Name: Barry Neilan

This product works well I’ve used it for about nine years. First time I used it I had fibromyalgia and got rid of it in six weeks after suffering for almost 20 years. The second time I got serious about using it was when doctors gave me six weeks to live just before my sixtieth birthday. I’m alive and fit three years later and the three cancers I had gone after six weeks.

Name: Renate R.

H-Pylori -
a stomach bacteria - was killed after only 2 capsules of MMS - 78% calcium hypochlorite powder - which made the use
of traditional antibiotic -3 months protocol - totally unnecessary

Fibromyalgia was mostly gone - pain level difference - after 5 days of - same as above - calcium hypochlorite capsules -
- 3-4-4-5-5-. pr day for 5 days -
amazing results - thank you Jim Humble.

Name: Jordi Barberá Zamora

(English translation from Google Translate below)


Mi mujer padeció de fibroiálgia, o fatiga crónica. Durante dos años pasamos un calvario, sobre todo ella, tanto en casa como en su trabajo, donde la enfermedad no le permitía rendir normalmente llegando a peligrar su puesto de trabajo. Esta enfermedad consiste en dolores en las extremidades y cansancio en general, de forma degenerativa, llegando a dejar a la persona casi como un vegetal.

Durante los dos años que duró no dejaba de ir a rehabilitación. Cuando acavaba, volvía a pedir ser admitida de nuevo, y así contínuamente, pues este recurso no eliminaba el problema. Esto convinado con medicación varia, como calmantes. Dado que no hay medicina específica, le recetaron Lyrica, un antiepiléptico, porque descubrieron que como efecto secundario anulaba el dolor. Y se lo quitaba, a costa de dejarla sedada. La tomó una sóla vez.

El MMS entró en nuestras vidas y yo las tomaba para la hepatits C, pero ella no. Cuando noté la energía que me daba tras unos días de tomarlo, convencí a mi mujer a base de insistencia de que lo tomara ella también, al menos para que notara la energía. Ella no confía en cosas que se salgan de lo tradicional, pero por no oírme más accedió a tomarlo.

Al noveno día los dolores desaparecieron. De esto hace ya 4 años. Estoy muy agradecido a Dios por Jim Humble, por descubrir cómo aplicar al cuerpo humano el dióxido de cloro.

Lo seguimos tomando para mantenimiento de la salud. Mi hepatitis no ha remitido, pero los análisis semestrales que me hago dan resultados estables, y hago vida normal.

Aconsejo el MMS a todo el mundo.


My wife suffered from fibroalgia, or chronic fatigue. For two years we went through a nightmare, especially her, both at home and at work, where the illness did not allow her to perform normally, and her job was in danger. This disease consists of pain in the extremities and fatigue in general, in a degenerative way, leaving the person almost like a vegetable.

During the two years it lasted, I kept going to rehabilitation. When I finished, I asked again to be admitted, and so on, because this resource did not eliminate the problem. This combined with medication varies, as painkillers. Since there is no specific medicine, Lyrica, an antiepileptic, was prescribed because they discovered that pain was canceled as a side effect. And he took it off, at the cost of leaving her sedated. He took it only once.

MMS came into our lives and I took them for C hepatits, but she did not. When I noticed the energy he gave me after a few days of taking it, I persuaded my wife to insist that she take it too, at least so that she would feel the energy. She does not trust things that come out of the traditional, but for not hearing me more agreed to take it.

On the ninth day the pains disappeared. This is 4 years ago. I am very grateful to God for Jim Humble, for discovering how to apply chlorine dioxide to the human body.

We keep taking it for health maintenance. My hepatitis has not remitted, but the semi-annual analyzes that I do give stable results, and I do normal life.

I advise MMS to everyone.