Name: Tim Jones

I was cured of hemorroids just by using this miracle product and I have never been in so much relief. I had this horrible condition for about 1 year and nothing or no one could help me to get cured. I heard of MMS about two months ago and I started using it, after two weeks the pain left and I started to feel better. Today I can say that this product has cured me and I will recommend it to anyone who is willing to listen

Name: Brodie

MMS YO......

.First of all. Thank you sooo much Jim Humble. God Bless you. I suffered from Piles. External Hemaroids or whatever they wanna call it. I was in excruciating pain for two whole weeks with all sorts of pain killers. Finally it burst and I awoke at 2am in the morning with blood, puss and diarrhoea down my pants and bed. I was so happy. The pain was over after someone close to me prayed over it and said the pain would be gone. When I awoke. Thank God. But then the puss and blood continued pouring out. I thought it would be a matter of weeks. But it lasted for 8 years. I lost two jobs coz I had to visit the toilet many times in a day to wipe my backside. Sleeping each night listening to listen to your heart by Roxette and in pain. But now it's a song I sing along and groove to. The part tell him goodbye is my way of saying goodbye to all sicknesses. Forever. It should be the theme song for MMS actually hahaha. I hid this from everyone. Even my partner. Mum. Everyone. Till a friend mentioned MMS he was using to treat his scoriasis. That's when I ordered it. But I wanted a quick fix. So went straight to a ten drop mix in a glass of water. I had diarrhoea almost immediately. And was sick for the next few days. With diarrhoea. I did the bath and inhalation at 4 drops and doubled all the doses. Big mistake. I was sick for a whole month. I thought I would never become better. Yet I slowed down yet it was still too much. Honestly. After all the sinus and diarrhoea and flu symptoms left. I felt super human.my sense of smell was unbelievable. . My bleeding and discharge of pass just outside the anal had also seized. What I hid for so long I tell proudly today so people know I'm fair dinkum and am speaking from personal experience and MMS is truelly the only real medicine. Bleeding gums and tooth aches , gaut and back pain is also all a thing of the past. I have also given it to my mother in law that has suffered from sciatica for many years with all sorts of drugs from doctors but no help. I gave her a three drop dose and the next morning the pain was gone. She was singing and happy. Asked me for a stronger dose . Which by this time I had read your books and advice and told her to stick to three drops hourly which I mix happily for her. Her constipation is also a thing of the past. I tell as many people as I can on a daily basis. My family and workmates are all onto it. And to be absolutely honest. I haven't had the flu or cold or any sickness since I started on MMS. I take 6 drops before bed every Wednesday and Sunday nights. And also protocol 1000 twice a week . Three times a year. It works perfectly for me. Hair regrowth. But one problem. I need to quit smoking. Is there a protocol for such? Lol. When people say I never get sick. Or I look young for 40 or I'm always happy. My reply is always the same. MMS YO. when they question what? MMS? What? I share......

Name: Sylvia Smith

i have used MMS for several yrs now for myself and dog - for everything - w great sucess.
my latest is bleeding hemorroids for yrs to the point that i was very anemic. so it dawned on me to spray them too w MMS. immediately - no more bleeding hemorroids!! this is huge in my life! i continue to spray hemorroids aft shower, etc - they have shrunk to pea size and i no longer have bleeding problem!! thank you, thank you jim humble!! i have told everybody i know about MMS and everybody in family - but NOBODY wants to hear it. i have family members die of cancer, one sick w renal kidney failure, etc, etc - but not interested in MMS. only killing themselves slowly w drugs. you can't help those that do not want your help.. sad. i love my MMS!!