Multiple sclerosis

Name: Mody

This product (MMS) is great. I use it since March 2018 I have MS and I found it really great the problem not the solution but the US-FDA cause this product will destroy their empire corporations

Name: JH

This email was received last year. This same lady, Marline, has reported being much more recovered since this report was sent as she has been on the MMS for over 6 months now. She told me that she considers herself well at this time. She writes the following:

“I have Multiple Sclerosis and believe the cause to be many pathogens. I have been lab tested and found to have Lyme’s, Chlamydia Pneumonia, Epstein Barr, Mycoplasms, Candida yeast, Blackberry mold plus many others.

I also have been chelated for heavy metals Mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and etc. I have responded to many treatments and have made progress to health. I have taken the MMS formula for over a month. I started out slowly because of the extent of my illness. I gradually increased my doses from 1 drop 1 times a day to now taking 5 drops 5 times a day.

I stayed at the lower doses for safety and to allow any plaques to dissipate and heal the tissues under the destroyed growth. I had a little nausea, passed foamy bowel waters (which I think was dead yeast). I am noticing many improvements including less edema in hands, feet, legs, arms, face, stomach and my lymph glands under arms are losing their swelling. My breathing is more productive. I am not having pains from being out of breath.

The age spots on the back of my hands are fading. My cuticles are losing the hardened ridge around the nails. My nails are losing the longitudinal and horizontal ridges and lumps. My skin and nails are glossy rather than dull.

I spoke to Jim and he recommended I could remain at current dose for two weeks then go on maintenance of 6 drops a day. I think I will try this but depending on continual recovery I may stay at the 5 drops X 5 times a day as long as I notice improvements. I believe MS to be a difficult disease and it may take longer to address with this treatment. Also I have lost 8 lbs and 6 inches from my waist and I am not dieting.

I am a monitor on the Good shape Histamine, LDN and alternative message board. This is an active and supportive message board. Many with MS but we address all immune disorders, Lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s, and ALS. I hope you will all visit us at.

Name: Melissa

I just wanted to give a huge Thank You to everyone that has provided me with the knowledge and help that I have received since I first learned of MMS. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 1 year ago this week and being only 25 at the time, it was a pretty upsetting diagnosis. My first 6 months or so after being diagnosed were pretty difficult and stressful. I had every symptom imaginable, from full body numbness to losing complete function in my arm and exhaustion and horrible headaches, memory loss and brain fog, electrical shock sensations running down my spine and through my arms and legs, and the infamous "MS Hug" --a horrible tightness/extreme squeezing around my midsection. I'm sure I've even missed some symptoms, but you get the idea. It wasn't fun. After my first major "attack" or flair up I read that some people will have a flair up and then will get better and not have another one for years and years. This was not the case with me. In 6 months I had been hospitalized once, had to relearn how to walk and tie my shoes and get dressed, had to administer my own IV at home 2 times (3-5 days each time) and had 3-4 more attacks. It was an incredibly un-fun rollercoaster.

In July I began taking MMS. Shortly there after my hands which had been numb pretty consistently since Nov. 2011 began to get feeling back. My handwriting started looking more like a 26 year old and less of a 5 year old. I was able to type for longer than 3 minutes at a time. I have now been taking MMS for a little over 4 months and as I type this tonight, without jinxing myself, the only symptoms I am still experiencing are extremely mild numbness in ONE finger on my left hand and occasional fatigue. I am baffled. I cannot believe that the symptoms that plagued me continually for 6 months have all but vanished. I am so eternally grateful for everyone that helped lead me down this path. I can't say that I enjoy the taste of it with the high dosage that I need to treat the MS, but I will take the temporary awful taste any day over my lasting symptoms from before.

So anyways, this is just me saying THANKS! And I definitely would recommend doing your research if you have MS and are not happy with your current treatment as this might be something that can help you out as well!

Name: anonymous

Hello, Sorry I have not given you feedback on your product.  I am almost symptom free of MS in 4 months.  Just a slight or thin coating of fine sand like feeling under a few of my toes.  I am I thankful to have this included in my protocol and can say that in addition to altering my meals my first clear sign that CD was helping was after taking a week of baths, the tingling and spasticity improved almost immediately. I started with 36 symptoms and now just a faint dusty coat of some of my toes.  Wow! When we work with laws of nature. Thank you for the work you do and for your courage. A grateful Soul