Few years ago I did purchase MMS. I was not sick but did a 3 week protocol, just in case. I had a growing liver spot on my forehead. I treated it as described by Jim Humble, 10 second per day for 2 week, and it was all gone! Don’t forget to support Age of Truth! Chip in a few bucks every year so this channel can prosper!

I had been taking strong serious medication and after about 3 years my liver was bloated and was hurting. My gallbladder was obstructed and would give me sharp pain due to some hard stones. I did go to a professional bioresonance rife frequency therapy clinic where they used a BICOM rife machine to shatter the stones with special frequency and they did come out to let my gallbladder work right, but the liver was still bloated and gallbladder would hurt. I found MMS and started standard protocols. In about 6 month I was able to press down on my liver without issues and gallbladder was working excreting whatever dead toxins were still left in the liver and I believe many soft cholesterol stones made their way out without any issues. Now, about a year and a half later I am looking forward to exercising my abs again to get my six pack back.  

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Name: YT


I have started Liver Flush on March 2015. When I read a book written and saw a video by Andreas Morits I had no dought That was I needed. I became age 60 and I had gallbladder taken out 5 years ago so. I had a pain and was told galbaldder was not function so I had no question for removable it. I remember that doctor told me my bile common duct seems narrow. That was after several weeks gallbladder was removed and left always questionable comments I remembered. When I read his books and saw his videos he mentioned MMS. Somehow I had no dought with taking MMS with liver flush. I had ordered MMS with book from Amazon. I have finished 13liver flushes in 11 months. WhenI was about 6th liver flush I started to see someking of small worms- dead inside intrahipatic stones that were all people have in liver and wanted to take out from. I did not know waht those were but later liver flush I found "liver flukes" came out about 30 all dead. they were less than 1/2 inchs but I was sure MMS killed those. I went to see a general doctor told I wanted make sure I wanted kill all liver flukes if if I still had in liver asking prescription for warm. He gave me one and went drug store and made suprized me. the medecine was $4,000.00 I laughed said no thanks. I kept taking MMS after that I have not seen liver flukes any more and seems all gone. I told about several friends including my wife about MMS. Those people had skin cancer/ cancer patient/ his wife had cancer/ his wife has unknown problem for years which they liked a traditional drugs rather than conjunction with using MMS. I told many times that hey look at me I still alive with using MMS and I am better than before. One guy who lost bladder and prostate 2 months ago in chimo which I told about liver flush and MMS in 6 months ago ignored me.I got his book "The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium reading whenever I needed and glad I took MMS Thank you Jim.

Name: Donna

I was diagnosed with a cyst in my liver when I was getting a ultrasound for my heart.  He told me not to worry about it, "death rate from liver cysts is non-existant".  However, my insurance premiums doubled, so I had it drained at the hospital, and the next day it regrew.  That was about 40 years ago, since then i get a ultrasound every year, and the size of the cyst grows.  A year ago it was 5 inches across, it appeared on the image as a large black hole.  This cyst caused me pain about once a week, a sharp pain like someone stabbed me with a knife.

I've been taking MMS for a year now, at first I took MMS1 everyday for a week, then I took one MMS2 capsule once or twice a week.  I wasn't taking it for the cyst, just for maintenance.  But I noticed that my cyst quit hurting me,  it has hurt me twice in the year I've been taking MMS, so I was anxious to get the ultrasound.

The nurse told me it is going away, she pointed to the cyst, and now it appears as a cloud, not a black hole, filled with swirls of white, and it is less than half the size it was.  She said "at this rate - it will be totally gone by next year"

Words cannot say enough thanks, as I have many more experiences to report.