THANK YOU, BISHOP GRENON! For this answer, for sharing the sacraments That Are Resolving My Morgellons And Infections And Lyme And Arthritis And Many More Health Problems And Allowing My Spiritual Growth And Restoring My Health! And now if you multiply My Joy times All the people in the world that you have already helped and all the people in the world that  you are continuing to help and all the people that you will help in the future of unknown possibly wonderfully huuuuge healthy numbers , and thennnn you know how much Loving Light you're bringing into the world! THANK YOU for changing the world, Mark! From me , and from ALL of us!

Katherine Jones

Name: Joy Steward

i tell you it was a miracle how I  got MMS in my hands, I was suffering with what I believe now to be morgellans. My doctor told me, I know what is it, I cant't diagnose it and I can't treat it and walked out of the room.  I also had been fighting candida for years with nothing working it would get better and come back. My daughter had asked me to find a product that had helped her with a heath issue, I found a product  I thought was what she wanted. Soon I received an email said my MMS was being shipped.  I said "what is MMM"? I researched MMS I could not believe what I was seeing it was exactly what I needed for the symptoms I was having. I started the protocol almost immediately the sores and itching was getting better. 

Today the morgrellans and candida are gone. I have gone to iridologist and when she saw me she said my goodness "I have never seen anyone heal like that, what did you do" I tod her how I got the MMS  she said you need to write that down and share it with others who may be suffering with morgrellans.  I am alive and healthy today because of MMS. I was  contemplating subside because of the pain and itching  and th inability to sleep for  a year prior to finding this wonderful product.

i thank God for his provisions for his people, I believe God let me stumble onto an inexpensive product that would heal my body. Thank you Jim Humble for being willing to stand up against the powerful drug companies to  inform people that we don't have to depend on pharmaceuticals to be healthy, Joy Steward