Chronic Illness


The media and big pharma want to make millions every year off of bandaid demon drugs that don't cure anything. The big pharma companies make money off drugs and the media makes money off selling ads for pharma companies.

I had several chronic problems that activated Chlorine Dioxide cured. I'm a believer. I wish I had given it to my pets when they got sick.

You can also put it the bath. Or just swim in a chlorinated pool. They use CD and chlorine in pools.


Excellent product. Thank God for MMS. I have went to doctor after doctor unable to heal me and with in days my symptoms are better than I have felt in years. I have invested in a coilloidal silver ozone generator, all types of herbal supplements all of which helped me signifficantly but none were curative for my varying and severe chronic diseases and ailments. Within ONE DAY my open sores that had not healed in month dried up. The very same day I was able to sleep. I have horrible insomnia and tend toward torturous nocturnalism. I could sleep! I wasn't able to sleep at night for months. I'm blown away. Please do your research about this. It or the naysayers. I'm willing to bet they are big pharma agents trying to scare people away from safer alternatives.

I can breathe better. The tightness in my chest it better... My bone pain is reduced. My skin looks clearer the bags under my eyes are gone. I had a really infected deep cut on my finger that hadn't gone down in a week. Within hours the redness and swelling was gone.

I don't care where you get this from. If you are ill or in need of a detox this is VERY likely to help you.

(these statements are not approved the the FDA and or any other government agencies ...(who clearly don't have people's best interests at heart sometimes)