Cold sores

Name: Lamehack

Usually a cold sore on my lip would last 8 weeks at a minimum. I am having 2-3 outbreaks a year.
since I learned about MMS and DMSO i applied it topically and took it internally on the first sign of a 'tingling', twice a day, undiluted DMSO + CDS 3000ppm.
the cold sore never reached a significant size, and always remained at 20% the size it would usually reach. within 10 days everything was gone.
I am still looking into ways killing HPV permanently, but this is a huge success.


My name is Valentina and I am one of those lucky persons who succeeded with MMS. More than one year ago, I made the MMS treatment and I got rid completely from cold sores. Since, my life is entirely changed and right away I decided to make public the story, to help the others to overcome their problems with the virus herpes. Well, I wrote an e-book (50 pages-english), where I describe my personal experience (of leaving more than 25 years with oral herpes); and where I explain in detail the whole process of healing cold sores, giving advice on how to overcome all difficulties encountered during the treatment with MMS.

J The following is my testimonial. When I swallowed this stuff it burned my throat and made my voice sound weird like Mark Grenon and The Godfather, but the ladies absolutely love it, so I couldn’t be happier with my new Joe Pesci voice. I’m so glad I joined this bleach cult. Not really. None of that’s true. What is true though is that I’m no longer getting any cold sore outbreaks when my system is stressed or weakened. That alone is miraculous. I will be doing much more evaluation on this. Thanks to everyone in the G2 church. I’m also growing Moringa now. I’m fascinated that Moringa has so many essential nutrients and all the complete proteins that meat has. Incredible! God bless. Jacob hawthorn

I had a long history with cold sore for many decades: as I've got older the worst it have become. In winter I just sneezed once and it was coming out on my nose and mouth, in the summer the sun activated it often. It was painful and annoying.

Since I started using MMS it's gone and never came back! It completely disappeared from my system.

I also had yeast infection which has also gone since I use MMS. It is disgusting what they do against this life-enhancing simple stuff that can heal us and keeps us healthy. I would not do without it for sure. I always use it for prevention just a little bit as a mouth wash everyday twice, and drink water with a few drops. The only time I can get any symptoms of cold etc. is when I forget it!! Then I remember to take it in a higher dose for a few days and I am fine.

10 years ago when I started to use MMS I was far more lethargic, prone to colds, cold sores and all kinds of sicknesses, my digestion and circulation wasn't too good - all of that improved (and who knows what caused all that but it had been cleared from my system) All in all,  today even though I'm 10 years older I feel as if the opposite happened and I'm 10 years younger: I'm stronger and healthier now, over 60 than I was in my 40s or 50s! Thank you Jim for your discovery but especially for your integrity - going against the greedy 'cabal' and standing in and sharing the truth with humanity no matter what they do! Infinite blessings to you and all those who help spread the word. 

I've been getting cold sores since I was 5, of course all over the counter and prescribed meds only "treated" the problem. Growing up with a reacurring cold sore every 4-6 months was tough especially as a kid, everytime i went out on a nice day, was anxious or nervous I'd get the tingle. I first heard about mms from my mother in law, then my wife convinced me to get it. When I started using it I did all protocols wrong, but after correcting my mistakes it's been 8 months since my last sore (the longest stretch of time yet). Looking forward to seeing if this holds up. 

I regularly got a cold sore especially after spending time in the sun. They usually developed into a monster and were slow to heal and painful. After hearing about MMS I ordered it and when a tingle happened which I knew was going to be a cold sore I made up three drops and applied it to the lip. This stopped it developing anti further. Today I’m happy to say I haven’t had a cold sore in ages. I ordered it for my son and he too is rid of any reaccuring cold sores. He is a farmer and he carries it on the motorbike at lambing time and swears by it for stopping navel infections in new born lambs.. If it’s been wet sometimes newborn lambs get an infection through the navel.. best remedy ever thanks Jim 

Name: Bishop David Gileo

Having seen numerous ways MMS helped others, I tried spraying MMS spray on my cold sore and it worked unreal! Here's what happened. I felt the tingle for a cold sore, but, I'd just awoke and it was to late! I had a 4 header coming out! Shit! So I tried MMS spray on the growing monster through out the day. It did not really manifest like it usually would. Then it started backing off within a couple days. It never really came UP, so I don't think anyone even noticed. The cold sore and it was gone incredibly quickly. Try it!

I used to get cold sores very often. I used MMS and went to 20 drops per day, that was about 4 years ago and have not had a recurrence.