The good news is that my sister’s lung tumor was completely gone after only being on MMS for 40 days! She only took a one drop dose for 8 hours a day. By day 10, she started coughing up the tumor.

I’m so very grateful for this amazing information and product! Thanks to all of you for your contribution to helping others regain their health! Blessings to you all! 

--Renee Davis


Name: LAB
Location: America / United States

I started taking MMS in Feb 2014. Bought it from exclusivewellnessclub. After research they have bottles with flip up lids that are easy to open and drop out of without having to use a syringe. I bought set of 5 ( 4 oz bottles)($125)- 28% Sodium Cholorite Formula and 50% Citric Acid Activator. Using 1 drop/1 drop of each. Got it left on trip but had not used it as yet.

Ended up getting food poisoning. Bloating, pain in chest all the way through to back. Hurt so bad could not get comfortable or go to sleep. Had food poisoning before this is how it starts. Went to car got MMS and champaigne glass glass (easier to mix in because inside of glass goes down to a point) activated 6/6 drops, added distilled water then a little apple juice (no vitamin c or antioxidants in it) and I drank. Also activated 20/20 drops and put in tub of hot water. Soaked in tub, head, face everything soaked good for 30 min. Food poisoning gone in 30 minutes. No pain or discomfort left at all, was able to sleep and go to work in morning.

Kept taking MMS 6/6 protocol and soaking a couple of times per week in mixture for other problems I wanted to rid of. After about 2 weeks noticed that a nickel size brown spot on side of face peeled off like sunburn and went away and also noticed that a small lump on side of nose that had been there for 3 years had disappeared (no insurance so did not get it checked). My guess is that brown spot I thought was an age spot that kept getting bigger and darker was actually a sun cancer from looking at how this stuff works that is how it works on skin cancer it just peels off like sunburn. Not sure about lump but glad it is gone.

Since also got rid of flu in couple of days when it took toll on my daughter for 3 weeks. Brain fog disappeared, arthritis not gone yet but better. Cancer runs in family, family members have died or been maimed by chemo and radiation (which I might add is FDA approved--what does that say for their approval for medicine, rather take my chances with MMS. On second batch of 5 sets I just bought, as I gave sets away to friends who had good results. Keep up good work. Thank you!

Name: K Walker

I have a 9 month old Aierdale/shepherd mix.  About a month ago I noticed a lump on his neck, within 24 hours the lump had swelled so large you could see it from across the room.  I took him to the vet where they put him on antibotics-did no help.  we switched to a different antibotic and that did take down the swelling but nothing for the lump.  He had his first surgery to removed  the lump and they had to tke out 3 lymph nodes that were infected.  took him home and within 3 days the neck swelled up again, more antibotics and 2 weeks later another surgery, this time with a drainage tube, that seemed to work.  Drainage tube removed and within 1 week yet another lump back to the vet more antibotics which did not help and within 2 days 3 lumps.  2 that were squishy and 1 very hard.  My friend suggested MMS which she took for her cancer.  I read these testimials annd i felt very encouraged, I started him out with 3 drops and organic chicked broth, he slirped it down happily.  within 3 hours 1 lump was GONE!  I upped the dose the 4 drops every 4 hours.  Started this on a Saturday morning so i would be home to monitor it.  By Sunday afternoon-only 1 lump left and it was the huge/hard lump, now it was size of a small marble and soft.  Monday morning almost completely gone-no swelling at all.  He had no reaction at all to the MMS-will keep him on it until the last lump is completely gone and then see what happens.

Name: Ralf
Location: Germany

Three month ago on my scrotum a little hard pinpoint size small tumor occured just beneath the skin. After two month the tumor had the size of a pea and it started to feel strange and hurt a little bit. I got worried  whether this would be some kind of cancer, but I did´nt wanted to see a doctor, as most of us older guys wont do. Also because I was familiar with MMS already. After a research in different forums on the internet I cam to the self-diagnosis it might be a varicose vein. To leave it undecided what it really was I first rubbed in a few drops of DMSO. Than I made a three drop solution with MMS and applied it to the tumor just outside the on the skin. Additionally I applied a little piece of kleenex that was soaked with the rest of the solution for about half an hour. I have to admit I got a skin reaction, it was kind of burning. After three weeks now you can not feel anything of it at all. It is just gone.

Name: Hula Girl
Location: America / United States

I began using MMS in my NEBULIZER last year, with great success against the latest coughing flu.  However, I'm not the great story.  I've been working with 2 friends in the Aloha State.  Tumors seem to be popping up more frequently and in the most difficult places.  One of my friends had been dealing with a rather large tumor in his sinus's.  He had been taking the oral doses of MMS faithfully.  Which kept the tumor at bay, but never completly went away.  After seeking advice from traditional medicine, he felt he would continue with the MMS.  I suggested the NEBULIZER treatments.  Within 6 six weeks his tumor had shrunk and for the first time in 3 years he was able to breath thru his nostril!

My Second friend was diagnosed with a tumor in the frontal lobe of the brain.  After 12 months of radiation, he was told that it was still growning.  His headaches were unbearable.  He started on MMS 5 weeks ago, both orally and using a NEBULIZER.  He mysteriously fainted and was rushed to emergency.  A new xray was taken along with blood tests...    which revealed that his tumor was almost non existent, and his fainting spell was caused from deydration.  I am currently working with a 3rd friend who also was diagnosed with a rather large brain tumor.  He has been living with severe Head pain and disorientation for over 3 years.  He is just beginning treatment, both orally and with NEBULIZER..  there is no doubt we will see improvement.

Dose:  Start with 1 activated drop.  Add 2 tbls water. Pour into nebulizer resevoir.  Breath normally until you get used to it.  Then, play with plugging the pipe end and forcing mist thru sinus's and out the nose.  1 to 3 times per day.

Hello..thank you for the e-mails...

I am so glad to have found out about the MMS when my brother had tumors in the brain
nothing helped him... until he took the MMS...the drops saved his life..

I have informed myself quite a bit about MMS but would like to know more...
Please send me the info of how to partake in the home course.
thank for your most important work!!....all the best Margrit R.

Name: Richard Homer

My father was diagnosed with the following mentioned above 10 weeks ago, he was not having any bowel movements, he did not have any appetite and he lost 43 pounds in 3 weeks, when he walked from the bed to the kitchen and back he was extremely exhausted and all limbs were week.

I ordered the MMS for him and begun Claras 6 by 6 and increased it by one drop every day after one week, after 3 weeks he was back outside working with the workmen helping to build our health detox spa.

He continues to use it as much as 5 times a week and he is very well indeed, thanks to MMS.


May the Rest of Your Life, be the Best of Your Life,