Lung Problems

My husband used MMS to cure his chest infection that had lasting for months. His symptoms consisted of a horrid cough that would lead to coughing fits, coughing through the nights with little sleep, tired, any cold the kids had he seemed to get alot worse and he was very ill at times. Several doctors visits, chest x-rays (which showed his lungs were in a bad way) and antibiotics after antibiotics and no answers or help. The chest infection would not go away.  We got some MMS and he only had one dose of that a day for a week and he was all better. Unbelievable! It was a miracle. After months and months and doctors with no answers.  My mother also later on down the track had a chest infection too and was bed ridden, doctors visits with no help or answers, she had some MMS for a week and was recovered after that period. 

Name: Alvin Chu

Whatever you are saying in this video are just nonsense coz I tried it and cure myself of lung infection which was proved by lab test.

So you think pneumonia is the only infection of the lung you are wrong I was having a chronic infection of lung which pharmaceutical drug was not able to cure even after a course of four months I got fed up stopped taking it but mms cure it in a week lol

Name: Rosemarie Cruz

I used MMS for a month. It was the first thing I used to help with detoxing my body; I took it internally. I found that it helped improve my digestion and it helped with breathing issues that I was having. I plan on doing it for a longer amount of time this summer. You have to be careful in how you use it. If you can get a hold of Jim Humbles protocol's, you should and follow them to the letter.



I've been taking MMS for about 5+ weeks and my biggest achievement has been a major clearing of my lungs... i was not even aware that there was any problem there but the results are awesome. my breathing seems/is much cleaner, deeper and just feels great. my thinking is that if i'm taking in more oxygen that by itself should boost my health to some degree.

Name: Monica

My husband and I have been using your MMS drops for 6 weeks now and he is getting better with his lung problems.

During childhood my lungs did not bother me and I was playing tennis good enough and had no bad habits until I quit tennis at age 13. I started secretly smoking stolen tobacco sometimes with few not so good friends. I did notice that by age 19 I had some difficulty breathing completely and was smoking more than just tobacco. But events in my life required better health and by age 21 I was no longer a smoker and as far as lifestyle I was making only the best choices and health was at an optimal level back again. But then I was seduced to smoke marijuana, but not constantly and not daily. And I would again smoke a couple cigarettes a day. At some point due to other complications to my health I smoked small cigars and had a severe crisis in my family. Those small cheap cigars contaminated my mouth, teeth and lungs. And no matter what I did I could not quit smoking sometimes, but never touched those small cigars again. However, at some point I found MMS and by that time my lungs did not feel good, and I was past 30. I started using MMS and attempted to do “the Cup Protocol” to inhale MMS gas carefully. It did not feel good but my lungs did open up and breathing became easier. I started sneezing and felt that lungs are doing something to clean up all the debris they accumulated. After a few months it was much better to breathe but I was careful about “the Cup Protocol”. Due to other health issues I did purchase Spooky2 Rife Machine and for the lungs it had “detox lungs” , “breath easier” and few other frequency programs. But before that I went to a professional alternative clinic and they used an expensive BICOM Rife Machine and ran programs to detox lungs and everything related, and that machine is powerful, right after I went for a walk in the park and I could smell absolutely everything but I was still having a cigarette sometimes. BICOM Rife Machine got programs to quit smoking, but for me MMS did it and I was able to quit completely when my whole body was detoxed. But Spooky2 Rife Machine did the rest and it has general programs to heal and regenerate. And now a year and a half later since I started MMS and Rife treatments I have restored almost complete function of my lungs and breathing comes easy without struggle. Spooky2 also has programs for vocal cords and anything that is related to the throat and nose. Spooky2 attachment to do the BioFeedback scan did find few frequencies that “released my lungs” so they could move freely but not sure what the issue was. And Spooky2 does have programs to destroy Human Coronavirus and specifically COVID-19 which is almost everyone may have to some extent. I also found that Complete Amino-acid supplements do help for lungs to work better.   

Hello Mark My friend who lives in Germany. Had shortness of breath. And cough. In a day with mms. He wiped it off

Name: Freida Yiff
Location: America / United States

MMS helped my dad's lungs recover from years of smoking.

My husband was coughing for 2 weeks and than complained that his lungs started to hurt. He also has asthma- and he never got tested for Covid- since it was no other symptoms. However after he said that his lungs hurt i prepared 3 drops of CD in a nebulizer ( probably gave him more than i should ) and he inhaled it. Next day he had no more pain and the cough went away. We are not sure what it was, but it did scared us- and CD made some change here- so we are all healthy and happy that  we always have CD  at home.  thanks,  Barb NOwacka

About eight years ago, I was out of town at a funeral.  After eating food and visiting with long missed relatives, i went back to my hotel room, took my dog out for quick potty break and back to my room.  Shortly thereafter, I felt I had a very high temperature and could not breath.  I have asthma,  COPD and cancer so I am vulnerable to lung infections.  This is no exaggeration, it came on  so fast and so hard that I could not get help.  If I had tried to walk into hallway, I probably would have collapsed.  It was very scary as I had never had breathing issues come on so fast and be so dire.  I remembered that I had MMS in my luggage as I had brought it to share with someone else.  I had just learned of people finding it more successful if they used it every hour so I tried one or two activated drops (can't remember which) each hour.  After the third hour dosage, the fever broke and I could breath well enough to not feel I would die.  After taking for couple days, I was fine.  My daughter also got sick and got an antibiotic (Z-pak I believe),  It didn't do a thing for her so she got another.  She ended up being sick for weeks which tells me whatever it was, it was probably viral. Just to be more clear about how fast it came on, I live in driving distance to this funeral and had been also there the weekend before when people were starting to get sick and that is when I think I must have contracted the virus.  I have now been telling many family and friends this story in light of the Covid-19 situation.  I always travel with it now.  I am grateful to people like Jim Humble who step "out of the box" to find better and safer ways to help people.

In 2008 when my alternative doctor recommended taking MMS, I didn't know anything about it, but I did it—it saved my life from lung disease.

My doctor told me in 2003 that I had emphysema. When I asked him what I could do about it, he said, "You can't do anything about it; it will only get worse." I took that as a death sentence, but I also reminded myself that only God has the last word!

So I ventured on a detox before the Thanksgiving holiday in 2008. Then I continued taking MMS for the next 3 years -- 2009-2011. MMS saved me from the disease and I shared info on it with my friends.

Ever since that time, when anyone in my family had symptoms of the flu or a severe cold or cough or even sore throat, I would not waste any time, but I give them MMS asap. My husband, who when he gets sick, gets it really bad, recovers in only 2 days with the MMS. When anyone in the house has the flu, I make sure that even the others in the household receive MMS as well as a preventive.

I tell everyone that MMS does wonders for people with various kinds of diseases. In the meantime, I have followed a regimen of eating only vegetables and fruits and fish, also other seafood. Since my husband and I cannot really afford to buy organic meat all the time, we decided to limit ourselves to fish and eat organic eggs. We buy organic fruits and green vegetables only. My husband and my children believe in the effectiveness of MMS.

I thank God for you, Jim, and for your great desire to save the lives of human beings all over the world from diseases—even deadly diseases! 

I am happy that many—young and old—have opened their eyes to realize what many entrepreneurs/companies have done to ignore the dangers of chemicals and put peoples' lives at risk of disease and death! In many groceries, nowadays, I see sections with fruits and vegetables that are labeled "organic" and this truly encourages me. Simply because these businessmen who do not care about the wellbeing of people ignore what is right and lawful concerning people's health, individuals have to make the move towards their own healing and health! No one else cares.

I praise and thank God Almighty for you, Jim, that at times like these when people just do what pleases them, He gave you to us to save us from disease without spending a fortune! My doctor told me, "our body was made to heal itself." So we do what is right and practical and especially what works! And that's what MMS does! When Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, He healed everyone who came to Him for help. Today, you have been given to us by God—you are His gift to the world!

Thank you, Jim, for your awesome research and great achievements for the benefit of people around the globe! Many are benefitting from your hard work! –L.A., Florida, USA

Name: Susan Raj
Dear Jim
I had two difficult cases, one of a Multi Drug Resistant S. Typhi and a chronic case (7 years) of Psoriasis.  After breaking of bio-film of S.Typhi I was waiting to see results of my second case. He has completed two months with MMS (I) and MMS (II) with MMS (II) bath. I have given him supplements of vitamins too. First month he showed Herks reaction of flaring up of psoriasis. So we continued with a smaller dosage. 2:2 MMS (I) and quarter capsule of MMS (II) alternately for 8 hours. Last month we added MMS (II) Bath also.
Yesterday I got a call that his Psoriasis is showing improvement. Fantastic!!!!.... I am encouraged and got added with more confidence to motivate my patients to keep taking MMS till they get the result. It has happened because you and Mark have attended to my emails and replied promptly. God has revealed this knowledge to you to heal people and break the evil nexus of our medical and Pharma companies. Dr. Kelcher is suffering for approving the good health campaigners. What a pity. Although I am unable support financially at this moment of time to help him fight the case, I can definitely write about all those people who are the beneficiaries of MMS.
I have collection of experiences from all my patients. I plan to compile all these testimonies for the benefit of many who really want to live healthy life. My family members vouch for the healing they have received. We believe that MMS + SMS to God = Healing. MMS Kills and cleans the pathogens, allergens and boosts immunity, SMS to God reduces stress hormones thus our body turns on the switch of healing.
1. Mrs. K. Jacob age 77 years. – 2006 to 2011 – Suffered with indigestion. Lost weight and thought that she would die of hunger. Could not feel taste, always weak. Started MMS in 2011 and within first week she felt difference and now she is completely healed. Regained energy. She works in the field full energy. She eats food like any young person. She uses MMS for any kinds of injury or insect bites. Last week she got up with a swollen palm (dorsal side, between her thumb and index finger on left hand) Washed it for five minutes with 6:6 drops in half cup of water. Her itching and irritation was reduced immediately and swelling was gone by afternoon. Amazing!!! She sends her blessings to you all. She is my mother.
2. Mr. Ian Vincent age 51 years: in 2011 suffered with sever chest infection. Antibiotics were ineffective even though he took it sincerely for two months. His cough was so sever that he would end up with a spasm and becomes breathless. Started MMS and got completely cured in a week. Now his entire family use only MMS for any kinds of sickness.
3. Mrs. Sheela Vincent, age 51 years: Suffering from allergy, since past 15 years. Running nose, red eyes, watering eyes & sneezing etc. Had become dependent on medications. Started MMS in 2011, she used it every time she had the attack and now she is free of all symptoms. For past three years she has used only MMS to treat every member of her family.
4. Mrs. Suja Daniel Christodoss, age 49 years: Living in Huston USA, Suffered with seasonal Allergy every year. Had severe pre menopausal symptoms, joint pain, irritability and overall feeling unwell. She started it in 2011. Purchased MMS online. Now she is free from all the symptoms and her entire family depends on MMS. Last week her 18 y old daughter had fever 103 F. and 3:3 hourly dose for eight hours had cured her completely. Now USA has a co- payment of $70/- with their health insurance, they have decided to use pomegranate juice to drink MMS instead of going for a health check up and treatment, which costs only $10.
5. Mrs. Sunita Nemani: Has diabetes, Thyroid problem and due to complications of insulin dependent diabetes, her liver function became abnormal. She came to me in 2011, with a last hope. She was willing to try anything because she was just 46 at that time and she had the desire to live for her two teenage daughters. She caught frequent UTI. Traveling was a nightmare for her. Doctors told her that her liver disease can not be treated anymore and she may have a few months or a few years to live.
She was very sincere in taking MMS. Her liver function has become completely normal. UTI is the history now. She still has her dependency on insulin and still suffering with gastric ulcer. She is not taking MMS for past eight months. I have encouraged  her to start it again as single dose 6:6 formula.
6. Mr. Nemani: Sunita’s husband. Suffered with hiccoughs for past 11 years. Once it starts then it would last for many days. Doctors got fed up of treating him and gave up after conducting a gastroscopy. Sunita motivated him to take MMS in 2012. Single dose of MMS stopped his hiccoughs and it has not returned back till date.   
7. Mr. Jitendra Pawar: Jim instructor. Took MMS for his mother who had knee replacement and waited for the second surgery for other knee. She was given 6:6 single dose in the nights. She got complete cure from arthritis. Also reported of getting rid of her long standing pea nut allergy. Her grandson also got rid of peanut allergy now.
8. My all HIV patients are free from secondary infections.
9. Mr. Ruben, age 37 years: He and his daughter are allergic to fish and eggs. They are taking MMS and enjoying fish and eggs.
10. Dr. Mrs. Akolkar: Had arthritis. She got free of her problem. A strange thing about this doctor is that, in spite of having her own experience of getting rid of pain she demotivates others from taking MMS. She is not willing to understand the science behind MMS. She has seen her own grandson getting rid of his long standing cough. MMS has created a family tiff here :) ...... her son still takes it whenever he is sick....
11. Mr. Sachin: Had amoebic dysentery and got fed up of all kinds of treatment. He took MMS in 2011. Got rid of amoeba but stopped MMS because small boils were erupting all over his body. I advised him to fall back in the drops and continue it. But he gave up due to this Dr. Akolkar who made him scared.... well that’s his decision. I wish he would continue it and get rid of all toxins from his body....
sometimes this too happens.
Many more people have taken MMS from me and got rid of various problems. My son had sever acidity and always had Gel gelucil 1 lit. can next to his bed. Since 2011 he has not purchased any medicine and he also gets rid of cold cough and other infections with MMS. I had washed his wounds with MMS after he met with an accident.  My daughter also takes only MMS for any infection she catches....
I had three cancer patients. One was in the last stage intestinal cancer, could not drink MMS and finally he died last year. Other two cases took medicine but do not drink it. Our modern allopathic medicine discourage them so much that they do not believe in anyone who tell them about a cure....   
We need hospitals or doctors only for accidents, Maternity and Dental repairs, I tell people.... All others can be taken care by MMS. I hope this mail will be of some use for Dr. Kelcher’s case....
I have shifted myself from Pune city to a remote village in India, with a mission to treat people here with MMS. My villagers are ripped off by the modern hospitals and medicines, hope that all those who are getting cured will spread the message. Mr. Mahesh who had MDR Typhoid will be great testimony ....
With Warm Regards
Susan Raj
B.Sc. Nurse & M.S.W. (Medical & Psychiatry)
+91 9371007716
Name: Bishop Michael Harrah

My name is Michael Harrah.  I started making and using CDS in November, 2011, when details about how to make it were first presented by Andreas Kalcker.  I am a Bishop in Jim Humble's Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing, and became one of the first administrators on the Genesis 2 Forum website, which now has 1800 members.  In June of 2010 even before the Forum existed I started the Humble_MMS yahoo group (400 members) and continue to moderate the discussion there.  I was a leading contributor in another large MMS yahoo group for over 2 years and have now started and manage a private group for discussing MMS and the Parasite Protocol.  My activities in the online groups enabled me to see many reports about CDS.

CDS has also been particularly important for my life long lung congestion problem.  To give a little background, I have had chronic gut pain and chronic fatigue for the last 16 years and lung congestion problems from the time I was born.  For the first 33 years of my life I treated my bronchitis, respiratory infections, allergies and asthma with pharmaceuticals.  I took numerous antibiotics, steroids, decongestants, antihistamines, expectorants and other medications many times every year while growing up, especially in the Fall, Winter, and Spring months when lung congestion would occur and then result in respiratory infections.

About 16 years ago I quit all conventional medicine approaches and switched to alternative therapies.  I relied on Gerson juicing therapy to control the lung congestion problems.  The problem I have is that my lungs fill up with mucous during the night and then they do not liquefy and break up the congestion the way it happens with normal people.  My body needs a great deal of support to get the congestion out or it thickens, hardens and interferes more and more with breathing.

I've known about MMS for about 5 years.  The MMS1 does not seem to have any impact once my lungs get congested and up until a year ago I could not even take 1 drop an hour because of severe nausea.  MMS2 does help some with the congestion in breaking it up so I can get it out, but it often caused gut pain and potential vomiting problems.

Then when CDS came out last November, it gave me a whole new tool that did not result in any nausea, vomiting or diarrhea problems.  When I had my usual episodes with lung congestion, I could start taking 1 teaspoon (5ml) an hour of 3,000ppm CDS and take it 8-10 times a day.  I would do this for 10-14 days and that would clear everything up and prevent any respiratory infections.  What is most amazing to me is that I would swallow a 1 tsp. dose in 6 oz. of water and often within 1-2 seconds I would get an immediate loosening of the congestion and could cough some of it up and get it out.  The effect was so quick and so immediate there was no mistaking what the CDS was doing for me.  I've never had such an effective, low cost, unproblematic tool to use for this life long problem with lung congestion.  I cannot express my gratitude for the CDS strongly enough!


Bishop Michael Harrah
Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing
Founder of Chapter 129 Arizona
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