Nail Fungus


 thought I would just let everyone know that I successfully treated a nail bed infection that completely destroyed my nail and it is now growing normally. I treated it by making up MMS 4/20 and mixing with about 30ml of water to dilute, then soaking and rubbing my affested nail in the water for 3 mins once a day for 2 weeks. I had it appear in another nail 2 weeks ago and treated it immediatly this time by cutting away the affected part of the nail and treating with MMS as above. This time it saved the rest of the nail and the damaged part is growing normally. By the way the doctor told me that there was no actual cure for what I had wrong but gave me antibiotics for my finger which was becoming infected. These did absolutley nothing so I left it 2 months then thought I would try MMS. Glad I did.:)

Not sure wether its bacterial or fungal as the doctor did not do any tests. All I know is that it started underneath the edge of the nail right next to the cuticle. It was kind of green in colour and hurt when pressed. I have not seen any puss but it was a little moist where the infection was. It spread across the cuticle area until it had gone right across and the nail just pulled away from the cuticle very easy once infected. It stayed attached in the rest of the nail bed until it grew off but never came back until I used MMS to kill the infection. The finger below the last knuckle was as inflamed red colour all the time.

27/03/2010 - Damaged nails have nearly completely grown out now and my fingers are looking good. I am happy. I hate horrible finger nails.

Name: Health Seeker

I got on MMS protocol 1000 about a month ago, long story, but I basically did at one point have a urinary tract infection which I did cure with antibiotics (Cipro) but I continued to have symptoms (urgency, burning ect.) because I was having a reaction to an over the counter drug called pyridium (azo urinary pain releif, uristat,ect) DONT EVER take this shit, it stays in your system way longer than it should and makes your problems worse. Anyway, I didn't get any relief taking the mms because I didn't have a UTI and I was still taking the devil drugs (pyridium). I was on MMS for about a week and was taking 3 drops every hour. Besides some mild D and a little fatigue I had no side effects. While on the MMS I thought I would try to cure a toenail fungus I have been covering up with nail polish and ignoring for about a year. I most likely got it from going to sketchy nail salons for pedicures.

I prepared the mms mixture just like the bath protocol but with less water. So I did 30 drops of MMS with 2.5 teaspoons of lemon juice. I let it activate for 3 minutes and then poured it into a big mixing bowl full of water. I let my feet soak for about 30 minutes. I really started to see result when I started to file away the top layer of my toenail. While my foot was still in the water I buffed the entire top of my nail vigorously with the file, within 30 minutes the fungus my completely gone!! I have attached before and after pictures and I swear the after picture was taken 30 minutes after the before picture.

I'm excited to do the whole 3 weeks protocol and see what other ailments are cured...

hello, I have successfully removed fungus from a big toe with MMS.

Had real bad nail fungus for years and finally used prescription pills (Lamasil) a while ago. It cured it, but had to give blood every other month to make sure it did not damage the liver. The nail fungus returned last year and I did not want to take the pills again, so tried MMS with DMSO. I mixed 10 drops of MMS diluted with filtered H2O into a 2 oz spray bottle. Each night before bed I sprayed the nail with MMS and applied directly a drop of DMSO to the infected nail.  Doing this after 5 months the Nail Fungus is completely gone with a new healthy nail grown back to replace it. The only side effects experienced was the first time I did the application there was a weird sensation in the toes. After that nothing felt strange again. I conclude it works well for eliminating Nail Fungus, but have to apply it every day until its completely gone with a new nail. For a preventative I spray my feet with MMS solution every morning before putting socks on. It kills foot odor too as well keep fungus at bay.