Heart Problems

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I'm 75 and have been into alternative health for over 35 years. Since age 18-20 I've had an intermittent problem with irregular and elevated heart rate. Many things triggered the condition; Caffeine, stress, exercise...It was always close to acting up. I know my stuff and tried a lot of things with no lasting success. On the fifth day of MMS I took my blood pressure. As usual, it was normal or a bit low. The surprise was the heart rate, which read 60!!! I felt the pulse and it was firm and rock steady. I attend a gym and often had, "After workout" problems; High, irregular, pulse with a light-headed feeling. I've exercised since and the problem seems to have cleared. I have more energy, the heart rate goes higher than it did (Good) and I sweat more (Good). As soon as I stop there is steady recovery to resting heart rate. For me, this is close to a miracle. Jim: Use the above as a testimonial, if you wish. Book 1 showed incidents of general apathy toward Africa. Terrible! I support your mission, 100%.

Carl Lindert

I am almost 35 and 3 years ago heart issues started. It felt as if something is stuck in the heart, like a clump of something, cholesterol maybe or bacteria. Sometimes I felt like something nasty would circulate in big arteries and veins. But I found MMS and after doing standard protocol 3 times things got much better and I was energized, but heart would kick into some exercise mode and would pound, and I believe that it decided to catch up with proper exercise and would do so on it’s own to compensate for slow rhythms it had for couple years. Eventually heart function normalized and blood flow would be at the right pressure, and heart pain disappeared. I also have a Spooky2 bioresonance rife machine and it has powerful frequency healing programs for the heart and to heal and restore arteries and veins. I am not recommending Spooky2 rife machines and I am not affiliated with them, but I believe they do offer amazing equipment at a great price, but rife machines are considered to be “experimental equipment” and using one means a person assumes responsibility. Spooky2 software also has special programs for the functions of the muscles, regeneration and healing. And MMS healed a lot of problems for me very very fast, and now, a year and a half later I finally started to do physical exercise again and feel as if I am a teenager again. 

I recommend the treatment to anyone who has any symptoms of arterial plaque or heart problems. —K.B.Heroine

 Rheumatic heart disease of 30 years, gone after 2 months. Complete recovery of heart function, which had been at 32% function 2 months prior. Cardiologist was astounded.

Name: Donna

I have had mitral valve prolapse since I was born.  I had surgery 10 years ago and it was improved 90%, but there was still a little hesitation in the valve.

A year ago I attended the Puerto Vallarta MMS class.  The first day we started drinking MMS1,  I noticed a fluttering of my heart, I was a bit concerned, not alarmed.  Andreas Klacker said that the MMS had found the imperfection and was repairing the situation, the fluttering would stop, not to worry.  It did stop fluttering, i continued to drink the MMS daily for a week and then I took one MMS2 capsule once or twice a week since then (a year).

Well...today I went in for an ultrasound of my heart and the nurse told me I don't have a proplapse anymore.  She had no explaination, I watched the imaging and I also could see that the valve just opens and closes nicely, no hesitation at all.

My gosh, I wonder if I would have had to have heart surgery years ago if I had found MMS!


Aspen, Colorado