Name: Eileen McGarvey

Parasites gone!  Many intestinal worms have come out Mms made this possible.  

Name: Catherine S

We discovered one night while camping, after terrible agitation that our 3 year old granddaughter had worms. Looking back we realised that she'd had them for weeks with night times being the worst, she was having very disrupted sleep. She was grumpy, she was always tired, all these were so unlike her. She's always such a happy child normally. We mixed up one drop of mms and one drop of citric acid put that one drop on the area from front to back and in less than a minute she relaxed a feel asleep. We check a few moments later and all the worms were dead and all the eggs as well. She has slept like a baby since and cheered up to her normal self. Amazing!!!!!! Tha is One drop One time and worms DEAD. Much better and much saferthan worming tablets.