Chronic Fatigue

Name: PS

Hi, found out about MMS in about 2011 through a group of people who had used it to help alleviate a number of health conditions, we all found that too high dose does lead to detox symptoms. Low dose, say, a 3 drop mix in a glass of water every hour seems to be gentle enough. It helped me to reduce severe fatigue symptoms. Occasionally i use a 5 drop mix as a maintenance and it helps within a short time to clear breathing issues. It's cheap to get, i do recommend following the protocols and take it gently, personally have found MMS to work really well.

Will add, for skin issues like sunburn, have used MMS sprayed on the skin to alleviate the burn sensation, even insect bite itch. In summer i have a small sprayer bottle with a MMS mix kept in the fridge because chilled keeps the MMS entrained in the water, so if someone wants to do say, a 3 drop x 8 dose day, one 24drop mix to 8 glasses of water, kept in a sealed container in fridge works well.


I am presently recovering from CFS after a seven year bout with it. It was a horrible nightmare which I had to pretty much pull myself out of because the medical profession can't treat chronic diseases successfully. But that's another story.

About 6 weeks ago, I started having these terrible headaches. They were excruciating, unlike any headache I've had before. And I've had dengue fever twice. Anyone who has had dengue knows how bad those headaches are. And these were worse. I was having to give myself injections AND take pills for the pain.

I went to a few doctors, had a CT scan of my brain, some other tests, got treated for a sinus infection in the middle of this, but nothing helped. Nobody had a clue what was causing them. I have some liver problems so I was always a bit scared of trying MMS, even though I had MMS and the activator bottles in my house - I had given plenty of it to friends. I spoke with a naturopath about it and he said he didn't see any major problem, if I had bad effects I could just stop. And there is an antidote: 5 grams vit C and activated charcoal.

So I started with one drop twice a day. After 3 days, I felt the headaches becoming less in intensity. So I increased to 2 drops twice a day. Now, after a week and 2 days of MMS at 2 drops twice a day, the headaches are almost completely gone! I just felt mild pain today! I can't believe it! I wish I had tried it weeks ago, I was running out of room on my butt to give myself injections - it's all numb back there! Apparently, it was some bad bugs in a place where they've never ventured before and that was causing the pain. And to think all the money I wasted on doctors.

Since there's no patent, there's no money for testing. So that means the only way to really know about it is word of mouth. So this is my 2 cents.

The worst side effects I have read about are nausea and vomiting. Some drugs list worse side effects than this. I have read some very negative things about MMS, claiming how dangerous and unwise is it to use it. But all these people who bash it have one thing in common: they have never used it. Personally, I am only interested in firsthand experiences from people about any alternative medicine. :)

Name: Mariza

A friend of mine brought for me a bottle of MMS from Europe and I achieved amazing results in a bit more than one month. I was always tired and sleepy and those symptoms have gone.

I first came across MMS about a decade ago and recommended it to a dear friend of mine who had AIDS. I also used it to treat my herpes simplex infection and it was very successful for that too. Fast forward 4-5 years and I became very ill with chronic fatigue syndrome with debilitating fatigue, anxiety, depression, brain fog and all the usual symptoms. Unfortunately, I had allowed myself to be put off MMS by some of the negative propaganda out there and decided to try to treat my CFS using other means (such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbals, etc). I had been battling to stay well for the last 6-7 years, with some success, but nothing was really working, even ozone and nano silver seemed fairly limited in what they could do for me. A few days ago I was so weak and confused that I was seriously considering taking my own life. I just didn't feel I could carry on anymore. Then, all of a sudden, a little voice inside told me to start taking 2 drops of activated MMS every hour with a few drops of DMSO. I knew about this protocol, but I had never tried it for myself. So that's exactly what I did. Well, I'm astounded as to how effective this is. It's unbelievable. Within a couple of hours it was as though someone plugged my brain back into the mains. I was suddenly able to think clearly and get up off the sofa and start making some food and to think ahead a little for the first time in days. I'm now on day 3 and am continuing to take 2 drops of MMS on the hour. I'm getting no nausea or side effects from this relatively small dose. I just feel fantastic. My whole body feels oxygenated and clean and my brain is getting clearer and clearer. I can't believe I forgot about this miracle, but am so humbled and grateful to have re-discovered it. I was really scared that I had come to the end of the road and now I can suddenly see a bright future for myself.I'll report back again in a few weeks to let you know how I am doing, but I am pretty certain that I am going to be just fine.S

Name: Natasha

First I want to dedicate this testimonial to John Darnbourgh who has introduced me to this. When John first met me I was suffering from gastritis and chronic fatigu, constipation and had dark circles under my eyes. Started on the capsules and quite quickly after this noted that I was taking less naps durning the day. Instead of going to the toilet once a week, if that was going every other day. My nails also seemed to start growing and the darkness under my eyes is 90% better. Without the MMS and the advice and dedication of John I would not be where I am lost weight, healthier , happier and can hold down a job so thank you

Name: Richie

I took the MMS for about 2 and a half weeks and I have to say I'm very intrigued. I have dealt with Chronic Fatigue for many years and have tried a lot of different things but I felt like this started having some positive effects very quickly. I had had a blocked nose for months and within a couple of days of taking the drops my nose was clear and I felt like I had more energy. My concentration is also significantly improved.

On the whole I'm feeling a lot better than what I did before... Thanks very much for taking the time to provide this 'stuff' for those that are in need of something effective to help them with their health issues.