Digestive problems

Name: Lynn Roberts
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpEj5fjNj3o

I've been taking it for 2 years. It cured my digestion trouble. it fixed my dog's mange and tumor on her hip. my doctor friend takes it and many others. your mother is smart. I wish I still had my mother.

Name: Bertymac Fuentes
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akBe9Z9m34M

MMS is something that helped me soooooo much with my digestive problems, when nothing else helped. Chlorine Dioxide can bleach clothing in concentrated amounts, yet it is taken in minimal doses in plenty of water. This bashing on a natural product that oxygenated your blood is absurd! Big Pharma owns the Media, and they are cracking down on inexpensive alternative treatments. It's so sad

It is normal for humans and animals to have reasonable amounts of gas. Flatulence cannot be avoided completely. 12 years ago I made a decision to follow a strict vegetarian diet to see what happens. I was young and did not think about any negative outcomes. I was eating a ton of salads, I would make raw juices and would buy vegetarian options out. My digestive system did adapt to this food and I did not suffer much from gas, bloating or diarrhea, only sometimes. However, the benefits of an enormous vegetarian diet were easy to see. In 6 month my migraines were gone, and in a year I lost extra weight, my skin was glowing and I had extreme amounts of energy. I was thinking better and could think all day. Sexual stamina was enormous. I would rarely get tired. I did not have bad sweat odors. Heart would beat super healthy. But I was not careful and knew nothing about what kind of pathogens raw vegetables and fruits may have. I also tried cooking some insects and it was probably the worst taste test. Our immune system can fight a number of them for some time, but after 2 years of such diet I started to have some issues. I also traveled to a tropical area and frequently swam in the open ocean and other paradise bodies of water. Eventually more and more complications happen. I did switch my diet to a more normal one. But few other health complications show up but I mention them in other testimonials. 5 years ago I understood that my digestive health is a complete disaster. I had flatulence so often that counting how often was impossible. I developed intestinal inflammation, some foods were passing through the digestive tract too slow or too fast, and I had no consistency in my bowel habits and sometimes had extreme urgent need to use the bathroom. Perhaps some of that was some meds I had to take and other unfortunate bad habits that had returned. My gut was bloated, bubbling, purging, buzzing, hurting, burning, nerve spasms, abnormal sensation and some kind of gas explosions inside the intestines that did hurt. I asked doctors but they could only prescribe treatment and did basic tests. I was not sure what was going on and was searching for an alternative solution, but I felt as if I had been hit by the “bullet” into my stomach. Stool did not indicate any bleeding. My gut felt tense and flatulence with indigestion and diarrhea was extremely frequent. Sometimes I had to make several trips to the bathroom within a couple hours. Liver was bloated and the gallbladder did hurt very bad. Eventually I found an alternative clinic with BICOM Rife Machine and that machine made my liver purge toxins and build up, but it also did several antiseptic programs to use the frequencies to kill off known parasites. It helped a lot, but using that service frequently was costly. I also believed that some pathogens were in my brain and spine. It takes a lot for me to freak out but I had to become my own doc. I found MMS and started protocols. Everything got detoxed. Liver function and size became normal. Gallbladder began working well without pain, but this enormous bloating and gas was still happening. I did try enema with MMS but it looks like parasites were somewhere in the middle of the digestive tract. I've been drinking plenty of MMS. Many many health issues got fixed. There was less gas and bloating disappeared, but flatulence was still bothering me alot and some food was indigested or would just tumble through intestines with a ton of mucus. I think MMS does get into the mucus, but I started to suspect I had some very resistant parasites. I would take Bentonite Clay internally and it would help a lot. And I also would use Epsom Salt to make intestines release water to flush things out. By my own examination I determined that I do have plenty of bile and pancreas secretes juices correctly. I started to suspect that some part of intestines do not absorb anymore, and I also started to suspect that parasites may block the ducts from gallbladder and pancreas, so the digestive enzymes would not get released on time or would get released too early or too late. Conventional tests did not indicate any cancer of the colon or any other cancer. Good news but my flatulence was ruining any kind of news. I did not know how to make MMS go all the way through the colon without getting absorbed. I could take 100 drops throughout the day but it would detox anything but not what was inside the colon. And it did feel like parasites had a schedule when they would function. I purchased my own Rife Machine and it is called Spooky2. I do not promote them or recommend them, but Rife Machines are “experimental equipment”. Spooky2 is great because it works with the software and updated versions of software are available for free with new programs, so it makes Spooky2 a forever type of machine. I did not buy a whole kit but the “remote kit”. I started running healing frequency programs for the gut. There are many, but the best one made intestines release toxins and plenty came out. I did not see any worms in the stool. I did not purchase the attachment to do the BioFeedback scan to find the pathogens using Spooky2, but many programs it had did make improvement to the digestion. Gas was still an issue, bloating was occasional and I would use Epsom Salt to flush things out to reduce bloating. Eventually I purchased BioFeedback attachment components for Spooky2 and started doing scans. The results can be checked with but it is not the most accurate diagnostic. It finds the problematic frequencies but they indicate a number of things. I did go through the list of found issues manually, not all of them are the exact problem, but machine does find frequencies to kill off those pathogens. On the list I found several parasites and looks like all of them were from the fresh or salt water. Looks like they found home in my guts and MMS did not affect them much. They were not scary big worms and I never saw them in the stool, but ran the frequency program BioFeedback scan created. It took several weeks and great relief is now. Gas is significantly reduced and almost normal I would say. Bloating is not constant but Epsom Salt once a month helps. Digestion and absorption is proper. Stool color and consistency is normal. Intestines do not rumble anymore. Food seems to go at the normal pace through the digestive tract. Spasms in the colon disappeared. Painful bubbling seems to be gone. I still do a BioFeedback scan every 3rd day and run the current one and 2 previous ones every day. My gut does not bother me anymore. I do believe that toxins from parasites did cause some strange rash and itch on my triceps and back, but now my skin is almost clear. Any sign of intestinal inflammation that I can feel is gone. I can go for several hours without any flatulence, and recently ran a Rife frequency program for mucus reduction due to inflammation and it looks like it helped a lot. I do remember that before applying Spooky2 frequencies my stomach had a strange mood and it would produce tons of acid and it would just let that acid go down into the intestines. It was like a natural flush a stomach can do on it’s own or at least it is what I think. Body felt the pathogens and simply decided to let the acid go non stop into the intestines to deal with parasites that survived the acid, but seems like it helped very little - they were some kind of very resistant marine parasites. Pictures of them online did not look scary but surviving in the ocean water is a tough job. I finally started to digest certain foods that I did not digest for many years, so I assume I got some of these parasites many years ago. I am glad that MMS is a convenient and low cost solution. I have MMS cleanse for a couple days at least once a month now or more if necessary, but it depends on what I eat. If I feel like I ate something that was not that well cooked or washed - I take MMS. If I feel like my blood needs to be cleansed and feel some brain fog - I take MMS. It also looks like many food allergies are gone and maybe they were not allergies after all but just a result of the parasite excrements when they ate my food or feasted on bile, and would ruin my digestion. I am no longer worried about going places due to flatulence.

I had very serious issues with the colon, but not cancer. I had severe indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and sometimes excrements would pass through the colon too slow or too quickly with a lot of bubbles and mucus. Problems started due to some bad lifestyle choices, unsanitized or undercooked foods, strong medication, and contamination from fresh and saltwater. At first I had severe inflammation of the stomach and intestines, so problems at the very end did not matter. I found MMS and began using it and things got much better and inflammation and toxicity in the colon walls subsided quickly. Liver got detoxed and was no longer swollen. However, I also started using Spooky2 Rife Machine. I am not recommending or promoting Spooky2 Rife Machine but believe it is the best equipment for that price and it is usually not part of the Medicine in most Countries and they call it “experimental equipment”. So I ran programs on that machine for the colon. Many different programs and I assumed responsibility to use the machine based on my own knowledge. Professional clinics if they are licensed in the Country or State usually use BICOM Rife Machine, but it is an expensive one. I went to one clinic to have them use BICOM Rife Machine to shatter stones in my liver with a special set of frequencies and it worked extremely well without complications in my case. I ran programs to reduce inflammation, detox toxins and parasites, heal, normalize and stimulate colon, for indigestion, IBS, and few others. And soon I went to the bathroom, not sure what program caused it, but a ton of contaminants came out. I was on the toilet for 10 minutes and filled it up completely with toxic green slush or whatever that was, and most of the bloating disappeared and I felt that intestines along with the liver purged absolutely everything, but the process looked as if the rhinoceros was pooping. I was relieved but the toilet bowl was almost filled to the top. I then started using Epsom Salt to let the intestines purge water to flush things out more. But I still experienced plenty of gas and bubbles in the intestines, but bloating and inflammation was gone. I tried basic MMS enema like Jim describes in his book, but without that much of success. I felt that everything inside the intestines was sticky and due to inflammation intestines secreted so much mucus to protect themselves that it was an issue of that mucus to travel down to the end. And I did not like the color of my stool, it was mostly yellow sometimes. I did some research and found that a parasite called Giardia can cause yellow stool. I turned on Spooky2 Rife Machine and ran all the programs for Giardia parasites and after 2 hours I felt significant relief and tension in the abdomen subsided. I was happy, but I did not have a complete Spooky2 Kit, so I purchased some attachments that were necessary to do so called BioFeedback scan to scan the body for all general issues. After the package arrived, I did the scans every 3rd or 4th day and ran suggested frequencies that were supposed to correct the problem. It worked very well and plenty of issues went away. But only after 2 month of doing BioFeedback scan and treatment frequencies it found I began to have much less gas, normal stool color, and consistent bowel habits. I used MMS one day, Spooky2 the next day, and Vitamins the 3rd day, and it is how it worked best for me, but I still follow this regimen due to some other health issues I have. Overall I feel 10 years younger. At some point during this healing I just described I used Bentonite Clay internally like Jim suggested and it did something and something came out that was stuck in the colon somewhere. I still use Bentonite Clay sometimes for colon cleanse, but also use fiber supplement for regularity. I did find a great way to get MMS into my colon, I purchased so called “stream machine water launcher” - it is a pool toy to spray someone with water, but with attached hose I found it to be great to do almost a colonic cleanse for the colon to deliver Reverse Osmosis water with MMS in it, but such procedure is my choice because looks like no colonic place will use MMS, so I created my own invention. Recently I started doing sit ups for my abdominal muscles to restore previous physical health, but for the past 7 years it has been a struggle to fix my digestive system, and with MMS and Spooky2 things pretty much back to normal as I remember it. I also take diluted DMSO internally because I found that it heals nerves and yes reduces pain everywhere. Spooky2 Rife Machine got great healing programs for healing and regenerating nerves which are often damaged by inflammation. MMS did get rid of acid reflux, toxins in the organs, helped release liver stones, and many others things MMS did restore but I describe that in my other testimonials.

I had been taking meds that are known to cause stomach inflammation. And after 3 years it became a problem I could not live with anymore. It was way too intense. But I was lucky to find MMS and started doing the protocols. It was not pleasant to feel my stomach doing what it does to detox itself from destroying pathogens. By that time I did take different medication that I needed to fall asleep. Sometimes I would add DMSO to the MMS, but I was always worried if DMSO would bind any toxins or meds, so I did all I could to take any meds only at night and sometimes would try to fall asleep without meds. It took several months for my stomach and intestines to heal, but I did find a clinic that had a professional Rife Machine and had few sessions to fight inflammation. Later I purchased my own small relatively inexpensive rife bioresonance machine and would use it’s healing programs for healing, anti-inflammation, regeneration, healing intestines, detox intestines, release toxins, indigestion, and many other issues that were not only about the digestive system. Rife machines are considered “experimental equipment” because anyone who is using one will have to self-diagnose and therefore it is often an experiment on your own body because it becomes a guessing work when things are unclear of what program to choose for machine to run, and nobody guarantees any results and a person must assume responsibility when using the rife machine. I also had some irritable bowel syndrome or something similar to it, and a rife bioresonance machine had healing frequency programs that I used and I believe it balanced the cells so they would not freak out. I would continue MMS with maintenance dose daily or maybe more MMS if I felt like it. I would use bentonite clay later internally how Jim Humble suggests in his Health Recovery Book. Bentonite Clay cleanse intestines very well and I do not want to share what was excreted. However, when my stomach and intestines were still inflamed it was not pleasant to use bentonite clay, so I waited, but the rife bioresonance machine did a good job to speed up the healing, but my body would repair intestines after inflammation anyways, but it would take longer I think. After a year of all of this my digestion is almost normal, but I do detox at this time by using bentonite clay sometimes, but also drink Aloe Vera juice with meals, and take vitamins at night, and use at least a maintenance dose of MMS during the day. I do believe that my intestines and stomach did heal but intestinal walls or areas were permanently damaged due to 4 years of inflammation.