Kidney problem

Name: Lisa

I use MMS daily. When I first began taking it, I lost 15lbs. It cured my sister’s kidney infection plus many other amazing results with friends and family. This is an amazing product. Thank you for the informative vid!

Name: Glenda

I used your Miracle Mineral drops years ago for a staph infection in my right kidney. Mr Humble recommended I use the HIV protocol. It worked. I started the MMS drops after taking the antiseptic antibiotic meds I was prescribed by a doctor. I stopped the antibiotic, and half way through the MMS drops I had to go in for another blood test. The doctor said the antibiotic was working; I did not tell him that I wasn't taking it. He said the count was down enough not to be a colony anymore. I did not tell him I was not using the antibiotic. I finished the MMS drops protocol and the infection was gone.

I had my first kidney stone (and hopefully my last!) a few months ago.  It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life.  I went to the ER and $1,200 later all I was given was some pain medication.  I ended up getting a UTI, which was awful, because I constantly felt like I had to pee and couldn't.  My best friend had MMS and gave me some of hers in two little glass viles for me to use.  After a few days of using MMS, the pain from the UTI went away and I'm not sure exactly what happened but I didn't even pass the stone because I'm convinced the citric acid broke up and destroyed that mother effer!   I haven't had an issue since and just purchased more!! 

My own kidneys were cleansed of yeast overload (I didn't even know I had it, till it started leaving my body). Thanks be to God, or I probably would've ended up with high blood pressure in a couple years.

Name: andy zuopko

Had nephritis and both my feet swelled up for over 2 years. Did proticol # 1 and within 10 days the swelling receded and now my both my feet feet are back to normal. Thank U Jim.....

Name: Linda Davies

I had a kidney infection last year, so recognised the symptom of 2 points of back pain, one sligtly higher than the other. It was a sunday and I couldnt find a doctor, so thought I would try mms until I could get to the doctor on Monday. I took 3 drops about 5 times on sunday. The pain was gone when I awoke on Monday. I stopped taking mms and the pain returned, so I took them 3 drops, 3 times a day until  wednesday, and was cured. Whenever we have been exposed to germs, or start coughing or sniffing we take ms, and have not been ill  with a single thing for over 5 years now. I keep a small bottle with me all all time. Have also used it to get rid of parasites picked up in China, when doctor could not eradicate them.Wonderful stuff!!!

Name: Patricia Howell

We as 20 family members in different countries have used MMS for almost 5 years to treat any infection that comes along. We have eliminated many symptoms of food poisoning and kidney infections from our bodies in hours taking 6 drops of MMS/day. My mom had a mouth infection. She couldn’t handle the smell or taste of MMS so (we add baking soda now) she took 2 drops/day; she got better slowly but after a month she was completely healed.

Three months ago one of our young members had genital herpes. He used protocol 2000 and after a month he was healed. When flu symptoms start to appear we use protocol 2000 and normally Flu symptoms disappear in less than 24 hours. For our children we used it all the time with amazing results.

When we travel we take MMS with us. Certainly, it’s a powerful product and we can’t live without it.

Thank you Jim Humble, God Bless you always.


Name: Ann

Three years ago I awoke at 2h00 in the morning and went to the toilet to find I couldnt urinate. I climbed into a warm bath thinking that if I relaxed the problem would go away. I urinated in the bath and it was so painful and I was bleeding alot. I got such a fright that I stopped urinating. After a few minutes I couldnt hold back and so I urinated into a glass to find small see-through circular things in the glass. This looked like kidney stones. I dont have medication in my home, only MMS. So I took 15 drops immediately and went to bed. I got a fever and terrible pain. The next morning I drank another 15 drops, lunch time again and that evening. By now the bleeding had stopped, as well as the pain, the stones and the fever. I was so relieved. To make sure I took another dose the following morning. Then I was fine. I took the stones in a bottle to a nusing sister that I knew and she said they were definitely kidney stones and didnt believe that I had cured myself in 24 hours. Medically they say that is not possible. Well, its been 3 years now and no re-occurrence to date.