Typhoid fever

Name: Zara Pine
Website/Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H4DxZ6pQZ0

I used it to cure typhoid. My daughter refused to take it and had violent diarrhea and vomiting and the diarrhea didn't go away for over three weeks. I had diarrhea, did not vomit. All I took was two drops because I felt so nauseas. My daughter had cellulitis and was given intravenous antibiotics. When she came home the cellulitis returned. I treated her with mms three drops three times a day for three days and she was cured. A man who also was on the same fishing vessel had cellulitis a few weeks before her (he nearly had his leg amputated) and was on antibiotics for months to recover.

Dear Friend,   2017 in a small village on an island near Timur in Indonesia, the son of a good friend been very sick for quite a while. at the local hospital the diagnose was TBC. I gave the five year old boy a small protocol 1000 dose for three weeks.  When he was fine i stopped. But after while he got a swollen face and the father took him to the big hospital to Kupang. The new diagnose there was Typhoid Fever. After some days in hospital and strange infusions (in my eyes), they send him home. From my researches i knew Typhoid Fever is not that easy to handle like they did. The boy was very sick further on. Fever night and day. And he could not keep any food inside, nor the antibiotics they gave him. He was suffering from pain and  starving. So i started carefully with the protocol 1000 again. I put three to five drops into the bottle for the day. He started eating after three days! And after one week the fever was gone. I don´t remember exactly how long we continued,  but i knew it had to be long enough. The rest of the time i spend there last year, he was fine, then i had to leave. After eight month i returned and met the family. The boy, before very shy, came straight to me, hugged me and what i saw was  a healthy, laughing little boy. happy! That was an really special moment for me! He could have been gone... That´s common there. His father tolled me, that no fever had returned since. And in all the six month, i stood there this time he was very good. At long last, 15 month passed by with no returning of the fever.    This time i could cure four strong cases of Staph in the same place, with MMS!  All happy people after. You can see at my Staph Testimonial - Timur - Indonesia   Although in Indonesia i used MMS very effectively for:   Scorpion, hornet, wasp, centipedes bites Flue, diarrhea, reef cuts, ear infection and some more   Terima kasih, Iryjan