Nail Fungus

hello, I have successfully removed fungus from a big toe with MMS.

Had real bad nail fungus for years and finally used prescription pills (Lamasil) a while ago. It cured it, but had to give blood every other month to make sure it did not damage the liver. The nail fungus returned last year and I did not want to take the pills again, so tried MMS with DMSO. I mixed 10 drops of MMS diluted with filtered H2O into a 2 oz spray bottle. Each night before bed I sprayed the nail with MMS and applied directly a drop of DMSO to the infected nail.  Doing this after 5 months the Nail Fungus is completely gone with a new healthy nail grown back to replace it. The only side effects experienced was the first time I did the application there was a weird sensation in the toes. After that nothing felt strange again. I conclude it works well for eliminating Nail Fungus, but have to apply it every day until its completely gone with a new nail. For a preventative I spray my feet with MMS solution every morning before putting socks on. It kills foot odor too as well keep fungus at bay.