Chronic Fatigue

Name: Natasha

First I want to dedicate this testimonial to John Darnbourgh who has introduced me to this. When John first met me I was suffering from gastritis and chronic fatigu, constipation and had dark circles under my eyes. Started on the capsules and quite quickly after this noted that I was taking less naps durning the day. Instead of going to the toilet once a week, if that was going every other day. My nails also seemed to start growing and the darkness under my eyes is 90% better. Without the MMS and the advice and dedication of John I would not be where I am lost weight, healthier , happier and can hold down a job so thank you

Name: Richie

I took the MMS for about 2 and a half weeks and I have to say I'm very intrigued. I have dealt with Chronic Fatigue for many years and have tried a lot of different things but I felt like this started having some positive effects very quickly. I had had a blocked nose for months and within a couple of days of taking the drops my nose was clear and I felt like I had more energy. My concentration is also significantly improved.

On the whole I'm feeling a lot better than what I did before... Thanks very much for taking the time to provide this 'stuff' for those that are in need of something effective to help them with their health issues.