Insect bite

Just had to write a testimonial as this weekend we went camping and I was bitten by a fire ant, eastern coast Australia.  They are supposed to be that painful that people go to hospital just for the pain alleviation.  They are not essentially poisonous.   The pain came on immediately and I quickly ran to the car, fetched my Lugol's iodine and dropped a few drops on.  Nothing changed after about a minute and the pain was still increasing. Then my husband said he had brought the MMS and he got it out.  i told him to make up 10 drops and wait 30 seconds for activation, then add a small amount of water.  The first application I dribbed over the bite on my foot over the space of maybe two mins. nothing changed but the pain was not increasing.  A few minutes after he made up a second dose and we applied that over the space of about one minute.  I noticed the red spot was mildly dissipating, and the pain seemed to be mildly lessening I couldnt believe it was working.  I went from screaming in pain to broken sobs.  Another application of 10 drop mixture over another few minutes and the PAIN HAD COMPLETELY GONE AND THE RED SPOT HAD ALMOST DISAPPEARED.  I couldn't believe how fast and effectively it worked.  I have full confidence in this product to treat bites now and in a country like Australia that is a bloody good feeling!! Thank you SO much!  It will never leave the car or first aid bag!