High Blood Pressure

BP206/180 (12/11/22)... 110/71 (12/28/22) in 18 days on MMS starting protocol.  Amazing !!! 

I am a witness to this product! The MMS works. I have High Blood Pressure. I used to have chest tightening.
When I take MMS it relieves the chest pain. It works better than any Pharmaceutical medication that I've previously tried!!!
-------One day the people of planet earth will wake up and rise against the oppressors, the true enemies!!!

Name: Veetina
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuDZOdzmRN4

I know personally someone who got cured from high blood pressure just after taking MMS for 2 weeks, he has been suffering from high blood pressure for over 30 years and now he is cured!

I love it! I was going to have a heart ablation done STV and was 18.000 pvsc a day and now I am healed. No medicine and my blood pressure is awesome. THANK YOU!

Name: Danson Musau

I bought the MMS solution after a lady from Germany told me about it. I bought for my cousins wife in Kenya after her husband told me how she had severed including her family. She was on injections for over 10yrs and she had even partially lost one of her eye. Her husband told me, he couldn't even leave her at night if he needed to travel as she regularly collapsed at night and had to ring his sons to help him take her to E & E. She used as the per protocol given in Dr Humble's book.

She is not young , she is over 76 yrs old. Her husband told me her blood sugar is normal and her high blood pressure gone just after 2 months and I should go and see her when I visit Kenya. I went back to Kenya after a year and she showed her weekly clinic tests. Her sugar level was normal and her blood pressure was even lower than mine despite being over 10 yrs younger.Her face looked like that of 30yrs old lady. I struggled to hold my tears back. Now she could go whenever she wants to go and her family don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to take to hospital.

Thanks so much Dr Humble for this miracle solution and most of all to God for revealing this treatment to you, not to make money but help the sick. God bless you.

Unfortunately I can't help more people because after I bought this solution , I got a letter from Government that it is not allowed in the Country I reside. Fortunately I had read the book and the excuses given in countries where it is banned.

Name: Ariel

Hello my friends,

Just to let you and others know that MMS is a definite game changer for me. My blood pressure has been right on the money. I am so happy I don't have to take the poison pills any longer. Furthermore by doing the recommended procedure for hypo thyroid, which is Protocol 1000 plus 50 to 100 mg of iodine daily, my energy level has returned in amazing ways. I feel like 30 years younger! I recommend the very important book, THE IODINE CRISIS , by author Lynne Farrow. Get educated People! None of my Doctors ever recommended iodine to me, not even so called Natural Doctors. I spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to chase down a cure for my ailments, when all I needed was MMS and Iodine. Now I know that going to doctors is like a dog chasing it's own tail.
It is a revolving door designed to keep making sales, while having little or nothing to do with health. Thank you dear folks for your work. The information you broadcast weekly, is literally an answer to prayer.
I also recommend your Video Course for all the various ways to apply the sacraments. I am about half way in the course and find the videos very helpful.
Much thanks!