Name: Michael Curl

I told a good friend about mms1 when he told me he was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. I told him about the book and where to get it along with mms1 and activator. He took a 48 ounce Pom bottle, the containers pomegranate juice comes in because it is BPA free. I told him to use water filtered through filters I use called pro Pur g2.0. These filters remove chlorides, flouride, and most everything else bad. Anyway 48 ounce bottle used 24 drops of mms1 with citric acid activator, let work for half a minute add filtered water. Drink seven swallows per hour, last dose just before bed time. He did this without any treatment from doctors who wanted him to start chemo therapy. He declined chemo and just took mms1 every day for three months. After three months he went to doctor for an exam and was pronounced cancer free after his blood tests came back confirming. His doctors asked what he was taking but he refused to tell the doctor. I told him before he started the mms1 self help that it was his body and his life and it was up to him on what course to take. Jake keeps thanking me, says I saved his life, but I told him no, he saved his own life by having faith and sticking to the protocol. I want to thank you Jim Humble. He is a good friend of mine who is now healthy again and he is very grateful to your discovery.

I also take mms1 daily. I used to have to get up a couple times a night to pee, but since I've taken mms1 for four years now I have a good nights sleep every night and haven't gotten a cold or any other ailment since and I am around people who get sick all the time. Thank you again, and God bless you! Sincerely m. Curl