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I’ve had chronic dandruff all my life. We are talking big snowflakes type of dandruff. If I didn’t wash my hair with a strong dandruff shampoo every other day, the dandruff would reappear a day later. The prescription shampoos didn’t do any good either. It got so bad that when scratching my scalp, I could actually get a millimetres worth of dandruff under my fingernails. If I rubbed my scalp and hair lightly, dry flakes would fall as if it was snowing.

I had tried all sorts of remedies specifically designed to treat this problem without any success. It is something I had learned to live with all these years. I’m 55 years old now and still had this problem until recently. Someone mentioned MMS on one of the forums online. With that I bought a copy of your book, read about MMS and actually bought a couple of bottles from your friend in Canada.

Since I didn’t have any particular health problems (or so I thought), I just took it for maintenance purposes. About 7-10 drops with half a tablespoon of vinegar in two ounces of water. I repeated this routine once or twice a week.
A few days ago after ingesting the MMS for about two months, I noticed that my dandruff was completely gone. I purposely skipped two days of shampooing and scratched my scalp just to test it, but I am happy to say “THE DANDRUFF WAS AND IS NOW COMPLETELY GONE !!!!”.

As a side note, I’ve also had better bowel movement since.

Thank you, this was a God send.

(Note: I included this story to illustrate the point that most skin diseases, including melanoma, are or over come by taking MMS internally. Normally, one does not need to put the MMS on the outside. Please don't use vinegar as the activator. Use instead, lime, lemon, or citric acid solution. See the FAQ's on this site. Vinegar feeds Candida.)

I had dandruff most of my life since age 13 and I am 34 now. But when I found MMS a year and a half ago, and learned about how to prepare MMS + DMSO spray according to Jim’s protocol I decided to try it after other protocols I was doing. I also had an unexplained itchy scalp that would get severe sometimes. My hair was also growing in any direction and was hard to manage. It was frizzy and no product worked to style it right. And some of my hair was falling out a bit more than normal. So I prepared MMS + DMSO spray. I sprayed it on my hair and scalp once a day for three days. And after that all the dandruff was gone and have not returned for over a year now. Hair did get thinner but it felt so clean and fluffy like baby’s hair. But I started using vitamins for hair, nails and skin. And used natural oils for the hair along with very good enriched shampoos and my hair is shiny, strong and looks like new as if I am a male model on some magazine cover. It is very easy to style and great hair products now do what they are supposed to do according to their advertisements. I do continue to use MMS + DMSO spray on my hair and scalp at least once a month to destroy any toxins that may be left in the hair from any hair products. Now my hair is strong, not falling out, no dandruff at all, no intense scalp itch of any kind and with hair vitamins it has this normal natural glow.