Hashimoto's disease

I have suffered with EBV since contracting Mononucleosis at the age of 11. It created a chronic lack of vigor, headaches, allergies,  metabolic syndrome, and eventually Hashimotos/Thyroiditis.  I had low immunities and would get sick often, felt cold all the time, gained weight easily, had dry skin, had frequent yeast infections, sinus infections, hormonal imbalances which effected my fertility, inflammation,  brain fog and fatigue. I was on thyroid medicines (prescribed) for 15 years with no real change in my health.    I started protocol 1000 in  April of 2022. With my busy lifestyle,  I found it hard to get all the hourly doses in, so I did the maths and divided it into a system where I took 3 of each the Sodium Chlorite solution and the acid solution 4 times a day. I did this at breakfast,  lunch, dinner, and bedtime. I never experienced any adverse side effects. I have been doing MMS this way ever since, it's now 3/15/2023.  I can frankly and enthusiasticly state that I am free of ALL my maladies! My labs all came back free of any evidence of EBV, Hashimotos,  and Hypothyroidism.  I feel like a million bucks for the first te in my life! I've lost 30lbs as well.   So grateful to have this substance in my arsenal. It's amazing!!