which made my daily walk to and from the train station like torture, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try the MMS.

I started with 5 drops, twice a day. By the second day, my urine was cloudy with white blood cells. By that night, the pain in my groin was gone--got that? GONE. That's right, that "snake oil" you speak of somehow managed to do what antibiotics, acupuncture, and two-dozen other supplements couldn't--three years' worth of chronic pain gone--IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. As I sit here typing this, my groin feels like nothing ever even happened. Let me guess, placebo, right guys?

But wait, the "snake oil" didn't stop there! Being though the "snake oil" placebo had worked so well with my epididymitis and prostatitis, I decided to keep up with the drops and see if I couldn't take care of some of my other candida-induced maladies. As I crept up a drop a day, when I reached 9 drops I checked my bowel movements for anything strange as usual (i.e., candida), and to my great disgust there were freaking WORMS hanging out of my movements!

That's right, dead white WORMS, like you would expect a sickly stray cat to have. I've never been to a third world country, lived in New York City most of my life, yet somehow I had WORMS living in me?? Needless to say, I still feel sick just thinking about it. But I digress.. Let me guess, guys, did MMS "the industrial bleach" make me hallucinate into thinking I was seeing worms in my bowel movements? Gee, thank God we have the FDA and people like you to protect us!

I really have racked my brain trying to understand people who write articles like this one; trying to understand why there are so many people on the internet who put such energy into attacking a substance like MMS that aren't bad or toxic, that aren't even just benign, but rather have the potential to be a great benefit to people's health and therefore their entire lives (like it was to me).

The only explanation that I can think of is that the pharmaceutical companies or some other malevolent force is behind it. But this site claims to be "For People Who Think." Whatever. No wonder the human race can never get its act together.