Stomach problem

Name: Adam grant
Location: United Kingdom (UK)

Had stomach problems for over 3 years bloating as a result of helicopter bacteria 🦠 tried antibiotics to eradicate it and diet changes with nothing working i dieted for 3 months only eating once a day and managed to put on weight I found mms and started to use it two drops a day in water 💦 within 3 months I could go the toilet normally the swelling in my stomach had completely gone and was feeling 100% better I went from 14.5st and I’m now 11.11st was also having eye issues from the result of the infection and if I ate sugar I had blurry Vision seen two eye specialists that told me my eye sight was perfect all theses issues also disappeared after running mms 

Name: Dj Misterio

I have taking MMS for a while now. my stomach pain that lasts for hours is gone and don't feel sick at all. and not only me but friends and family. good luck with the pharma. they need your money more than Jim humble.

Name: Julie Jara

Jim Humble is one of my heros. After the earthquakes in Lombok and I collected donations, we first sent water and food, and then I shipped over a box of bottles of MMS. Wenten used them for people who got sick from drinking the contaminated water supply. One dose and their stomach aches were gone.


Hey guys so I just did Bali for a week. I took the MMS with me in 2 little bottles. Every morning I took a couple of drops & again in the evening, just to prevent any illness. well lots of people I went with, & met over there, got very ill with the dreaded Bali belly, but not me!! and I ate salads, seafood etc at some pretty dodgy places! now I can’t be 100% sure it was the MMS, but hey, good enough for me! everyone laughs at my ‘crazy ideas’ but who’s laughing now? but seriously thank you guys sooo much for what you do, I’m trying as best I can to spread the word about MMS ! Josephine Henry

Name: Paul Linnell

I had digestive problems for approximately 5 years. I had diarrhoea within one hour after eating. Sometimes it hit within 3 minutes of ingesting food. It didn't matter if it was toast with coffee, or a full turkey dinner. It caused some very embarrassing moments for me, to say the least. I started taking 6 MMS drops three or four times per day. Within three days, I had no more diarrhoea! I felt the positive effects the very first day! I believe I probably had parasites. I did see what I believe was a parasite in my stool. I still take MMS and MMS2 regularly, just as a precaution. As long as I'm feeling well, I'm going to keep on doing what I'm doing. I only take 3 drops now and I do mix with DMSO. I'm happy to say, I have no side effects! Only positive effects!

Name: Abraham Zetina

I can't recommend MMS enough.

After a terrible infection, I basically spent 5 years of my life eating nothing but rice, a few fruits and meat. I could not eat most vegetables, gluten and lactose. I was constipated almost all the time, had terrible pains and cramps, and suffered all sorts of digestive disfunctions.

But then, an excelent homeopathic doctor recommended MMS. After protocol 1000 and some probiotics, I started eating more and more things, and as of today, I can eat almost anything, I feel as if I am born again.

Don't believe the bad reputation MMS gets by corrupt people, it truly is a miracle cure in many cases; I've recommended MMS to family and friends, and they are all getting great results, from curing skin problems to healing joint and muscle pains.

A big thank you to the people promoting and supporting MMS.

Name: Risto Komulainen

I had an inflammation in my stomach for over a year. It got gradually worse, although my doctor kept feeding me omeprazol, pantoprazol and other pills. In the end I couldn´t eat much, mostly rice. Then a friend of mine came across MMS and suggested it to me. I started the 1-12 drops increasing dosis, and after the third day, when I was on 3 drops twice a day, I noticed the inflammation was gone. It hasn´t been back ever since. That was two years ago. I´ve used it also for styes. I used to get ugly styes in my eyelids that lasted for months. I decided to try MMS for them, and mixed 10 drops of MMS and citric acid in to a desilitre of water. I soaked a cotton pad in it and applied it to the stye. It took about three days to have it gone. First time I was too anxious and kept the strong solution on the stye too long, so the skin around the stye burned a bit in the end. Next time I had a stye about a year later, I did the same treatment, but every time I applied the pad to the stye, I only kept it there for 30 seconds at a time. I did this 4-5 times a day, for 3 days. Gone. Thank you MMS!

Name: Sheila

A few months ago I had to go into hospital because I was very fatigued and could hardly walk anywhere without being out of breath. I knew something was wrong but not sure what the problem was.Also my pulse was getting rapid.I was experiencing palpitations and the pulse was around 98 after sleeping.I started to take your medicine a few weeks before but I did not feel that much better .

I had diarrhea felt sick so I knew it was doing some good but i I did not feel the benefit Anyway I became very faint at work and they sent me to the A/E .They found out I was severely anaemic with a blood count of 5.4.I received 3 bags of blood over 2 days and I felt great.Later they gave me a gastroscopy .(This is when you have a small camera down your throat and it looks into your stomach.

Very unpleasant !)They told me I had a large Hiatus Hernia and ulcers that had healed up.I am convinced that the medicine had done this but I still needed to replenish my bood as I was probably bleeding inside without knowing it for some time.May I add I must have got the Hiatus hernia through a head on collision from a car that came over my side of the road.At the time I felt something tear but the doctors did not appear to be particularly interested.Even when I had this recent problem they would not commit themselves it could have been caused by this accident I had a few years ago.The last time I had a check up my bood count was 12 which is very good.I hope you will find this experience a help and I have actual proof that I had ulcers and they healed.

Name: Richard Chesher

From 2005 to 2007 I suffered from a recurring series of internal infections - I was diagnosed as having prostritus and took antibiotics for nearly two months. But the problems continued and got worse. I felt good when I took the antibiotics prescribed by various doctors but when I stopped the problems returned after about two weeks and I would become progressively weaker and felt miserable. Finally I wound up in the hospital emergency room after passing out. A specialist in Internal Medicine then diagnosed the problem as a constricted colon caused by Diverticulitis and started me off on another series of antibiotics in prelude to an operation to remove the blocked section of the colon. During the tests leading up to the operation I happened to find a comment on the Internet by a woman who claimed to have cured her diverticulitus using MMS.

So I ordered some MMS on line. I had finished my antibiotic series about two weeks before the MMS arrived and was already feeling totally miserable again. I began the recommended MMS protocol the same day the post delivered the MMS. Within 20 minutes I felt better. Within a day I felt marvelous - better than I had for years.

I postponed my colonectomy operation and continued taking MMS. After two months I had a new CAT scan done and visited the head of the department of surgery at the hospitial and he said that he did not see any reason to proceed with the operation. I continued taking 6 drops of MMS every night for the next 5 years and have enjoyed excellent health and well being - I have no doubt at all MMS saved me from needing surgery and restored my good health. In 2007 I truly believed I would not live to see 2008. I am now 72 and feel great.

Thank you Jim Humble for continuing the crusade for good health on our planet.