Erectile dysfunction

I started doing MMS protocols for many reasons, but this is what happened to my reproductive organs. I was 33 years old and it was a little over a year ago. I had been on some dangerous medication. I am a male and did experience some erection issues and I believe my prostate started to hurt. But the worst was that at some point I was not able to ejaculate. Orgasm came but nothing came out and it did hurt. Something was wrong with semen delivery. It did get fixed by body immune system a bit, but I was very concerned for all of this to get worse. I found MMS and started the standard protocol. And in a day my erection was better, but it felt like a lot of things got killed by MMS in my testicles, so I did whatever is easy to eliminate contents of the testicles and I kept doing the MMS protocol. Few months later I found that my testicles felt very healthy and erection was as if I was ten years younger. Prostate stopped hurting and any urinary bladder pain was also gone. Kidneys were functioning extremely well and it felt that elimination and cleansing process that they do was at the best efficiency level. My sex drive became very balanced I would say and some of my sexual desires became pure.