Eczema (Dermatitis)

My 9 y.o son has pretty bad eczema. It can take over his chest and the back of his knees if were not careful. Well behind his knee was an angry and growing 5”x7” patch that was looking like it wasn’t going away on its own.      Well I had an idea to try MMS on his eczema one night and see if it works. The next morning the patch wasn’t red and angry. It looked pacified. I sprayed the patch 3 times a week before bed and in the morning. I did miss a few days but I tried to stay consistent. Well by 3 weeks in I started to not recognize which was the bad leg vs the good one.     Here we are just two months in and it’s almost all gone.I did 20 drops and a little dsmo in a 32 oz spray bottle. Thats it. 

Name: Brent

MMS is the only product that is able to treat my eczema successfully. I was at my wits end after cream, steroid, another cream, another type of steroid and my body from the neck down was just covered in eczema, life was dreadful. Then I was introduced to MMS and I noticed changes and eventually the eczema was only located in two spots. These are my hot spots and they are typically clear as well most of the time now. If I fell myself heating up and getting itchy, I apply MMS straight away and I am able to stay on top of it and hardly ever break out anymore. I just wanted to let you know as this truly changed my life around.

Name: Susan Scherer

We live in South Africa and are very excited about MMS. We have watched and copied many of the You tube videos on MMS and Testimonials and are also printing leaflets to share with people who do not know about this product. I myself Carmen am 61 years old was quite healthy until five years ago when I used Latex cloves for washing dishes and developed a blister rash on my hands which over time spread to my body and got progressively worse. I was diagnosed with Excema and given steroids and Aqueous Cream which has made it worse. I have been to many doctors who cannot only refer more useless medications and cortizone which I hate to take but sometimes the itch was so severe that I had to take it for a short while. I was then diagnosed by another doctor to have scabies and it looks like he could be right. After trying Scaby Rid and another all over medication the outside skin cleared a lot but the itch became progressively worse and did not go away even after two months. My sister in law told me about MMS which I am now on it has been over 1 week I am on 2 drops per hour and also been taking the MMS Bath tablets. My skin was so sore from the itch and then the burning painful skin was almost unbearable. MMS has started to work and I am slowly beginning to feel much less itchy. Andy Rijavec My brother was walking with a walker and had almost given up hope when he found your protocol and now he is walking tall, 6’3”, and no walker and volunteering at his church.

Thank you for all you are doing!

Read about mms1 after trying everything to help my eczema which I’ve had for my whole life. i also suffered swelling behind the testicle and could feel a slight ache towards my abdomen. i went on protocol 1000 and I think the problem was the mms had trouble reaching my extremities, so I moved to a 15 dose drop, either once or twice a day depending if I felt sick, because the herxheimer reaction could be quite strong and feel like throwing up. as I did the 15 drop doses, the eczema on my hands and the lump on the bottom of my testicle started to get much better, I think it’s because the increased mms in the bloodstream was able to reach these areas. the lump was the best part for me, seeing the large lump in the epididymis that caused me pain being reduced and reduced was so satisfying. I can only imagine how much crap that was in my body has been removed by mms. my hands are starting to look like I never had eczema. now trying to slowly and carefully spread the message to friends and family.    

My daughter got me on MMS several months ago and it has helped me with eczema! This works! 🙌May God watch over you all and keep you safe!🙏🙌 Susan Hoglund  

Name: Daniel G Thomas
Location: America / United States

I stumbled onto Jim Humble MMS by accident while browsing the internent and started to study every day for two months while observing protocol 1000 A for acne I thought I wonder what it would do against my bad eczema. I ordered the chemicals and with help from a wonderful minister I was ready for a trial six drops each mms/acid nice yellow effect 1oz water 3tsp DMSO, I wet my whole face head and neck, yeeow felt like being bitten by a thousand mosquitoes it lasted 1/2 or so and subsided gradually. Next morning I looked in the mirror and I couldn't believe it was me my skin was pink like a baby and CLEAR my wife noticed that morning befor I even got out of bed :) now I keep studying while trying to help people and introducing them to Gensis II church and hoping I'll be a minister someday soon. DGT

Name: Peter

Just to add to your sheet of testimonies. I found that MMS has totally cleared up the facial eczema I have suffered with very badly since returning to NZ two years ago. I tried everything, nothing worked but within days MMS knocked it on the head. Amazing.

Name: Marianna
Location: Australia

I was born with eczema, my mother has suffered from it her whole life. For 28 years I was taking cortison, wich is the only thing dr prescribe to people who suffers from eczema. It came to the point where the cortison didn´t have any effect on me anymore and was just poisoning my body. I also suffer from many different allergies and Asthma. Since I lost all hope for any help from conventional dr I started to research alternative medicine and herbal cures. One day I met a women who told me about MMS. I started directly, after all I had nothing to loose. I quit using all my cortison. The first month was horrible, I looked like a burn victim, all the heavy metals and damage tissue that had been stored inside my body from all cortison started to come up to the serface. It was the hardest time of my life, mostly psycologically but I was just a big sore so there was alot of pain to. But after 3 weeks or so NEW white healed skin started to emerge. It was absolutely amazing to see it! I became better and better, cleaning out my whole body. I noticed mood swings, ups and downs, I became more sensitive, almost like a pregnant woman. I also noticed regulation of my period and less period pains. I know it might sound bad but it was an amazing feeling and overall very positive. I continued up to 15 drops a day. It took me around one year to do that. You have good days and bad days. I am now starting on 6 drops 2 times a week. I have no longer any eczema, my desease of a lifetime that all the dr said I just had to learn how to live with is gone. I feel better than ever before and everyone is amazed with my skin. My allergies have become much lighter too and Im never sick! I recomend this to anyone who suffers from eczema. No matter what other web pages say, this WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I´ve proven even the most hard headed and sceptical friends wrong, including my boyfriend. Remember it is very hard in the beginning but once you are over that small phase you will just feel better and better. Good luck!

Name: David STEVENS
Location: United Kingdom (UK)