Name: robertson

MMS has  given  me  such  a clear complexion  . I take 8 drops activated once  a week  in an all day bottle and  drink it during the day  ,I keep topping it up to stop it from  gassing of ,that   way  keeping  the full strength .I am  72  and  use  a very diluted mix  every 3 months  in my eyes  and  don't need  glasses .I cant  understand  these critics  that go on about  bleach  the first rule in chemistry is  'dilution is the solution' Our  bodies  replace  themselves every 10  years or so and it  is all done  by oxidation   ie  mms if  it  didn't happen  we would be dead. Chlorine dioxide  ---thanks JIM

Name: Jumi

I have been using MMS for over five years off and on. I don't have any particular diseases to treat, but using it makes my mind and body feel so cleansed and free of bugaboos. My favorite use is to soak in a tub a water. Fill the tub to a comfortable temperature, add the activated solution, then soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Three nights in a row seems to work well. I use between 10 and 15 drops.

Thank you Jim for introducing this magical solution,