Gum problem

Name: Max Ard

About 3 months ago I got a tooth ache and had gotten off MMS... so I went to the sorry ass Dentist. They cleaned my teeth, prodded and poked around on each tooth and to me I had incurable Gum disease. I told them not to worry because I had a killer cure at home. I would'nt tell them what the cure was. Shoot fire they went bizerk and wrote me up a ticket of over $2k I laughed at them and said what??? They wanted to treat my gums and teeth for 6 months and rape my bank account. Well I went home with a worse tooth ache, brushed the shit out of them using MMS1 (a 100 drop dose) then flooded my mouth with DMSO and within 10 seconds the tooth ache was gone!!! for good... I then started using MMS 10 drop solution / with DMSO Brush one a week and use Hydroflux machine once a week. Teeth / gums are near perfect for a 68 year old... $2,000 my ash! They musta thunk I was a Democrate commie.... somma beaching eggheads... Thank God fer MMS the bleach that I love to drrank Bahahaha! and Damn DMSO! My favorite squeezed pine tree juice! It's chock full of sunshine....reminds me of the taste of wild pine needles.... Yum Yum! ---- Max Ard

Name: Brent

I'd had gum pockets that were getting larger and a couple years ago had the expensive gum treatment my dentist provides. It worked but the problem returned recently. The dentist recommended a toothpaste with higher than normal fluoride, which in my opinion and research is not a safe thing to have in your body. The worst cavity prone period of my life I was using fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water. I recalled MMS, ordered, and this time I brushed with MMS once a day for a month even though its recommended to use twice a day, then I flossed and I swished the remaining mixture as a mouthwash. It foams up when brushing which was a surprise. The day after the first treatment my gums were already pinker and the fuzzy feeling on my teeth was gone and has been since. I have the glassy smooth feeling on my teeth which I love. Went back to the dentist about 4 or 5 weeks later and the hygienest told me I'd had major healing and was surprised I'd made my own toothpaste.

She actually printed the chart out that shows the pocket measurements for every tooth, and every single one had improvement and almost every one was in the normal range for gum health after this short period.

There are actually a couple brands of toothpaste that exist with the active ingredient, CD, if you want something premixed. Dioxibrite and Closys are two I looked at but haven't tried.

My one year old daughter was also teething, and she'd had a fever for four or five days and was just a miserable, sad sight. It would keep returning after several rounds of children's ibuprofen which we didn't want to risk overuse. She went to her pediatrician but they said there is nothing they can do but wait it out. I just could not believe that. I gave her 1/4 of a drop, and the next day the fever was drastically reduced and gone the day after that.

Since I had some success I recommended to my friend who had recently lost a dog to cancer, and was about to lose another even after spending $18,000 for both. His pets are his children so this was, undoubtebly, devastating. This surviving dog had difficultly moving, could not jump on a couch, was on pain meds, consistently urinating herself, and had massive abdominal swelling. Within days she was able to jump up on the couch, within a week or two she was running through a field, another week she was off her pain meds and the swelling was gone. You could see her rib cage again, like normal. The fatty deposits on her skin, which are another form of cancer, were also disappearing. He used the cup2 protocol from pets section of the newest book. Will see if he can make a video after he takes her in to the next ultrasound, but its extremely obvious massive healing has taken place. And all for 25$ for the two bottles with a ton to spare.

He'd also had a surprise case of heartburn so bad that he thought he may have been having a heart attack, and legitimately questioned whether he was dying. After he took some MMS it was completely gone and didn't come back.

More to come I'm sure.

Name: Carlos Silva

I’ve had bleeding gums for years and was totally horrified after an absence away from the dentist to hear that I had developed some pockets in my gums due to mild periodontal disease. This thought was so scary as I had my father as an example of what this can do. His teeth were awful and eventually he had to have dentures all because he could not cure it. Periodontal disease is anaerobic bacteria eating away at flesh and bone! The consequences if left unattended are dire as one could expect. Nasty bacteria they are!

I first came across MMS about 10 years ago, and found it all very interesting and bought an MMS set without needing it. Maybe it was the universe getting the order of things mixed up! Another synchronicity happened years later when I got to know the manufacturer of AMS (same as MMS). He told me that the solution attacks anaerobic bacteria. I started thinking that a good way to deal with this would be by applying MMS and submerging the infected pockets with the solution. So, I apply it with a syringe in between each tooth with a high concentrate solution of 10 drops into a small shot glass ¾ filled. I stay still and leave it in there for 1 – 2 minutes and then spit it out. As I have a pocket in my upper teeth, I have to lie down and hang my head to be able to ensure that the bacteria are submerged within the solution.

On my last visit to the dentist, she was delighted to see that there was no bleeding anywhere. Her words were “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”. It’s become a ritual using micro brushes between the gaps inside and out, brushing with bicarbonate of soda and then applying the solution through a syringe but it’s a small price to pay to maintain my teeth and gums in a healthy state.

Name: Wanda

Hi this is Wanda from Cary, NC. I have been using MMS since July 2016. I used it succesfully to get rid of my bleeding gums. My gums used to bleed every time I brushed and flossed my teeth. Within a week of using mms to rinse my mouth, my gums stopped bleeding. Then I developed tooth pain and sensitivity. I threw out my Sensodyne toothpaste and started brushing with Bentonite clay while continuing to use MMS rinse once or twice a day, morning and night was enough to keep gingivitis away. No more painfull teeth, and no more bleeding gums. I thank God and everyone out there working diligently to get the word out about MMS.

Name: Marg

You have my total support for MMS and its amazing benefits. Am using it with no side effects. My severe gum infection disappearing within a day! This product will attract those who are willing to do their own research to find out the truth. To the other sheeple who believe the emotional sabotaging of information they see on TV – I pray that they awaken at some point in their lives

Name: Joshua Jenkins

I have had multiple health problems and they are all finally clearing up due to the MMS. I had a 27-year-old

leg ulcer which was several inches long and is now gone. It took 1 month to clear up. 27 years of agony are

finally out the window. My sinuses are finally clear so I no longer cough until I vomit. My arthritis is MUCH

better. Fungus on my feet is gone. My gums no longer hurt. My vision is actually improving so that I am able

to drive again. This product is incredible. Even the neuropathy in my feet is less painful. I had been taking up to

22 pills 3 times a day for all my health issues. Now I just take supplements. GOD BLESS YOU JIM HUMBLE!!!!!

Name: Eion Tought


I was a sufferer of periodic swollen and bleeding gums. It was quite irritable and had me concerned because I had previously lost most of my upper teeth of such a disease.

When I read about MMS1 and MMS2 on the internet I was convinced that anything so cheap and easy to administer was well worth a shot so I decided to try it out for myself. Often I am very sceptical about all sorts of cures and remedies but, here I had nothing to lose but a few cents and if it was anything close to what I was to understand it would be somewhat of a success.

I found it quite difficult to acquire (Sodium Chlorite) so, I decided to get Calcium Hyperchlorite (MMS2). This I attained in a granular form which I put into capsules for ongoing dosage. I then made up a small amount of solution going by the instructions on the container, which was a shock mixture for a swimming pool. To this I added about 30% water and I brushed my gums and teeth with.  I did this night and morning for three days and my gums cleared up.

I brushed my teeth once a week this way and had no more trouble. These days I don't even do that, all I do is rinse my mouth out with a more diluted solution once or twice a week.  Periodically, if I feel my health fall I will take one or two capsules with a half glass of water. I recover pretty quickly; it is just amazing I can now believe it will kill Cancer.

However, I would really like to say that I have cured Diabetes so, I am seeking somebody willing to go the course. My neigbour had diabetes but he was taking a huge amount of pills and wasn't willing to try it.



Ross Eion Tought

(Building Estimator)

Name: Rob

That night when I felt the pain and discomfort when I bit down I nearly cried. Not from the pain, but what it would cost me to see the dentist. The last time that this had happened(popcorn husk lodged in the gums) my dentist had recommended that I quit eating popcorn(heavy sigh). I was so upset at myself for letting this happen again I'm amazed that I was calm enough to come up with a solution not involving a dental appointment. Of course! MMS! I mixed up a half a glass and rinsed my mouth, concentrating on the sore tooth and went to bed. The next morning when I awoke there was NO pain or discomfort whatsoever!

Name: Gary

After abusing meth for years my teeth and gums were , needless to say, destroyed. OR SO I THOUGHT. I couldn't afford dental insurance so I thought i would give MMS a try, and all I can say is that this stuff could put the dental industry out of business. I went from being able to just squeeze my mouth tight and spit out a mouthfull of blood.....To not even having my gums bleed when brushed.And no more pain....My gums are strengthening up, and besides a few molars in the back of my mouth that had rotted prior to using MMS, i still have all of my teeth and i couldn't be happier. Im 45 years old and was dreading the thought of having no teeth. Thank you Jim Humble and thank you MMS saved my teeth from a certain death.  P.S. Dont do drugs kids....its not even remotely worth it.

Name: Danny Stewart

I'd just like to state that I have suffered from bleeding gums for several years.

I commenced with brushing and flossing my teeth using mms - (at a 6:30 ratio).

I still occasionally brush my teeth with activated mms.

I have not had bleeding gums for over two years now.