Erectile dysfunction

Having just watched the other gentleman's video I felt compelled to share my story. Now this is very unscientific as I have only been taking CDS for 3 days. I am 62 years old, in pretty good shape, and very active. However 6 years ago I underwent major surgery for Bowel cancer. Although I am now fully recovered, one of the "side effects" was erectile dysfunction for 2 or 3 years. Things have been improving the past two years but often erections can be "weak".   I started taking CDS 3 days ago after discovering it and reading all the testimonials and watching videos about it's miraculous healing properties. This morning I woke up with pretty much a full erection, which I have not experienced for a LONG time.   As I said, way to early to be used as real evidence, BUT, something has changed LOL. I will keep this updated after a few weeks or months to see if it is still "working". I am sharing this as I know how devastating this malady can be for men of a certain age, or after injury or surgery.   PS. I have also felt way more energetic the past 3 days, and when I wake up first thing in the morning I feel way more alert and not groggy like I normally am.