Dental problems

I just got the course 🙂 Very happy and excited about it!  I'd like to embellish on my testimony, as it is a big deal for me!  I had been experiencing dental sensitivity, which had developed into a tooth infection,  however, I could not get to my dentist as the COVID19 pandemic ordered for all dental clinics to close.  My dentist insisted I take antibiotics and recommended I take an over the counter pain killer for the pain, and he confirmed that nothing else would cure a tooth infection.  He called in a prescription to my local pharmacy, which I retrieved, but I refused to take, as I had not taken antibiotics since I could remember, and I have been building my immune system for years and did not want to destroy my microbiome and compromise my immunity by taking a penicillin antibiotic, especially during a viral pandemic (COVID19).  My dentist was happy I had the antibiotics if I needed them, and was compliant with my decision to not take the antibiotics. The pain lessened and became manageable, until about 2 weeks later when I was up all night in constant pain.  I literally stayed up most of the night in prayer and meditation praying for an answer to what seemed like a hopeless situation.  That morning, I reluctantly grabbed a Tylenol Extra Strength from my prepper kit and set it on the kitchen counter and pondered taking it while preparing my morning coffee.  Then, suddenly, like a slap upside the head, I remembered, that I recently purchased just over 100 grams of Sodium Chlorite, and citric acid (I was having trouble procuring Hydrochloric Acid...until I switched my search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo, as Google and YouTube censor such things) I suddenly felt compelled to make my very first batch of MMS and I quickly got to work.  I whipped it up, waited for a bit, and l took a dose.  I then began to make some breakfast.  I literally didn't even finish frying an egg, and I noticed I was NO LONGER IN PAIN!  I could still notice a twang in my jaw, but there was no pain associated with it at all!  I was flabbergasted!  A few hours later, the twang was gone, and I found myself sharing a rice crispy square with my daughter, and noticed I was chewing on the infected side of my jaw, and I hadn't been able to chew on that side of my mouth for weeks!  At this point, it has been 3 days since I started the protocol and I am completely pain-free! I had been briefing information on MMS for a few weeks at this point and had a general understanding of it, and to me the science just makes sense, so I already had faith in it, but then after personally experiencing this miraculous incident first -hand, I was completely 100% convinced in the power of MMS.  I am so grateful that you and your family and taking the front lines in this advocacy (I think I first saw you on The Age of Truth TV) and I am very grateful that you are providing a course so that I can better understand this Master Mineral Solution, and become a part of this miraculous movement! Love, Peace and Blessings, Katherine Chaisson

Hello Jordan and the rest of the team, I was a keen follower of all your YouTube videos, and am so disturbed at the way you keep having your ministry interfered with by the elite who want people to suffer and die unnecessarily. Of course, this is all part of Satan's master plan to ultimately destroy the human race created in the image of God, as we progress further towards the End of the Age.  Revelation 12:12 -  Therefore, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them!  But woe to you, O earth and sea,  for the devil has come down to you in great wrath,  because he knows that his time is short!" My uncle first introduced me to MMS about 12 years ago, but I never used it until about 18 months ago, when I had been stranded at home without any transport for about 6 weeks out here on the farm. I had a raging tooth abscess that was causing such indescribably excruciating pain on one side of my whole face and head for 3 weeks, that I could almost have cut my own head off. I tried every remedy I had at home. Antiseptics, antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide, clove oil, pain killers, but nothing touched the pain. Then I mixed some MMS at last, and flushed this between my teeth with a syringe. Bliss!! The pain was gone within about 3 minutes! I continued to flush the area. The abscess began to resolve, and the loose tooth firmed up within days, although it had been a chronic condition for a year. I still need to use this technique regularly, as the area deep between the molars has never healed completely, and continues to bleed and get reinfected if I'm not vigilant. My Uncle Frank was a missionary in West Papua from the 1960s for several decades, and although he is now 87, he has been making trips there whenever possible to see his beloved Dani tribes. A few years ago, he was in the highlands of West Papua for a month when his left foot became deeply ulcerated, right down to the bone. He suffered this for a while, then when he eventually got home here to Tasmania, he was taken off the plane by ambulance and rushed to ICU, where he spent several weeks. Almost half his foot had to be amputated in this life or death situation. The next time he returned to West Papua 2 years ago, he took abundant supplies of MMS with him, because he had always wanted to use it to treat the Dani who have been deliberately infected with HIV by the Indonesian government. Of course they also suffer from malaria and many other diseases. He had to be careful not to arouse the suspicions of the medical establishment. Frank began treating people who presented with malaria and HIV. Everyone who was treated described themselves as "better" afterwards. Unfortunately in those conditions, there is no way to test pathology samples etc, but from what Frank has heard since, all those people remain in good health. There was one particular case where a man had been sent home from the hospital to die, after they could do nothing more for him. He was suffering from terminal tuberculosis of the stomach. Frank said that he was in a pitiful condition, he was very near death, he had lost all will to look after himself and was filthy and emaciated. Frank began treating him with hourly 3 drop doses of MMS. This man began to improve and he kept begging Frank to give him stronger and stronger doses. He was using citric acid to mix it, as this was the only protocol he knew at that time. So he could not believe it when this man insisted on taking 15-drop doses hourly. But after a week, this man's health had been transformed. He was bright, healthy, clean, alive! He too continues in good health as far as we know. On that trip, Frank's right foot became ulcerated, similar to the previous episode. Again, when he eventually managed to get home, he was hospitalised for many weeks. He was placed on IV antibiotics, but they were doing nothing to cure the bone-deep infection. He has photos of the ulcer, which I have not yet seen. But when a group of local Mennonites came around singing hymns at the hospital, one of the children saw a photo, turned green and vomited over the hospital floor! After many weeks, doctors told Frank that they would have to amputate his leg at the knee. He declined their kind offer, and insisted on going home, where home care nurses came daily to dress the ulcer. Frank mixed up bottles of MMS daily, and took his 'medicine' hourly without fail. Within about 4 days, the ulcer was healing up. Amputation was cancelled praise God! He continued to heal, and has since remarried a much younger lady. He has a new lease on life!I have used MMS or CDS for numerous conditions ever since my experience with the dental abscess. I spilled two litres of boiling water on my sock foot. The woollen sock was holding the scalding water and sticking to my foot. I could hardly get it off. I sprayed the skin with MMS, immediately and about every half hour for the rest of the day. There was no pain, redness, or blistering. I had the first sign of a sore throat one day, which I know from experience turns into a very prolonged painful strep throat. I gargled with MMS and took three doses before bed, and the symptoms were completely gone in the morning. I have developed a problem with eating nuts, which I love. I am not allergic, and I can eat peanut butter off a spoon, but the last few years, whenever I eat whole peanuts, a few hours later I am beset with extreme pain caused by excessive gas production in my stomach. I cannot burp fast enough to relieve the gas pressure. I can hear the gas bubbling inside me. The pressure builds up and gets worse and lasts for many hours. I can burp every second and it still is not enough. I try to avoid peanuts obviously, but sometimes I forget just how painful this is! The last time I dared to eat some peanuts, of course the same thing happened, and I was in great discomfort. I took a dose of MMS, and the pain and bloating very soon stopped. Insomnia has been a problem for me for many years. I can be awake till 5 a.m., or if I get to sleep early, I will wake about 1 a.m. and not be able to sleep again. I have found that if I take a 15-drop dose of MMS, within minutes I will be drifting off to sleep,  and sleep soundly for 8 hours. My friend had an itching scalp condition which bothered her. I gave her some MMS to spray on. She pronounced that it was a miracle solution! I had never told her that this is what MMS used to be called! God bless all your work. I call chlorine dioxide solution "living water"! It truly is effective. Many thanks to you all, Ruby  

Hi Mark, I've had two dental implants in the past that cost me about $5000 each.  Recently i started to feel the same symptoms.  I started to look at the MMS testimonials you have up from real people and came across one where the person said they activated 10 drops of MMS1 added 2 oz of water and then added 10 drops of DMSO.I took about a quarter of the mixture, swished it around, and then brushed each part of my teeth for about 30 seconds each. For each section i would spit out the mixture and add another fresh quarter.  I paid extra attention to the tooth that hurt and cleaned the tongue and roof of my mouth. After about a week, the pain went away. No trip to the dentist.  So grateful.The sacraments are a daily part of my life. I use the spray bottle solutions as deodorant, on my face ,cuts, you name it. No more cat allergies from taking protocols,  i defeated a very bad cold or flu without any prescriptions or over the counter drugs and ive recommended the uses to about five other people so far. Thank you for your efforts and may God bless you! Edson Castillo rev #1993 Illinois