IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Name: Bertymac Fuentes
Website/Source: https://ru-tv.org/tv/church-uses-bleach-as-miracle-cure-archbishop-confronted-akBe9Z9m34M.html

MMS helped my IBS when nothing else did! Idiot News and Doctors should shut up about what they don't know

I'm sorry, but Genesis Church's MMS is something that helped me soooooo much with my digestive problems, when nothing else helped. Chlorine Dioxide can bleach clothing in concentrated amounts, yet it is taken in minimal doses in plenty of water. This bashing on a natural product that oxygenated your blood is absurd! Big Pharma owns the Media, and they are cracking down on inexpensive alternative treatments. It's so sad

Name: Saila
Website/Source: https://www.jahealthadvocate.com/mms-testimonials.html

I had either giardia or irritable bowel syndrome .... they both present with similar symptoms .... anyway, it was pretty severe so I followed the MMS protocol with much enthusiasm, (I'd been unwell for 3-4 mths) !! LOL. It had quite a severe reaction on my stomach, I lost my appetite and there were a few times when I had to cut back to 2 drops per hour for one day until my tummy improved. Anyway ..... I did feel so much better and it relieved all of my symptoms and eventually after a couple more weeks my energy increased and I was healing really well.

I found some of the bloating was returning so I then started on a course of Bentonite Clay which I take every evening and that has settled it all down again. Certainly MMS is a fabulous product ... I have recommended it to several friends .... I now have an infected tooth .... this is a crown tooth so I am determined to keep it and heal it .... when I searched online I found a DVD by Jim Humble where he describes how to use MMS and he mentions DMSO as well ... I'm going to start tonight anyhow using the MMS brushing my teeth and rinsing with his recommended solution.

Name: Arrow Durfee

I have been tracking MMS usage for over 4 years. On my blog I have stored a number of testimonials. I have contacted these people and have reason to believe that they are true. You may read them here.


I have had personal significant success with mild irritable bowel syndrome with the use of MMS. Previous to MMS I used grapefruit seed extract 2 to 3 times a year, then ozone therapy one time a year to keep the symptoms in check. After MMS I did not have recurrent symptoms for 3 years. Perhaps I should have done the protocol longer? Be that as it may, a repeat protocol of MMS along with Serrapeptase enzymes for one week once again eliminated by colon pain.