Joint pain

Name: Coby TeunePabon

It is no bleach, when I use bleach, I can take it out of my closet and when I clean the toilet with it, it will not vapor.
MMS will vapor very very soon, that is what you can easily see.
It cured me, very good results.
I already use it for 1 year.
I finally can walk without pain, that was already the result after using it for 1 month.
No more going to the pharmacy for me anymore.
Have you never read, what terrible medicines are being sold and the side effects of it?
And that is all possible.
I am not a believer, I can see, I can feel, I experience and know the difference with all the bad medicines that are out there, with all the side effects.
I only can say, that I am so happy.
I am not selling it, I am not having any financial benefits.
A person who is using it, you can not convince to stop using it, because if you know the results, you know better.


Been on MMS for a week now. Just using it to feel better in all. I also have had neck pain for years and never thought this would help it. Just thought it was bad bones. But something odd is happening. Hurting less each day. Not sure why. At times my hair feels like its crawling a bit. But all in all feeling good. I am doing it slow and still only taking 4 drops in 20 drops of citric acid 10% mix twice a day.

Name: Anonymous

MMS got rid of all my joint pains in approx 3 weeks and also my sun hives which would appear at the beginning of every summer. What is important to note about MMS is that the formula for it changed. When I first used it around 2010 it was two liquids mixed together, one of those liquids was 50% Citric Acid. This has now been replaced by 4% HCL - Hydrochloric Acid. The old formula with 50% Citric Acid caused a lot of stomach upset, whilst the new formula with 4% Hydrochloric Acid aids digestion.

Also the way people are told to take MMS has changed - instead of very high doses, people are now encouraged to have very low dosages - usually upto a maximum of 3 drops per hour for upto 8 hours a day.

A lot of the negative reviews of MMS were from the use of 50% Citric Acid - taking it with 4% HCL makes MMS much more gentle on the body. As others have said, when I first used MMS I noticed I was flushing out many strange things from my body in my stools. Some of which may have been parasites.

I also believe I flushed out mercury from my body from years of dentist fillings as a child. The smell I would get of my stools was exactly the same smell as being in the dentist chair having a new filling put in. I think accumulated mercury might have been the reason I had sun hives every summer and once flushed out the sun hives just went away and stayed away. Before MMS I had to be covered in head to toe with long sleeves or sun cream - now I can walk in the sun with shorts and a T-Shirt and no sun screen and I'm totally fine, I never burn now.

With regards to joint pains - my wrists used to click and my toes would click when walking, within 3 days of taking MMS the clicking stopped.

For those of you considering taking MMS use the version with 4% HCL in it not 50% Citric Acid and most of the negative things you read about MMS won't apply.

I started to get pain in finger joints, working as a chef. 2010 I saw an interview with Jim Humble. Then I watched testimonials on youtube. I saw a Dutch guy telling about his ill joints and about a rapid improvement. I bought some sodium chlorite online and started to take the drops. I took as large doses I could several times a day (up to 15 drops). The citric acid was a terrible activator. However my joints were completely healed in 2 weeks. Now 6y later My joints are still great. I only used MMS for a month...Thank you Jim Humble! —M., SwedenInfection —

joinI was always active and athletic in my early years. And most of the time I had physically demanding jobs. However, I would always notice that my hip joint would hurt a bit, but it would not bother me and pain would go away fast enough. However, at some point I had to take dangerous toxic medication that had a long list of side effects. And at some point my hip joint would begin hurting really bad. It felt as if “sand” was stuck in the hip joint and every move would be painful, but I could still walk just enough to get around. But I was just 32 years old and I was thinking about getting a cane to help me walk. It was painful to go downstairs and make it to the car. And if I would decide to go for a leisure walk by the lake I could only walk for half an hour just to move a bit more to get some exercise. I rarely used painkillers. But when I tried MMS it took a few days and my hip joint would feel better. I decided not to give it much stress and wait. It took about two month after standard protocol and my hip joint did recover and I was on my bicycle going fast as if I was a teenager back again. A year later I can say that all of my joints feel almost brand new.