Prostate problems

Name: Jack
Location: America / United States

I've had a host of inflammatory issues lasting several years now, including prostatitis and prostate pain. For the last five years, I've needed to be up several times during the night to urinate.  My wife is taking MMS for cancer with great success and convinced me to get started on it also. I noticed after just a few days of use, I have not needed to be up in the night at all and my prostate pain has completely subsided. As if that weren't enough, these are the other improvements I've seen: Cronic itchy legs gone Itchy scalp gone.  Neurological twitch gone Abscess in tooth gone Abscess in scar on chest gone Hieatal hernia issue diminished Shortness of breath diminished  Nail fungus gone. Nail growing back.  Age spots fading.  Knee pain from surgery gone. Can do full squat for first time in years.  Nothing short of a miracle. 

Name: R, Healing Centre

I have a prostate cancer guy in his 50's who has just rung me to say that he has had 5 days of no pain in his butt. He has had the most dreadful pain every morning when he goes to the loo, but for the last 5 days virtually nothing. In the past we have tried different natural things but only a little improvement, but now he says it's like a miracle and he isn’t up to 10 drops yet. Just thought you would like to know!!!

Name: L.

I am treating my husband's prostate cancer! His 1st PSA test result was 7.8 before I put him on MMS. Then I started giving him doses of MMS for about 3 weeks and we went again for another PSA test, and the result of the PSA level dropped down to 7.6. So, I gave him a break for 1 week and now he's on again with his doses, as well as taking a bottle already mixed to work for his 8 hrs doses, and this treatment will be for 5 weeks is our goal, then follow up with another PSA test.

My husband didn't believed the MMS, as I just kept on telling him to just drink it and wait for the result, because he's a tough-nut (hard to convince) and now he feels alive even though we haven't completed our 5 weeks treatment yet. Thank you and the MMS team for these opportunities not only that I can help someone and especially teaching myself as I go along with all your advice and guidance online and so forth.....

I corresponded with you a while ago about the MMS protocol. You gave me valuable information. Thank you. With Joy in my heart, thanking Jesus and thanking you. I had prostate cancer with these PSA readings First  PSA 61, next PSA in the 70's  then a PSA 40.Then I started the MMS 2 000 protocol after 3.5 weeks I had a PSA lab test last Monday. On Thursday at noon the doctor phoned with the results. Praise God, the PSA lever was 0.785 Jordan, yes no mistake  0.785 . Jordan, I was scheduled for a full body, maximum radiation treatment, a death sentence.My doctor said not to do the radiation treatment now. The doctor was so exited that he asked me for the book to learn more. Jordan, thank you. Udo Muller

Name: anonymous

8 weeks of following the MMS PROTOCOL = & IT'S WORKING !! My PROSTATE IS HEALING ITSELF 😊😊😊😚😊

Name: Rhoda and Ron Foust

Sept. 2012 I sat waiting for my husband, Ronnie, to come out of the doctor’s private examining room where he was getting a prostate cancer biopsy. When he came out he was shaking, in a lot of pain. “I couldn't go through with it, I’ll have to go to the hospital”, he said. “The tests show I definitely do have prostate cancer. The Gleason test showed from one to ten, I am a seven, which means the cancer is ready to get aggressive.” After the biopsy, done in the hospital, it agreed with the doctor’s verdict; there was no doubt, Ronnie had a very serious cancer problem. This is his story; I won't go into how that made me feel. We had already suffered through the loss of son, both our Mothers, and a daughter,who had died from breast cancer, all within the span of three years. During which time I had spent fourteen days in the hospital with massive blood clouts on both lungs, and later a frozen shoulder, which led to surgery. During the same period our Indiana home was broken into, taking a lot of valuable tools, and other valuable items. We were still fighting depression. Now there was to be a new problem, Ronnie had to make a decision. Since Ronnie insisted on no chemo, the doctor gave us three choices: surgery, radiation, or a six month hormone therapy shot. We settled for the shot which was supposed to keep the cancer from spreading for six months. It could only be taken two more times, at which time the body would become immune to it. Without any other treatment he may have at least five years of life after that. We grieved for a couple weeks and then started planning to go back to Florida for the winter. First we attended our yearly religious festival, “The Feast of Tabernacles” and requested the prayers of the many brethren there. Prayers were also offered up to God in our own Home Bible study group. When we got to Florida our friends there begin praying for us, too. Needless to say we also did a lot of praying. Ronnie continued struggling with vomiting, frequent painful urination, and discomfort. Added to his other problems he started having severe hot flashes, from the shot, that was a constant irritation. In the meantime we started searching the internet for alternate solutions. Nothing seemed reliable until daughter, Tammy, introduced the web site of Jim Humble to us. We had studied several others but this one really got our attention. We felt like God was answering so many of our prayers. We sent for the book and the minerals Jim introduced. Ronnie mixed the inexpensive liquid combinations himself, and drank it as instructed every day. Gradually he begin to feel better. The symptoms left. We all rejoiced. Before we left Florida, five months later for Indiana, he went for a last check up there in Feb. 2013. The doctor seemed surprised that his prostate was so small, and questioned as to whether Ronnie had ever had prostate cancer. But the records from the first doctor were there! When Ronnie told him he had been taking a mineral called Miracle Mineral Solution that enhanced the immune system, the doctor commented, “Oh? That will never work”. Can you believe that? When the results of his blood test came back his P.S.A. test had dropped from 7.6 to 1.2, and is still about 3.5. He had one more test by the same office that had given him the six month shot. The doctor was so impressed with the result of the P.S.A. test that he asked to see the book, and made the comment, “I'll have to look into that!” He scheduled Ronnie for another appointment in three months, and didn't even examine him. I think he just wanted to see for himself if it was really going to last. But we know Ronnie is cancer free! Some may want more information on this mineral, if so, you need to go to the website “WWW.Jim Humble - MMS. You can get a news letter from them every month by e-mail. He is doing amazing things in Africa where he is freed to work. This mixture of minerals strengthens the immune system so strongly that it will kill many germ related diseases, not just cancer. There is a long list of diseases that it will get rid of if done right. The only thing I can think of that it won't heal is something like broken bones, damaged nerves, dementia, weakness, etc. If you or someone you know that is debilitated with a serious disease spread the word, you may save a life. Also request newsletters from Jim. He was God's answer to Cancer for us. It will give you an idea what this man is doing for people. Visit "List of Studies" on our web site "" for over 100 bible studies.
Oh, and by the way, Ronnie was really surprised when the pain, he had suffered in his fingers for months, also disappeared. Thank you Jim for your dedication for serving suffering peoples all over the world.

Name: Len Bridger

I have been using MMS about 7 years now. I am near 77 years old and in pretty good Health.

Thanks to MMS I have not been sick for more than 1 day in the last 7 years as at this First sign of sickness of any kind I take MMS. While I do not have any other problems, I know of two people with Cancer that are now Cancer free thanks to MMS. One is a long time friend 78 years old that had confirmed Prostrate Cancer 6 years ago and now thanks to MMS he has no sign of Cancer. The other was a young lady friend of my Grandson that had Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was treated with chemo on three different times and the Cancer came back each time. She decided to try MMS Protocol and has been Cancer Free for three years.

I think Jim Humble deserves a HUMANITARIAN AWARD for his Selfless work with MMS.

Name: James Alexander

To World Citizens... I first started using MMS approx 6 years ago,had acute pain in my prostate area,pain dissolved within a few days,and within a week or so all symtoms completely gone,in other words "HEALED". Also use MMS to bathe in,an amazing tonic to rejuvenate a tired body....use MMS for overall health including teeth ,gums,basically your whole physical body. Stay with the recommended dose,easy n safe to use .