I used the inhalation protocol when I was bedridden with pneumonia (at home) for about a month over the holidays last thanksgiving through Christmas.  within a week after very carefully starting inhalation protocol twice a day, the gurgle and wheezing, the phlegm, and infection in my lungs were gone by the first week of January. we (both seniors in late 60s) continue to take MMS in minute amounts- both inhale and internal. I believe it has kept us very healthy amidst the covid. when taking MMS, you just need to do it correctly to the letter! and not overdo it. too much of anything will cause harm. I give it to my dogs in minute amounts too. they all live into their mid-teens.

Name: moldogs

MMS is not bleach! I've used it for years, given it to my family, friends and my dogs with immediate success for pneumonia, sinus infection, toothaches, mastitis...the list goes on and on and on!

Name: Anthony Abbott

It was a sunday evening and I started with the signs of 'flu which rapidly increased as I started coughing up large amounts of phlegm - I started using MMS2 filling empty capsules half full - the disease escalated and I had tightness in the chest and was coughin up spots of blood yet by Thursay symptoms had abated and by Friday were completely clear - I went out to lunch on Saturday symtom free although I felt depleted and lacking in motivation for another week. I found Maringa powder a helpfull restoraing energy. 

Name: James Ludlow

I have just overcome the strongest(by far) chest infection i have ever experienced. As a constant heavy smoker since age of 15, i am now 38, i have experienced bronchitis at least once every 3 years which i would normally take AB'S for or even stuck it out with no medical help. This Friday i came down once again with a chest infection, almost instantly this illness seemed far more powerful than any other i had previously experienced. So started to research online just what it was i had. I never went to doctor as i had hope in my own immune system and knew if i needed i could try MMS1 or MMS2. After extensive research i diagnosed myself with 'Pneumonia'. I started off with 4 MMS2 capsules aday it definitely took the edge off my infection. By day i was still clearly unwell so i changed to 8 MMS2 aday. I now feel upto 50% better. Pneumonia can last weeks with some people while AB'S or vaccinations not even working. I hope to be 100% within 5 /6 days of the MMS2. Many thanks to Jim for sharing his knowledge with us for a very fair price, forget about antibiotics give MMS ago. Once again unable to thank Jim Humble enough, trust this man. J.ludlow