Respiratory illness

Name: J. Sharabi

Since four years me and my family are taking MMS with good results. I am also aware of the fact that some diseases do not dissolve overnight and that a longer treatment is necessary. At home we have the solution that does smell pretty bad so I only take it wken I'm fed up feeling bad. It also works well for my husband and children when they have a low immune system and are suffering from respiratory problems. MMS at least stops the formation of mucus.

A couple of years ago our cat gave birth to four kittens. When the kittens were three weeks old they all fell prey to a virus that caused them to lay around apathic, without appetite. Their fur looked dull and their eyes were completely bloodshot and drawn in. My husband took the mother cat to the vet and when he returned with antibiotics he said that the vet told him that the cats had very little chance for survival and he wished us good luck.

We started off giving the mother cat a drop of antibiotics and we had to continue that twice a day for a number of days.

For some reason I decided that I should try MMS instead. I had used it for a year by then, even in high doses sometimes, I had even messed up the amount of drops on two occasions by confusion and still felt great afterwards during my gardening day job. So I thought: Why not to try MMS on the cats?

I prepared 3 drops MMS/15 drops citric acid, diluted with water in a tiny bowl and gave them each 1cc with a pipette. It was easy to give since the cat and her kittens were lying around weak and motionless. After a day the was an amazing improvement. The had gotten up and started to cry for food so I gave them. Within a week their eyes and fur went back to normal and they were the happy playful cats that I had hoped to see again.

Half a year later one of the cats of the neighborhood came by and I saw that he had a huge ulcer on his thigh. He would not let me touch it. I did manage to remove some leaves and dirt that clung to the gaping wound. I took plastick water pistol from the kids filled it with MMS solution and water and aimed it at the ulcer.

It took a few squirts with the cat running around the kitchen with me crawling after him but it got the wound covered in MMS and some the drops landing on other places of his fur which the cat licked clean.

I saw him about two months later again appearing at our house and I could not believe that such a big hole in his skin (about one inch wide and almost half and inch deep) had left no scar at all!!!! I regret not taking any pictures of the before state and after but his black fur was smooth and shiny like nothing had happened.

These two events have left a great impact on me. Today I have started an MMS treatment for myself since I am now suffering from arthritis and what appears to be also hypothyroidism. I believe this treatment will give me a cleaner system to base my new diet on, glutenfree and more wholesome. I will post on my progress in the near future!


Name: Kathy Swan

Nine months ago I got a respiratory illness after an international airline flight.  Since then, I have seen 3 doctors, one of them a specialist, had 5 courses of different anitbiotics, and a 6th course prescribed.  My blood work looked fine, with only minor increases in neutrophils, though PCR test showed mycoplasma pneumonia exposure.  Two weeks ago, when I began my experiment with MMS, I had brain fog, was too weak to do more than stand up for 10 minutes, and was essentially confined to bed or chair most of the time.  After 10 days of MMS at a maximum dosage of 25 drops per day(divided doses), and with antioxidants in between doses, I am once again on my feet, cooking and gardening. 

In addition to oral use,  I also made my own sinus irrigation solution of acidified MMS, d-Mannose, distilled water  and enough sodium bicarbonate to adjust the pH to 6.2.  When I used it the first time, my sinuses cleared immediately and the relief was near miraculous.   I note that a patent on a similar solution was granted and that the commercial product is called Snoot.  I also found several journal papers indicating an immune modulating effect for stabilized sodium chlorite.  In light of this evidence, how can FDA prosecute anyone for selling a useful and safe product?

I wish to mention that I had sinus surgery two years ago that did not help my recurrent infections.  My doctor did a CAT scan of sinuses and chest, so the diagnosis was confirmed.  The next course of action would have been an antibiotic a day...Something I did not want to take for sure.  Just think of the danger of c.dificile!  A relative died of that, and I am aware of the risks.

In these times of increasing numbers of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, cryptic organisms like mycoplasmas and clamydophila  pneumonia, MMS becomes a life saving tool, because there are few sucessful protocols available to mainstream physicians and patients thus suffer years of suffering and economic loss.  Surely, if one is entitled to life and liberty, that includes the pursuit of health.  FDA has a long record of advocating for commercial interests at the cost of  consumer health.  This needs to end. Let FDA turn its attention to dangerous drugs which kill hundreds of thousand yearly, and leave citizens alone to make their own health choices.