Throat cancer

Name: David

One of my associates here, her Father was diagnosed with Throat cancer in the latter part of last year. As per Oncologists recommendation underwent Radiotherapy and got a complete clearance afterwards at post therapy check up, assessment. Unfortunately re diagnosed as positive earlier this year and was informed could not have further Radiotherapy and Oncologists a little uncertain what they were now going to do with him. I had previously spoken to him re., CDS. The success they were having with it … utilising particular protocols and Jim Humbles latest book …

In summary he decided to undertake the therapy and utilise the appropriate protocol a month before he was due to have a further appointment with an Oncologist, for reassessment and to decide what they were going to do for him. At that appointment a month later and reassessment, to the Oncologists surprise Cancer was not diagnosed at the previous site; only Scar Tissue, as the patient put it, "where the Cancer had been ". This person is now continuing on an associated maintenance dosage. I have not caught up with the associated for about three weeks now since he related to me this good news and remission. VERY INTERESTING.